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  1. Kyle - NC FJ three quarter length windbreaker/rain jacket and whatever pants I'm wearing Played in a tropical storm coming ashore in Myrtle Beach. Ridiculous amount of wind and rain. A true Caddyshack moment.
  2. - Kyle - NC, USA - Ping i200 blue dot/Nippon N.S. PRO Modus3-Tour 105/Stiff - 155 yds - Left handed
  3. Kyle, NC TM SLDR 9.5/Fuji 57gram Stiff ~96ss/12hc 9.5*/Tendsei CK Orange Series Stiff (Lefty)
  4. Kyle - NC Index: 12.0 No, never owned Wilson clubs. Ben Hogan Apex FTX
  5. Kyle NC 12.0 Ben Hogan Apex FTX My biggest strength: Accuracy and ball flight (high) My biggest weakness: Distance( just not consistent)
  6. Your Handicap - 12.0 Your State/Province - North Carolina Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance - 97 - 250 Your Preference (F7 or F7+) F7 but no preference. I am a lefty...
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