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  1. Ping45 (Rich) Hot Springs Village Bag Boy Revolver (Broken zippers,cooler disengaged)...Titlist carry (Broken zippers) Due to aging legs, must ride always, need a GOOD bag with a GOOD cooler, large pockets for raingear, pocket for rangefinder. If bag not complete, don't need.
  2. I don't expect you want an 80 year old tester, but I do play 3 or 4 times /wk...Experience, that's about all I have to offer, but sure would love to be picked on this one......Couldn't be a better club to test! Rich/ Arkansas 11 Ping 1-20's 145
  3. buckical


  4. Never in, never chosen! Ping45 Hdcp….12.4 Ping 1-20's Ping wedge (46*), Utility (50), Score.....4160's (54), and (58) 5o, 54, 58
  5. Rich Buckeye, living in California past 11 years 11.3 Hdcp. Ping 1-20's Still have a set of Bryrilium 's Eye2+s....bought new waaaay back...saving for grandkids! I play 2 or 3 X/week Would obviously love chance to compare these with the previous sets!
  6. Buckical California 9.7 Cameron Select Newport ll...Mid....(shortened to 34", counter balanced)
  7. Rich G. (Bukical)...Highland, Ca. 11.5 hdcp. (1)...Titleist Pro v1,... & (2), Callaway Chrome Soft..(Trying out as we speak) Living in SoCal, I play min.12 x/mo..(and +)
  8. Hi again... Rich (Ping45)...Doc...Whatever Ca. (Ohio in summer) 12 hdcp. Scotty Newport Mid...and/or...Ping Ketsch Tendency...short on longer, Alignment varies on short putts Prefer Tour (whichever one enlarges the hole!)
  9. Rich Summertime Buckeye,currently live in California 12 hdcp. Currently play Ping i20' irons, or sometimes play Mizino JPX 800 PROs..plus Ping i20 23* utility, which I have not been able to replace. Trying to find replacement for my 4 iron but so far no go....I play about 3x/wk using only regular flex on all clubs Visited Ping factory last summer to be fitted...wish they had that club available to try out then... Anyway, it's one club I'd love to take out on a date!
  10. ...From Highland,Ca ....Currently playing both (1) Ping i-20's ...and ...(2) JPX 800 Pros(Project x 5.0 shafts) ... Hdc. 12 ... Unfitted Both great clubs,800's little softer feel, not sure why(Age 77, play min couple X's wk)
  11. Currently Ping Ketsch. Many others (12 or 15) that have been modified to increase weight up to 370 and even higher I like a heavier putter head than most..it seems I cam maintain ther swing line better. Thgis could be right up my alley.
  12. Forgetting my manners...I'm from both Ohio (Knox Co.), and California (Highland).play many SoCal courses till I come back to Buckeyeland when that heat in SoCal gets a little too high. I forgot to list any info when making the forgoing comment re:" froghair"! I'm heading back to home in socal right after Christmas...and I sure am ready!
  13. Hello....I'm a longtime observer, seldom , if ever commenting, but I am concerned about what seems to be the potential loss of an integral part of our great game...The great old term "froghair", a term used for the second cut around the green. I'm well into my 70's now, and back when I was watching Arnie and Jack...along with many other greats, it was a common term used anytime someone was laying just off the green on the "second cut", (you know, about a 3 to 4 foot wide strip around the green) The announcers would use the term constantly. Now, I can't recall having heard it any time in recent several years. I tried to contact The Golf channel to no avail and am getting angry that most newer golfers are missing out on one of the great linguistic terms of our game!My name is "Doc", and all I wish for Christmas is someone reading this to help me start a campaign to restore the term "froghair" to its rightful [place in our games lexology! (not sure of my usage on that!) Can anyone else help??? Ping45/buckical/Doc (whatever)
  14. Curious as to how the Jones carry/stand bag is doing, market wise...since being "re-introduced to the younger set of golfers. Doc (Buckical-Ping45-whatever)
  15. Started playing golf at age 27 or so...played B-ball for many years. First... DO NOT think about hitting to all fields anymore! You want a swing that's more of a "power or pull" type. Then take a level practice swing (holding your driver straight out...like swinging at a baseball). Then, drop your club down and swing that way as a "golf" swing. Just convert the "power swing" into your golf swing. Second...Get to a pro for next step as fast as you can!....Otherwise you'll never forgive yourself if you don't..lol That is the very best advise you'll get starting out, as your grip and setup is the whole key to the correct swing mechanics....Good luck... Doc (Buckical)
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