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  1. I have had Arccos for a few years. Mine has worked very well. It does occasionally lose where it is for some reason necessitating revising the data for a hole or two. If I checked the info on my phone more regularly, I would probably catch it sooner. I don't find it a "turn on and forget it" experience yet but it is getting better. I also keep each club used on my scorecard to double-check when I'm done if there has been a problem. I have a Link and agree that using it greatly improves the experience as having a phone in my pocket, while not a deal breaker, is less that ideal. I also use my Apple watch and find the distance on it is very handy. As a company, they have been very responsive in sending me new sensors when a couple have died inside the 2 year warranty. They also promptly sent me a new clip for my Link when I accidentally hooked the Link with a sweater while pulling it off and snapped it. I find the data very useful for gapping and club selection (not for tournament play). I can't really point to it as having shaved strokes off but I like the data. I'm near the end of my 2 year warranty period and will buy a new set of sensors when these start to go bad. I do recommend it to friends. Hope that helps.
  2. I get fitted and then go with what feels and performs the best. I have Taylormade D, 3w and hybrid 9 9 ( this is the first hybrid in years that I don’t hook uncontrollably). I was playing an M2 that successive generations didn’t improve upon until the Sim2. I visibly saw the gain with the new Sim2 driver. I’ve been a Mizuno player for years, and don’t think there are better irons out there. I may try them but I always come back to Mizuno for feel and performance. Wedges tend to work their way in and out of the starting lineup. I had Cleveland, Vokey, and Mizuno. When my Mizunos were ready to be replaced, I was fitted for Vokeys. I had inappropriate shafts in the Mizunos which cost me distance. I gained back distance with the Vokeys with no loss of control or feel that I had with the Mizunos. Putters, imho, are so personal that it is all up,to,the player. I tend to stick with one putter for years. I may try a new one but they rarely last more than a few rounds. Currently, I use an Edel that was fitted. I struggle with long putts on slow greens but that is it’s only short coming for me. so that makes 4 brands in my bag. I don’t think I have ever played 1 brand unless it was a rent set. Good topic! Hit’em straight, except when you need to curve them! Matt
  3. I was surprised to hear about them having to do QC upon head arrival as well. I too, thought they did all their own forging so it was a surprise. But then again, any additional QC steps only adds to the reason we buy Mizunos. Maybe someone can shed some light on that. I won't be changing manufacturers either as there just aren't any clubs that have the feel that my Mizunos have. BTW, one of my cousins just went with the Hot Metal Pros and he absolutely loves them! He is a 3 handicap and has been at this a long time so I completely trust his judgement. I would pull the trigger. I am tempted to give them a go as well!
  4. Thanks for sharing this! I've been a Mizuno guy for a long time and love their feel. This got me hopped up for a new set but I'll wait for the next JPX iteration before pulling the trigger. My JPX 919 Forged are serving me well, as did my 900's, 825's, MP-H5's, MP-67's, etc......
  5. Ball testing stands out. A study a lot of manufacturers never wanted to see!
  6. Matt from Austin. Footjoy pants and Galvin Green jacket. Scotish wind and rain. Aye laddie!
  7. Hi everyone! I've been following MGS for years now and decided it was time to get more involved. I love the independent tests, in fact, MGS is how I started playing the Snell MTB. I wouldn't have learned about it for some time without MGS. Thanks guys!
  8. Matt from Austin, TX Current handicap 2 Have you used a GPS watch? Which one? Garmin, Approach S4 Have you used a Shot Tracking System? Which one? Game Golf previously, using Arrcos 360 currently
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