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  1. Bill/ Waukesha, WI DRIVER SWING SPEED - 100 CURRENT BALL - Titleist Pro Vx1 Maxfli Tour X
  2. It was a great year for majors. Tiger was great, Lowry was great historically and for Ireland, but I couldn't turn off the US Open. Woodland was amazing TV..
  3. Quick review after 18- It's a solid all around ball. Holds its line in the wind. The spin issue I had with the original ball is reduced by quite a bit. Feels great on approach shot and retains the putter feel of the original. Good premium ball.
  4. Will have to try the Maxfli U/4x...Haven't bought a Maxfli since Dicks took them over. Will give it a shot. I moved to a town without a golf shop...Going through withdrawl..I spend time on TGW, Edwin Watts etc to get my equipment buzz now. Sports Authority is the only game in town.. They aren't bad, but they aim towards the middle market almost exclusively. You can get your Pro V's there but that's about it....Sigh...Thank Gore for the internet
  5. Great post, Phana24G- on the mark...There's occasionally some good stuff over there but so much of the review talk is limited to the big boys and much of it sounds like marketing department b.s.. The forum over there is exactly what you describe...I'll leave it at that. I don't mind listening to guys describing their career drive as their driving distance...My best and my average are about 50 yards apart...and as much as I'd like a pretty draw, after 45 years, I typically have a slight fade. I spend too much time doing horticulture in the woods and ruining great fairway shots with 2 and 3 putts...Which is why it's fun to be here...Almost a like private club vs a high end muni...who's members would YOU rather hang with? As long as we're baring our golf souls, I buy too much equipment. I KNOW my money would be better spent on lessons but a new club, set of irons, ball etc gives me something new to look forward to on the weekend. There...I'm cleansed.
  6. Just hitting putts on the carpet I can tell a huge difference between the new Tour and last years Tour X...The X is higher pitched, tinny and hard feeling/sounding putt...The new Tour is softer off the club face and more muted...The Pro V1x is more like the high pitch of the FG Tour X. Does it mean a darn thing? Not really. But I like how the new one sounds and feels off a milled face, can't wait to hear and feel it off irons and driver. First impression is good. As you experienced, the FG Tour X was solid off the tee and fairways but I found it unsatisfying 125 yards in and especially around and on the green. Too clicky.
  7. Thanks, Paul...Received my new FG Tours today...will play them Sunday and see if I have similar results. I normally stay in the $26-$32 range for balls but I like the direction Wilson has been heading the last 5 years and if all things are equal I give Wilson my $$...I've played the original FG Tour irons since they came out and have had good success. If I had unlimited funds I would have gone to V2 or the new M3 (which looks better in person than in the photos I've seen). To be honest, I'd love to try the FG Tour 100...It's gorgeous and even if I don't have the consistency for them, there's nothing like pure blade hits...I like the Wilson Rep idea...I feel like the only guy in the Rockies playing Wilson Staff....
  8. Paul- Am curious as to what your impressions are after using the new FG Tour ball on your Key West trip. I have some on the way. I gamed the FG Tour X most of last season and was happy with it except I missed the FG Tours softness around the greens and putting. I've mentioned it before but the old FG tour spun more and got mushy off the tee in hot weather. The X solved both those problems but at the price of greenside feel. I'm curious if the new version retains the good feel and spins less. The tour ball pricing suprises me a bit, but if it performs I'll go with it. I also used the Callaway Hex Black and Pro V1x last year...Do you feel it's comparable?
  9. I happen to like the logo...I know, the Mizzy totally clean look on it's blades is really gorgeous. No argument. But I like these quite a bit also. If they are $300 less than the comparable Mizzy's and play well....
  10. Love the look of the driver with adjustable lofts. Fit and finish deserving of the FG line. Agree with furu that it's a appropriate name for the top of the line driver and hybrids. The hybrid looks good also if a bit Adams influenced (nothing wrong with that). The D100 line should stick around as the GI line. Anxious to hear about the new product. By the way, the new FG Tour prototype ball for 2014 already has a senior tour win over in Germany (Steen Tinning of Denmark).
  11. Interesting related story to MyGolfSpy's Ultimate Driver Test. The "other" golf blog has a story about Edwin Watts doing some driver testing for their advertising and coming up with surprising results. Now, this is all off the rack drivers but they set up a robot to hit off various spots on the club face of all the drivers and posted the leaders in different categories like distance, ball speed etc. It's a selling tool for Edwin Watts and has to be taken with a grain of salt, but what I found interesting is that the Wilson D-100 ended up with the leaders in many categories (ok, I'm a bit of a Wilson fan boy like many on here). Kind of dovetails with T's observation that his senior hitter had an outstanding day with the Wilson driver. Great ball speed and forgiveness... The two sources makes me want to hit the club.
  12. THAT sounds like the perfect week! Would like to hear your impressions on the Callaway fitting also. If there were any surprises and what you ended up leaning towards or purchasing. Have fun!
  13. Thanks for submitting the review. You summed it up very well. It's an impressive looking bag although my $100 stand bag has far more utility. But if I'm playing with my companies CEO, I'll borrow yours. It's great eye candy.
  14. The Wilson Superlight makes sense for a senior whose SS is under 95...Sets up nice, light shaft probably increases club head speed. If the hitter can get good feedback from the club during the swing it's a great, relatively inexpensive alternative. As for the standings, I agree with T's assertion that you swing what looks best to you at address or if a particular club addresses your personal swing flaw in a way that it separates it from the rest. Intriguing number is the variance between the leaders of accuracy and consistency. Will be interesting to see how the consistency results are influenced. Short hitters that are accurate? Long hitters that are wild? All good food for thought.
  15. Thanks for the update and braving pestilence to keep on schedule for the driver review. It's supposed to hit 60 degrees Sunday in Chicago so both Jesus and our golf games will be celebrating their resurrection (no sacrilege intended). If your ball ends up in remaining snow, is it a free drop? Anyway, curious as to your senior hitters second time around with this "elixir of youth" driver. Don't tell my brother. If it's legit and he starts hitting his approach shots from where I do he'll kick my sorry rear. Oh, and thanks for the driver eye candy...I already bought the Razr Fit Extreme but the Cleveland scores huge points on looks alone..
  16. Used to sell running shoes on the side. It's parallel to driver fittings is similar. Many times runners would approach me with preconceived ideas of what they wanted or thought they needed. While the experienced often knew what to look for, the novices and less experienced often were lead by marketing hype and well meaning recommendations. But feet and running gaits are very similar to golf swings. All different and requiring proper fitting to achieve the best results. A good technician blends the proper shaft, head, loft and golfer. The numbers merely narrow the search for the right mix. Much more a tool then an end result. I've only done a big box store fitting (I was lucky to have run into a competent and engaged fitter) but even that helped me tremendously. If nothing else, I learned that if I delved further, the numbers would have lead me to an even more suitable driver/shaft combo (at far more expense, of course ). The numbers are only as good as the interpreter. There is no one club that's best for all. As you say, once you find something that works, run with it.
  17. Picked up the 56 degree tour grind yesterday...Still undecided on whether to go with the 50 degree or go with a Vokey or Cleveland 588 RTX, which I think I may prefer off fairways...Still anxious to hear your impressions once you get them on solid ground..but love the feel of the Wilson 56 and I think it will be a good sand performer as well as from the rough. Like the longer than standard grip also.
  18. We can always compare the average distances of the pros from a decade ago to today. But with the modern drivers of today being so technologically advanced with shafts, heads and computer design, it would be interesting to see the numbers of a couple of the top drivers of 2003 vs. the MGS top rated drivers of today when the test is complete. I know the Trackman came out about 2003 but don't know it's capabilities then. So grab a Callaway ERC Fusion, TM's 500 series driver, a Titleist 983E etc. and put them on a Trackman and have your testers see what they can do with 10 year old tech. Would be fun..I'd assume modern tech would be at least a little longer, but I'm thinking the biggest gains may be in accuracy. Might not go over with manufacturers, but would be interesting to see if the difference is minimal or drastic.
  19. All this anticipation is good...Cleaned all the clubs and grips today. Watching the WGC-Cadillac on TV. Emptied all the accumulated balls found in bushes, water etc last season out of the bag. Did a little living room putting (8.5 on the Stimpmeter) and studying my Stockton Unconscious Putting. Bring on spring and the Ultimate Driver Test!!
  20. Paul, did you receive your 56 and 60 degree tour grinds yet? The 56 is most likely to find my bag first because of it's apparent strength as a sand wedge and what should be good performance out of roughs and normal fairways. Tight lies are probably better off with the standard 50...Just melt this white stuff and let's get to work!
  21. If beauty is truly only skin deep, the Cleveland has great skin. Glad it's part of the shindig..Can't wait to see how they all shake out..
  22. Anxious to hear your impressions when you get to swing them outdoors. Not likely to be soon since you're right at the same path of this 6-10" of snow falling tonight and tomorrow...Who knew winter was merely delayed.
  23. You are correct about the grip. I finally got a look at the new traction control wedges at the local PGA superstore this weekend. Very nicely finished club. Larger head than I expected though. Had hoped to swing them at the Golf Show but Wilson only showed up on Friday and Saturday and was a no show on Sunday. Will have to go to PGA Superstore on a weeknight to hit them, all the hitting bays are packed on weekends. The 56 degree tour grind will likely find its way into my bag. Looks like an effective sand wedge and usable on all but the tightest fairways.
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