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  1. 1) Casey - NY 2) 2.6 3) Titleist 714 AP2 4) JPX 900 Tour Thanks for this opportunity, I'm super pumped!!
  2. Casey Buffalo, NY 2 Handicap Thanks a ton for this opportunity!
  3. Casey Buffalo, NY, US of A Titleist Ap2 714, KBS Tour V Stiff 2 Handicap Thanks for the awesome opportunity!
  4. My handicap is 13.5. These shafts are a perfect fit for me because I was trying to decide between the Tour and the Tour 90 for my next set of irons because I needed a little bit of both. I was fit to a Project Flighted 95 but I felt like it was a tad too light. I produce a mid-high launch with average distance, but would like a bit more spin without raising my ball flight too much. The C-Taper Lite sounds perfect for that. In testing I would go to the Trackman I have access to and compare numbers before and after the new shafts. I would do updates after each round I played about feel, spin, an
  5. I'm a 14 handicap. I believe that I embody the spirit of Cobra-Puma golf because of my picture below. I take the game seriously, but enjoy it. I try to make it fun. I make myself stand-out. All of these things are (what I believe to be) attributes of Cobra-Puma. They want to make the game fun and turn some heads. Here's a big reason why I embody them:
  6. If this is against any rules about selling/trading please notify me and I will delete this. I was thinking that many of you probably have children who play little league baseball and I have a bat that I can't use anymore because of the regulations for my age group..I have for sale or for trade, an Easton SV12 Big Barrel baseball bat. It has been used for one season which is about 15 games and about that many practices. It is a -10, 31 inches, 2 ounces and has a barrel diameter of 2 and 5/8 inches. It is too light for high school play, but should be legal for all younger leagues except tee-ball
  7. Not really... but some do And to answer another comment: yes, the wings are very good.
  8. Thanks, yeah I'm on the outskirts of Buffalo, Falls is a bit of a hike, but it's beautiful (when you forget about the snow).
  9. For shafts, you can usually go to your local fitter.
  10. Man, you guys are killing it with this review. Good stuff guys.
  11. Sorry about that man, this is why I like to buy my clubs off retailers, in-store, or on eBay.
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