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  1. I never use a new ball on a hole with water dont know why i hit em in there whether there new or not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Yummmmm...... Ive had blisters but thats a good one in my book !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Him and that australian James Nitties i think only two big players to come out of the big break series there may be more but not on my radar i guess I like two gloves for the wild swing and baseball grip which i use minus a glove though cool to see a normal guy non golf bred guy win on a big level
  4. Im with hoosier kinda trusting a used car salesman, but then again ive walked into stores before and schooled some sales people on things so past that part And also someone had to be playing around that girl u know somebody good or knowledgable that new anything about the sport to see if those were non conforming or mention to her about them, her playing partners sure did notice and said something..... and lastly cant put any blame past her or her caregivers mom dad whoever now adays for not checking on those wedges before they got in the car or sent a application to enter!!!! But this is probally not the first victim look at the others that didnt even come to the event because of this rule
  5. I work in neurosurgery, head neck and back, and to be honest one should never carry if u like that straight back as it is. One the golf swing is unnatural and hurts the back just by playing i/e Fredie couples and two, us as humans have bad upright posture to begin with u put 50-70 lbs of clubs and gear on ur back the posture gets even worse. I am 25 and carry sometimes but that basically cuz i dont have a cart and thought i needed a truck to haul them around with but after seeing that clic gear cart i think that will do in the trunk of any vehicle!!!!!! I would defiantly pull than carry anyday for the sake of ur back alone !!!!!!
  6. i like the one with the polymer insert old really meets new here
  7. id buy it ........ those flames have to add like 10 mph on ur swing speed at least ..........
  8. phil mickelsons autograpg is free thru his site just have to wait like 2 years so id go that route if possible
  9. Accuracy is king, i guess when ur saying accuracy ur also saying distance control so a no brainer to me closer to the pin or long as u can with god know where it is going so ill choose accuracy !!!!!!!!!! |
  10. last time i try to spread golfing love around here!!!!\\
  11. Good catch there Rob, i wish i was that gifted in the english language to have noticed that one but u have good eyes my friend, im sure all the ppl u golf with love it when ur around to find their lost balls so get out there and start looking for other mens balls with those eagles eyes u have!!!!!!!!! just kidding but i sure didnt mean it to look like that !!!
  12. Thats why this game is called golf and not easy, cuz if it was easy we all would be playign it and beating tiger and phil
  13. man that iron head is as big as a hand !!!!!!
  14. Makes my little sky mark on the top of my driver not so bad looking now in a word of a good friend of mine " jeessussss'
  15. If u really love lefty then u wouldnt care about missed cuts yada yada, what i like about him most of all is his love for the game, ive heard him in interviews talk about how much he enjoys golf and loves it, still playing quarter games on the green and stuff like that
  16. Just seeing what everyone is thinking about the story of golf on the golf channel. So far so good in my book and the old ladys to when i watch she goes to sleep like in 10 minutes and is knocked out for the whole rest of the hour so it is a two for one for me !!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Andrew Bush

    Nike Method

    yea prices and golf equipment are bad to look at like ur cars value always down and if it is going up then u have something special just like the equipment we all talk about, proto tour issue. so my advice never look up that 500 dollar driver u just got 8 months from now!!!!
  18. i do the claw/ saw grip, this helsp promote the foward press also and takes the wrist out of play if i was going to teach someone how to putt from day one would be this style claw and forward press, but like someone said about be dogmatic take it as u want and apply it to ur swing
  19. a thread with no complaints from me its a lefty!!!!!!!!!!! ill take one to !!!!!!! pm for my address
  20. yea someone got it for under a bill so good deal
  21. heard the first generation version of these were so loud that was one of the main things being negatively said wonder if these are any better i understand the tech behind but im with jamo kinda bland if u think about it.
  22. awesome love the look except its right handed love to see one of these grace putters in a lefty once id try one out for a review if need be lol
  23. yea heard he was a tight wad, when he went to vesgas none of the people at the casinos wanted to take him around because of his poor/no tippin nature make the workers angry to serve and not get any gratuity from a billionaire
  24. dollars and cents or in this case what kind of sense does it make to give pics then pull them knowing they are still out there ?> um k.
  25. yea i like both of them, metal better and a new pair of soft spikes about even wih em. man mood went down on this thread
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