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  1. A club repair shop should have lots of spare ferrules. Probably not as nice as BB&F, but you can just buy one or two from them.
  2. Amazing reported price paid. A major home run for KPS. Impressive sale process and great timing.
  3. Here is what the Haywood Signature 7 iron looks like next to my AP2 7 iron. Solid feel and nice trajectory on the range today.
  4. That's pretty cynical. I have found generally that the good fitters in my area are more than willing to try different combinations. I think the problem with TrueGolfFit is that if you do have all of your actual driver numbers from a GCQuad or Trackman you can't input those numbers directly into the TGF system to get your recommendations. If you could do that I think the recommendations would be even better. As a example, 3 tempos is not something that is not that precise.
  5. That's awesome. TGF suggested Radspeed with Moto shaft and a Ping Max. I had a fitting outdoors last week. It was cold outside and windy. I couldn't seem to get consistent contact on the face of the Radspeed. But the Ping Max was giving us pretty good numbers. I compared those with the Sim2 and the fitter still liked Sim2 numbers (indoors on a Trackman). We decided to schedule a couple of more sessions to try a direct comparison of all three outdoors. One question I have is how concerned should I be that I am using range balls outdoors vs. using my own Srixon indoors. Should
  6. Bought the Haywood Signature Irons. Set to 2 degrees week Should see them this week!
  7. I would like to see someone’s custom designed my Sim2 driver. It looks like a cool (but pricey) option but I haven’t seen anybody actually try it and see what they look like. Tony, any chance you can order one for us so we can see if what you order on the web actually appears on your door step.
  8. The T100s looks great. They are very close to my 716 AP2s. I hear they will replace the T100s in mid to late Summer, so if you wait you could get the newest equipment or get a deal on end of cycle discounts. I would think ordering from Titleist now the wait time to get new irons could be a while unless you get it off the rack. In the meantime, you could spend the Summer trying different demos sets over the Summer before ordering your new irons.
  9. Seems interesting that it would have such different numbers. I am no expert, but are the shaft weights and length the same? Are the grips the same?
  10. Two years for my 52 and 60, but I have started replacing my 56 after just over a year. It makes sense if you are playing a lot of sand shots / practice with my 56, particularly wet sand shots. My 56 Vokey is great but it doesn’t spin as well after a year. I am now trying these new Haywood PVD 56 and 60 wedges. Looks great and plays great around the greens.
  11. I agree that Pinehurst #7 is very difficult. I remember #2 being very difficult on approaches with long irons. I didn't play the tips on #2 and the greens were more receptive given it had rained that week, but it was still hard getting the ball close. I can see how it would be amazing as test for the world's best with a US Open set up. I would say that on a typical windy, Fall day in Bandon, OR. Pacific Dunes and Bandon Dunes are some of the toughest courses to play in America. Even with caddies telling you where to hit it, it can still be very hard to hit and keep it on the greens a
  12. This looks great. I am really impressed. I am surprised by how user friendly this machine is. I will be curious to see how long the battery will last (storing charges for full rounds, etc.) long term before being replaced in real world conditions with Spring and Fall weather and storage in the garage, etc.
  13. Same weather up here in Canada. Hopefully golf starts again next week.
  14. I tried the Srixon Z Star last year after the MGS review. I had never played Srixon Z Star before and I have never had a friend game them either (never found a Z Star either), so I was really surprised how much I liked it. I usually used a Titleist Pro V1x or TP5x, but they are pricey. So I will definitely try a box of Maxfli Tour and Wilson Staff this year. I will definitely try the new 2021 Z Star too, but it appears to be pretty similar to the old Z Star from the initial reviews. But it will be hard to beat the old Z Star on price and performance.
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