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  1. Hogan fan forever. Born August 12, 1953 (one day before Mr. Hogan's birthday and his greatest year in golf.) Mark, Pennsylvania Current Wedges - Hogan Special SI, Hogan Special 60, and Hogan Utility Wedge from my first set of clubs, 1959 Sunburst. Still using these and have my groove tool in play as they wear. Also have Fort Worth 51 degree in play at times. Pretty good from the sand and chipping. Weaknesses are those 30 to 60 yard partial wedges. Current Handicap - 14
  2. Mark Pennsylvania Mixed Set - New Hogans 47 and 43 degree, Cobra AMP 7, 8, 9; then to hybrids - Regular Flex 14
  3. Shaft - KBS Tour 90 Regular Length and Lie Standard Ben Hogan Performance Plus Midsize Grip, Standard with 2 wraps under right hand Fort Worth 15 Irons: 27, 31, 35, 39, 43, 47 TK15 Wedges: 51, 55, 59 Handicap - 15 In my opinion, there is no greater man of golf than Ben Hogan. He achieved, overcame, created, and excelled like no other in the game. I was introduced to golf in the 70's while in college. I bought my first set of clubs at a local country club, a set of used 1959 Hogans that are still in my possession, and I pull them out each year on August 13 to play a round in ho
  4. Mr. Palmer is a true gentleman and also a favorite. Have met him a couple times and I marvel at the time he takes with people and the genuine interest he takes in people. Just have a certain connection with Mr. Hogan's life story - his determination, his courage, and his contribution to the game.
  5. Hello to all, Quick intro - born August 12, 1953, Hogan's greatest year and one day before his birthday on August 13. One regret in life (among a few others) is never meeting Mr. Hogan. Never had been on an 18 hole golf course till the summer before my senior year of college. Went with some fraternity brothers and instantly fell in love with the game. Soon after, bought my first set of clubs: 1959 Hogan Sunburst irons, and I still have them (along with a number of other Hogan sets.) Play them every August 13. Love to work with clubs - building them, regripping, reswingweighting,
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