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  1. I am looking forward to whatever Matt does next. Matt definitely deserves a great spot to land given the strong following he has online. I hope Matt continues to get the help he needs for his mental health. I am pulling for him. Hopefully the TXG methodology (Quad / Quintic) and strong fitting skill set survives the CC deal. I hope we see more TXG's created across Canada. Sounds like Ian will be responsible for the Canadian expansion under the TXG banner.
  2. Sounds like $600 drivers are here to stay. If the ball speeds off this new driver are materially higher as indicated by MGS, I guess Sim and Sim2 guys will be upgrading to the Stealth and some more MGSers will be moving back to TM drivers in 2022. This should be the #1 driver in 2022! I still like my TSi3, so I am on the fence about going back to a TM driver.
  3. I was thinking about the custom shop line which other OEMs mostly don’t have to add extra dollars to their price points. Also unlike Titleist they seem to have less no upcharge higher end shaft options (compared to an OEM like Titleist) so you end up paying more, etc.
  4. Thanks Paul. Yup Lots of snow up here and its quite a bit up here! I am really fascinated that this tape job makes that much difference. Hope you are able to get out and play again after the snow melts. Very envious!
  5. Paul, That sounds very promising. Any chance you can take a pic of your tape job, so we can see what you are doing?
  6. I am actually surprised the all carbon face of the Stealth is not selling for a further premium to the SIM 2 given its increased ball speeds and multilayer carbon face construction. I would think they are paying Tiger a ton of sponsor money to use and motivate sales for this driver too. With TM and its high priced sale strategies, I would think they would retail this at an even higher price point. I guess the cost of manufacturing could be lower than Titanium? Bonding with glue vs weldin and sanding?. So they can price it at this level and still make more profits? Curious if anyone knows how the manufacturing costs differ between this and traditional heads. I will curious to see if all the major OEMs will switch to an all carbon face in their drivers. Calloway's original all carbon driver never caught on for some reason, but I think it may have been its odd head shape vs its carbon face.
  7. I was trying to avoid switching, but my 7s are worn out (and replaced by other less expensive wedges), so I am sadly looking at dishing out some serious coin for 3 of these wedges. I think they look okay to me.
  8. This is an interesting summary of some ARCCOs stats for 2021 released on their blog today: https://ca.arccosgolf.com/blogs/community/end-of-year-recap-2021 The interesting stats I saw: - Arccos is pretty global: With rounds being played at over 44 thousand courses in 163 countries around the world - The average improvement for a new member is over 5 strokes - Arccos Caddie members are 5 times more likely to get compared to the average golfer.
  9. That’s easy. Higher lofted mini driver. Works better out of the first cut or if you need more forced carry distance with a bit more forgiveness. In current sets, it’s usually like a 12 degree driver. May be Phils mini driver comes in that loft, but not sure In really old persimmon from the 60s / 70s sets, I think it used to be called a “2 wood”. But some of the original MGS guys may have a photo of one from their historical vintage sets on the wall.
  10. I guess I may have too few brands compared to the MGS average, I am right now Titleist, Haywood and TaylorMade. I was mostly Titleist with a couple of TaylorMade wedges before. I am going to try some Mizuno, Haywood and Srixon irons and compare them to see if they are better than T200 set. Will also start looking closely at lighter stuff shafts and will get fitted for them.
  11. Ejgaudette, We should make sure that we let the Canadian border guys inspect@GolfSpy_BOS ’s clubs and other equipment closely to make sure they conform to Canadian PGA standards. Pats gear is definitely non conforming. We will accept premium bourbon bottles as a fine.
  12. I found my gapping results were very similar to my gapping analysis on the GC Quad. I think the Arccos is actual real world on the course distances so it should be even more accurate vs 10 shots on a GC Quad with each club. My Driver, FW and Hybrid were off between 3-5 yards for avg distance vs “Smart Distance”. Obviously GC Quad provide other data like carry yardage and ball speed, but Arccos provides another great data point. So hopefully you will find the same thing. Please let us know.
  13. Love seeing more Canadian's on MGS. As Canadians, most of us can't play year round, so hopefully we can get back out in April or May. Sadly tons of snow here in Calgary. Simulators are the only things available these days to swing or putt. Miss golfing in Toronto, but definitely don't miss the high green fees. But the tracks are pretty sweet in the Toronto area. Definitely lots of options.
  14. That new Mizuno driving iron looks nice. Like the black colour of it as well. Would like to see how the top line looks at address.
  15. I like the Titleist as well. I have both the 15 and 16.5. They are pretty forgiving and also great off the tee or on the fairway. The adjustability is pretty good as well. Hard to go wrong with a TSi, but the downside is that they aren't very cheap.
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