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  1. Shipped same day, that's a nice touch and it was free shipping.
  2. Just ordered from: https://tropicalbros.com/ Tropical Bros, like the colors, designed and the whole vibe. I ordered polo's but was tempted on a few swim trunks as well. I will keep everyone updated and take some pictures.
  3. Wedges shaped like a shovel, easy outs of the bunker, can't wait to see!
  4. I find myself about to pull the trigger on the (T) Less Driver maybe once a day but haven't yet. I really struggle with my driver. Are there any other 3-woods out there that may be shaped the same with the idea of the cutting through the turf, gliding, etc and "easier" to hit out of the fairway as well as the tee box. I would to find something to hit before I buy.
  5. Color me interested, as a person who really struggles with a driver (in the past 5 years or so, think of a Charles Barkley mental thing going on) I would love to find one used and give it a try. I do tend to hit the ground first a lot, so that appeals to me as well.
  6. Hey Foz, long time, hope you win so you can take an old friend!
  7. What sort of retail pricing is there for the wedge sets?
  8. Got some new Hreski coming in, 2 pairs of pants that were on sales as well as new polo design. Will update folks, they will look great with my mohawk!
  9. Still wearing mine, and bought a few polos as well.
  10. Boy, it's been ages since I have been back to the site, not sure why, life is sooo busy. Where are my fancy dressing friends and are there any new brands out there that are LOUD, please don't say Loudmouth, they are not new!
  11. Thank you all for the opinions and help, and yes, my wood game being so bad revolves around my terrible swing, and the longer the shaft, the worse I am. Pretty sure I am going to cut all my iron shafts down.
  12. Cypress Point is a deal at the max, 45.00 and is in great shape.
  13. 2 More pairs of shorts in the closet now, I really do love them. You can buy them on pre-order (as new deliveries come out) at 39.00 instead of the in-stock price of 59.00 per pair.
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