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  1. They look cool but not sure about the weight distribution. From the pics the cg looks very low. Does anybody know who does the forging for these?
  2. Whoever plays in the Ryder cup will need a good pair of waterproofs. October is the wrong month to play golf in Wales. Any reall heavy rain could be disastrous for the course.
  3. I just keep it all and never use it. I reckon it would be good to organize a golf day where you have to play with pre 1990 golf equipment.
  4. Fife, Scotland. Four seasons in one day. Can't beat it.
  5. Would love to see some more images if you have them
  6. Is it just me? I think that blades are the best way to improve your game. Why should we always be striving to make the game as easy as possible?
  7. The Japanese like lighter clubs to us westerners hence the differences. Head weights are generally lighter and shafts lighter and wippier. Some shaft manufacturers make shafts specifically for sales outside of asia. There is a story as to why a Blue Board in the US does not have the flower decal like the Japanese version does. Maybe that is not a story for here though. historically pricing in Japan is similar to Europe by comparison but is so much more expensive at the moment because of the exchange rate with the Yen.
  8. Does ken have a website? Interestingly his surname is also a Japanese dessert.
  9. Does anyone have the wesbsite for this?
  10. We should also mention that tolerances come into play here a lot. Tolerances of forged products from Japan are much better than other countries. Club makers will appreciate this for club assembly, especially when it comes to head weight and consistency in the hosel. Another consideration is techniques used for pressing grooves onto the face. I have seen some forgings from an unnamed company (not sure if I can say it but would love to) where they have worn off over a period of only 6 weeks. Granted, this was a 7 iron and I guess we use that more than most but even I would expect a longer life than that.
  11. I would like to see more putters in the market with adjustable weighting to affect MOI.
  12. Not the first time I heard this rumor. Tiger is always experimenting. Maybe he will stick with the Scotty after all is said and done. Remember last year when Tiger was testing shafts? Nobody thought he could ever even think about moving from a Diamana. Never say never. What difference does it make anyway? Whatever he plays will not be available in the shop.
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