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  1. Damn it. Got a sleeve of free Pro V1x’s. Played my round and it spun great, flew nicely and felt nice. Used only one ball for the whole round. Undamaged. I still can’t justify changing from the cheaper Srixon Diamond, wish I had hated the Pro V1x. My partner just laughed and said just suck it up and play the Titleist. But I won’t. Not this year!
  2. Thank you. We Canucks love our long weekends… even though it was snowing this morning at the cottage. 3 straight days of snow. Crazy stuff here. Fortunately no accumulation on the deck.
  3. I’m not sure I would consider a TSR3 a down grade, but I may be biased!
  4. Hoping to skirt the rain and get out for 18 today. It’s a holiday up here. So far the added club head speed and draw bias have helped me hit straighter balls and further distance with the AF. It’s been fun so far. I am choking down about 1/2 -3/4” to maximize centre strikes. I have not tried going back to full shaft length yet. Also will try to pick up a 6 gram weight today.
  5. KC Golf


    That looks awesome! I bet it tastes even better!
  6. Excellent conversion. I figure this could allow you to jog on the course much better than any push cart! Looks good too! Just a question… Does the pool noodle provide sufficient floatation in case someone were to roll the cart into the pond? Just curious…
  7. Big Win! Happy for Xander!
  8. Snowed overnight here. Really windy today. No golf in the cards today but it’s a gorgeous day out here! Can’t complain Good to see Scottie bouncing back today. Hope he gets a top 5 finish!
  9. You know when the Governor gets involved that’s not going happen… I see a quick resolution here.
  10. Good Morning! Hoping we get decent weather for golf this weekend. If not will watch to see how Scottie does day 3. Shaping up to be a great tournament. The mud balls yesterday were a little unfair in the afternoon. I still think it’s an open field. Have a great weekend Saturday Spies!
  11. Good Morning! Having a nice coffee and seeing the crazy events on TV and on Twitter. Can’t believe it. Hope Scottie plays well today.
  12. Thank you. I have added a second question.
  13. I love how the Arccos AI, always recommends driver when you ask for virtual caddy advise! It’s generally useless.
  14. Good Mornimg! PGA day 1, should be great. if you manage to get out, have a great round!
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