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  1. Anyone know the headweight on this thing? (of all the questions to ask eh!)
  2. I think they said on Twitter the other day that you should look out for them February kind of time. Hope this helps!
  3. Sweeeeeeeet putter as usual! I got excited when I saw the title of the post thinking that you were looking for a new Gamer or Tester for one of putters! So yeh- if you ever need any putters testing... My favourite part is the face milling... looks sharp!
  4. So I've been playing either Callaway Tour i's or Pro V1 x's for the last 4 months or so (once or twice a weekend)... I am thinking of switching balls. I have a driver swing speed of a fairly average 95mph. Carry my 7 iron only 145-150 yards or so. I would love more distance with both driver and in my irons, but I need all the spin I can get in my short shots as I am not a fairly high spinner. Also wouldn't complain if I found something to tame my low raking european draw (which isn't required in the practically windless conditions of Arizona!) I am considering Nike One Vapour Taylormade Burner LDP Bridgestone e6 Titleist NXT Extreme Callway HX Hot any thoughts?
  5. Interesting switch for a guy that has possibly just had his most successful year?
  6. lets hope not... that thing is hideous... much prefer the cobra!
  7. And if all else fails... the K15 can solve anything
  8. must be some more news by now MyGolfSpy!?!

  10. Michael, Read a lot of your stuff on here and most of it seems to be guys asking your help in order to lose weight and get fitter and stronger in the process. I am however at the opposite end of the spectrum. I would love to 'Bulk up' a bit, preferably doing exercises that I can do in the comfort of my own home (also without spending too much!). I currently have access to a set of free weights at home but thats about it! Currently weigh about 140lbs, 6ft tall, never really done any strength training before! Just lanky and lazy with a fast metabolism! Ideally (as I'm sure we all would), I would obviously like the exercise to help me with my golf game (hitting the ball further, straighter/ more consistent). I understand this can be done with various methods. I think that from what I have read, increasing mass, flexibility and stability would all be really useful for me. Just decided to start the 100 press ups, 200 sit ups and 200 squats training today which last for 6 weeks I believe... will be interesting to see how they go- should get me through overseeding out here in Arizona at least! But yeh, I'd be interested to hear any advice or tips you may have, and also whether or not you would recommend starting to take protein shakes or something similar for this type of workout. I look forward to hearing anything you have to say! Many thanks, Philip (phil.b89)
  11. Haven't got the ghost... or planning on getting one for that matter... But saving up to hopefully get LaMont to try and either design me a white putter from scratch or for me to buy a 2nd hand putter and treat it to a nice new white finish while I'm out here in Phoenix!! (p.s. I know you'll be listening LaMont! )
  12. Well what I have got is 4w G15 and then K15 7 Wood... I never thought about getting a 7 wood until I got fit... Now it is my favourite club in the bag! Being pretty short off the tee I end up hitting it on a lot of long par 4's. Its just sooooo easy to hit! Also long par 3's it is the perfect club for me. Once you find that one club- you'll love it!
  13. MSRP $70 White version of these shorts: http://www.shop.puma.com/Bermuda-Golf-Shorts/pna884628154327,en_US,pd.html?cgid=56150 SOLD OUT ON THE PUMA WEBSITE Ladies Golf Bermuda Shorts 32" Brand New very nice shorts! Looking for $35 a pair obo!
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