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  1. I really like the current Z-Star, so I bought a bunch before Xmas. I can't see why I wouldn't transition to the new one when it comes out. Its a great ball.
  2. Working on better shoulder and hip rotation vs being too arm-sy. Last year was a frustrating year for being too arm-sy. Also eliminating excess sway is also something I am working on as well. Getting LM and Sim time with a coach to get better swing mechanics while there is snow on the ground.
  3. The answers continue to be very interesting. Thanks everyone for the input. The club data from Arccos adds an interesting dimension as well.
  4. You are completely on the right track. I believe confidence is as important as anything when it comes too putting. A good putter fitting goes a long way too.
  5. I get that some shots are missed and that the putting green stats need to be edited but I still find it’s great data. Like the new dashboard improvements over the last year too. So despite the annual fee, I am a fan.
  6. I can't wait until Dustin makes it his Gamer and he wins 4-5 LIV tourneys and a major in 2023, and the golf world starts saying $2,500 seems like a steal for this putter!
  7. Candidly I have never really thought about it, but I always carry and so I find my Putter more easily in the top slot with my driver in my Titleist bag. Even before that with my other bags like Cobra, Ping, Sun Mountain, Nike, its always in the top spot. Most are 4 - 6 way. Always a North guy, but did go to grad school in the South. But I can't recall noticing guys in VA having their putter down below. But I can't say that I looked out for it...
  8. Wow. In less than a day we have gotten a lot of responses. Thank you to everyone who has responded so far. I really appreciate everyone's input so far. The comments are all great. But a couple of surprises have come out from the group so far. I am surprised by how may people have mentioned the 5 iron. Its interesting since I would think more people would say 4 iron or a 3FW. since they are usually harder to hit. I believe its because many of the respondents in the group its their longest iron in the bag. Surprised by how many people carry 58+ deg wedges in their bag. Also how many rarely hit their low lofted hybrids. Sadly no one has said Putter yet... My favourite comment so far... is this one! Thanks Andrew for inspiring all of us... It just shows you don't need the max number of clubs to be a 5 handicap!
  9. I have the same issue with my 3W. That’s one of my goals this year… learning to hit it consistently off the deck on par 5s. But I love my 3W off the tee, so it’s definitely gets good use in my bag each round.
  10. Lou Stanger of Arccos mentioned this topic on Twitter today. Lou said it will be in his newsletter at some point… I assume based on index this will be interesting. I am wondering if MGS forum people have their own views. To start it off. I have to say I rarely use my 52 deg TM gap wedge these days. I find I either hit my PW which is more forgiving or I hit my 56 slightly de lofted instead of hitting my 52 these days. Not sure why I have it in my bag now… I would think UW, 3 irons and 3W may be clubs a lot of people may not be using, but I am pretty curious what the feedback will be. Thought this might be an interesting topic for the group…
  11. Hope Titleist joins this year too...
  12. I need to upgrade my Mother in Law! Or I need to teach her to appreciate golf!
  13. Thanks for sharing. Never would have thought about golfing in Kenya, but it looks awesome. The safari trip to Kenya and Tanzania was epic. These photos show I really need to go back with my family!
  14. Sorry for the late reply. Was traveling in Asia. I am actually going to get my swing weight measured on my TSi3. I don't know what it is now. Also will get the GD TSr2, I borrowed as well. Its interesting, since my TSi3 FW is also more head heavy and so I find that I can hit it well. I will get this measured as well.
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