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  1. You might be right there, but if people can't realize that by answering 3 very simple questions they can be accurately be fit for the proper grind then its pure laziness on their part. I have also been through the online fitting with Scratch and think that it is very beneficial. More of the big companies should adopt this policy.
  2. I completely agree with you chey, something needs to be done about these people. It frustrates me to no end!!
  3. I pains me to say this but the repair guy at my store and this guy must have gone to the same afternoon seminar on how to repair clubs.
  4. ITS AWESOME!!!! ITS AWESOME!!! LOL. But seriously its not bad lookin.
  5. Great job on the putter. I have a set of old Alpha Forged blades that I started working on today with the same color scheme.
  6. Just got word from my rep yesterday that they will be releasing Burner 2.0 irons.
  7. Im a believer in the Hybrid route, only cause it works for me. I am more consistent with it and I can hit it about 260 if I really tag it. Consider the golf courses you play though. Weigh out the situations where you would use each club, if you come up with more reasons to go with one over the other, then there is your answer
  8. Love the red paint fill on the clubs, Nice choice!
  9. I missed a 3 footer one day and proceeded to lob my ball in the air and send it into the bush farther than Barry Bonds on steroids with my brand new Cameron SS Newport. It took some creativity and a vice but she's back to normal. I feel your pain.
  10. I've heard that you can change the effective loft in the hybrids without messing with the lie angle. Are there two different sleeves on these clubs. The first pic is what is making me ask this question?
  11. Not bad. Kinda looks like the puma drawings from a while back.
  12. My Scotty needs a black finish. Can you help me with that?
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