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  1. Happy Friday Fellow Spies! Leaving on 9/30 for a 1 week trip to Florida and will have 2 - 3 free days to play golf. Any public course recommendations? Under $200/round and riding only.
  2. Definitely agree KansasKing. It's an awesome value added service that is affordable and fast. Where are you located in Kansas? I lived in JoCo for about 2 years back in the early 2000's...sure do miss Joe's KC/Oklahoma Joes and Jack Stack.
  3. I called the customer service line. Be aware they have limited operating hours, M - F 7:00am to 11:00am MST. The customer service rep created the work order and provided an estimated quote ($17/club). They give you a reference number to put on the shipping box and their shipping address in AZ. UPS 2 Day from CA was $21 for 8 irons. The Ping tech called me 2 days later confirming the requested work and then took payment. Hardest part of this whole process was playing loaner clubs that weekend I love the dark grey finish on the G30's. I believe the G series that came afterwards was more of a silver color (and added ferrules).
  4. I’m just north of you Santa Clarita. Rotation lately is River Ridge, Sterling Hills, Tierra Rejada in Ventura County. Sand Canyon in SCV and and Rancho Vista in Palmdale. It’s tough getting tee times in 2021 and I’m betting even tougher when daylight savings ends. Played Hansen, Wilson/Harding, Balboa/Encino and Woodley a bunch back when I was working in the valley. Rustic is awesome but haven’t been able to get a good weekend tee time all spring & summer.
  5. Welcome Shawn! Couple of questions...Are you a Trekkie? How's Van Nuys playing these days? I used to play there decades ago with my older brother - lots of good memories.
  6. Wanted to share the awesome work that Ping did with my iron refresh. I should have taken some before shots because they were in fairly rough shape being 7 years old and seeing about 40 - 50 rounds a year. $17/club to get them looking as good as almost new - they even bent (black to red) my SW replacement that I purchased off Ebay after losing my original. New paint, badges, buffed and returned with iron covers. They received on 9/10 and I received back on 9/16. Exceptional work and service and cost.
  7. Thanks Jonathan. I took your advice and flipped the order. The updated configuration definitely works for carrying and the range and maybe even on a push cart. I pretty much ride all the time so I'll give it a whirl this Sunday and see how it goes! Side note - where do you play in LA?
  8. In March: Switched out EXO 7 for a Stroke Lab 10. In July: Switched out R15 driver for a PXG 0211 Gen 2 Driver. In August: Switched out 2014 Karsten irons 5 - P, U, S for PXG Gen2 0311XF. In September: Looking to switch out 2014 Karsten 4H & 5H with Cobra One Length Hybrids - F9, Speedzone, or Radspeed (TBD) I don't carry FW woods so the only club that I'm not actively looking to replace is a CBX 60*. Also - the Karsten irons went back to Ping for refurbishment ($17/per club). They'll likely go back in the bag and kick the PXG 0311's to the bench.
  9. I have a silencer that is sitting in my garage…best bag I’ve owned and I’m trying to preserve her. Currently using a Titleist Hybrid 14 and I get club tangle all the time. Just bought a SunMountain c130 stand bag as I believe it has full length dividers.
  10. Agree with the Costco route…2 dozen 3-piece urethane balls for $25. Forget all of these non-urethane balls as they’re oranges in an apples comparison. For the price, value, performance and availability, Kirkland Signature 3-piece urethane cover golf ball v2.0 is your ball.
  11. As a new forum member this looks awesome! I've been looking at irons to replace my 2014 Karstens and it looks like RADSpeed should be in the mix!
  12. Indeed JD! Sterling Hills, Moorpark, Olivas Links, Tierra Rejada, River Ridge and Soule Park just to get started
  13. Hi Spies - Long time forum lurker joining this awesome community. How long have you been playing golf? 9 years this August. Started playing in my late 30's. What’s your handicap or normal score? 18.9 What do you love about golf? Being outdoors and enjoying the day with old friends and making new friends. Having some drinks, slicing some drives, chunking the wedges, pushing some putts, losing a headcover, shotgun starts & shotgun brews, 19th hole, post round meals and Venmo'ing golf bets back and forth. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I'm always googling golf stuff and MGS is just an awesome repository of data. Non-biased product testing and reviews set MGS apart from the pack. The Most Wanted articles and data insights are exceptional. Don't know any other Spies...that I'm aware of. Where are you from? What is your home course? Los Angeles. Sand Canyon Country Club. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Worst - LA Muni weekend pace of play. Summer weather in LA County. Finding a weekend Tee-Time. Best - Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, Central CA, and Coachella Valley golf. What do you do for a living? Project Management How’d you pick your user name? It's an old gamertag.
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