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  1. Going this October, playing Thistle, River's Edge, Tidewater and Crow Creek. Pretty dern good lineup and I have played them all before, but never so late in the season. As of last year, stay away from the Big Cat's, they were having management problems, had one grounds crew for all the courses and they were just terrible. Hope they improve the conditions, they used to be a must play.
  2. I mean 18-36 golfers together in a tournament, not just a single golfer.
  3. Watching golf on TV or in person (At the Waste Management Open) is awesome, but, watching the greatest make shot after shot is only some what exciting. I have always had the idea of a "Real" Golf Tour, with mid-to high handicaps so show the common person how crazy, fun, frustrating and real golf is. Come on guys, golf is not only played from the fairway, but the woods, the sand, the hard pan the parallel fairway! "The Sunday Afternoon Tour" Different spots, different groups, different areas, just a Sunday Fun Day at the course, that happens to be on TV. I think a show like this should start on the web, as beer is involved a lot of time, which would only serve to make it "more interesting." I am also thinking next year, on my buddies golf trip, to pay my friend to, who works in TV/Video, to tape and produce it for a web show. I think this could be some real fun. Thoughts, opinions, anyone done this?
  4. I was torn between the Mack Daddy and the CBX2's as far as a game improvement wedge. Both are cavity back.
  5. I will say I have never, ever seen it in anything but tip top shape!
  6. Morning All, Title says it all, haven't replaced my wedges in maybe 10 years, but went with a 50, 54, 58 degree wedges from this year's Mack Daddy's. I would consider them a game improvement/forgiving wedge. Just played them a few times but already feeling and starting to see a difference. Anyone else playing them and would love to hear your options and results.
  7. Still love their clothing and still wear um!
  8. I know the common belief that RBs should be taken later is generally accepted, but, I am very, very happy with my Steelers Pick!!
  9. My packager has 5 houses in Pinehurst and one at St. Andrews, I highly recommend Steve Saye and https://www.clubhousepropertiesnc.com/ We are paying 450 a person for 4 nights and 4 rounds.
  10. Don't let the title fool you, even though we are heading there, we are not playing any of the Pinehurst Resort courses. This is a value trip we have been going on for years. We will be playing Tot Hill Farms (a hidden gem and steal at $51.00 bucks, thank you Mr. Mike Stranz!) We will also be playing Whisper Woods, Hyland (A Tradition for Worst Dressed Golfer Day) and Whispering Pines. We get there May 12th, and thanks to my favorite Pinehurst Packager, we will be staying in a huge 3500 square foot house all together. Cooking, playing poker, drinking, our own Karaoke set up and what ever non-sense we get into. I will try and post some pictures, I usually forget to take many.
  11. Can you answer another dumb question? What the neatest (subjective) thing you have printed with it? Love to see some pictures as well.
  12. Just found the Cleveland TFI for 100.00 used at Rock Bottom Golf!!
  13. I really want to buy a mini-van since renting a Chrysler Pacifica last year for our golf trip, 5 people, all clubs, luggage, coolers, everything. Super comfortable, was a hybrid and we got like 50 miles to the gallon. Man I want one badly!
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