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  1. - Your first name and home state/province: Jason, Idaho - Your current handicap: 2 - Your current golf ball: Titleist ProV1x 2017 - Do you feel you're a "high spin" or a "low spin" player: High spin player Thanks for the opportunity guys
  2. Your Welcome ole grey. The best part about it is that from my experience it just keeps getting better!!! Sent from my VS980 4G using Tapatalk
  3. Hey ole grey, I too have suffered from tinnitus in both ears now for about 20 years. It started in the right and made its way over to the left. Caffeine makes it so much worse. I have had some success with Ginkgo Biloba in the past. Do you get dizzy with it? If so, I have found that meclizine has done wonders for me. I used to get dizzy over putts and man that makes putting almost impossible when a person cant find their balance. I am not sure if the meclizine helps with the ringing to much but I know that I have felt much better since I started taking on 25mg in the morning and one at night. Good luck, all we can do is own it and deal with it like many others do with much more serious issues.
  4. Fellas and Ladies, I feel like I need to elaborate on this a little more because I truly believe it could help lots of people. With one simple move of the right thumb to the left side of the grip when gripping the golf club I think that I have remedied these swing flaws. Please keep in mind this is for a right handed golfer. Lefties, just flip everything around, it is all relative. 1. A rolling of the hands open in the take away. - When the right hand is to involved via the thumb and for finger I tend to roll my hands open right from the start of my take away. Since I have been gripping the club correctly this has stopped. 2. A disconnected right hand when my wrists start to cock. - With the thumb down the shaft I absolutely get disconnected with my grip as my wrists start to cock. This has stopped. 3. A flying elbow, steepened plain and loss of width due to my right hand fighting my left while trying to finish my back swing. - Simply put the right elbow cannot keep from getting deep when the right hand is battling the club from setting correctly. So, as a result in the back swing we come up with a flying right elbow, steep plane and less width. Not good, not good at all. Downswing: 1. Due to the steepened plane that has been set better players will compensate by dropping the right elbow back in which in most cases results in an open club face and inside delivery resulting in a high week push fade. Not optimal to say the least. 2. Casting of the club due to the right hand taking over is almost inevitable. Scooping and very week iron shots will happen. There will also be the tendency to hit it fat or thin depending on the timing of the early release. 3. If one gets lucky and makes the right compensation and times everything right a descent strike is possible but almost always to much spin will be added to drives and irons will lack compression and that oh so sweet penetrating powerful ball flight that we all seek. Pitching and Chipping: If the right hand is to involved which the placement of the right thumb on the shaft makes happen (at least for me) pitching and chipping will be hit and miss depending on how well a player can time the scoop of the right hand at impact. This one move (right thumb to the left of the shaft) and making sure that I am putting most of the pressure on the shaft with my two middle fingers has enabled me to strike the ball like I know I am capable of consistently. I will close this by saying that I stumbled upon this by swinging in ultra slow motion with my eyes closed so that I could feel everything that was happening with my swing. This is by far the best way to figure out your faults in my opinion. I sincerely hope this helps at least one person to feel the light bulb come on so to say as I did. Happy Strikes to everyone!!!!!
  5. I have been going over the basic fundamentals gearing up for the upcoming season and think I might have stumbled onto something. As I was going over my grip, which I have always thought was pretty sound I realized that I was just grabbing the club and manipulating my hands onto it until my grip felt good. Then I remembered a tip from Hogans 5 lessons about the two middle fingers of the right hand applying most of the pressure and the thumb and forefinger being "swing killers". I then rested the club in my left hand and as I was applying my right hand I started by applying the 2 middle fingers first and then the thumb and the for finger. This felt amazing and my thumb seemed to want to set on the left side of the grip in a perfect position. I proceeded to strike some shots and my swing feels so much better and contact was amazing. I used to put my thumb more down the shaft and would get a flying right elbow, steep plane and flip at the ball due to wanting to control the club with my thumb and fore finger. What do you guys think about not only having a good grip but applying that grip to the club in the same manner every time? Does it make a difference? Thanks, Jason
  6. Thanks PlaidJacketThis has everything to do with setup and the position during the takeaway where the club shaft is parallel to the target line. Nothing else. If my hands are positioned correctly at setup the shaft of the club is straight down my stance line from a down the line view not inside or outside. Which I believe helps me set the club correctly at the top. Sent from my VS980 4G using Tapatalk
  7. As I have been waiting for the snow to melt here in Idaho I have been doing a lot of fine tuning with my golf swing. Yesterday I came across something in my setup that is not talked about much. Hand position. Not how high or low the hands are but how far or close they are from my left thigh. I am a righty. If my hands are towards the middle, like below the belt buckle I noticed that when the club is parallel to the ground in the backswing the club is outside of my hands. If my hands are to far forward, say on top of my left thigh when the club is parallel to the ground in the backswing the club is inside of my hands. The interesting thing is that when I place my hands just inside my left thigh at setup the club is neither inside or outside but perfectly straight when it is parallel to the ground. This is for every club in the bag. I actually went out and struck a few on my simulator and contact was pure, ball flight was straight with a tiny draw. The other thing is that the face angle at address looks dead square now. It seems to also effect shoulder alignment and spine tilt. Has anyone else out there had any experience with this?
  8. canadian club on ice Sent from my VS980 4G using Tapatalk
  9. The question. Could golf ball dimple pattern be the real difference between premium golf balls and the only way to really stand out in the golf ball industry today? They all seem to be made with the same basic components but I think the dimple pattern is something that has infinite adjustability in pattern and number. Your thoughts?
  10. I was told that the fish and game are going to leave it. It wasnt bad enough yo put the deer down. I am sure I will see him again during my next round. Hopefully doing well.
  11. Those r not supposed to b smiley faces. They r supposed to b cringes. I feel sorry for the animal and am trying to contact fish and game.
  12. Took this pic on number 9. The buck acts totally healthy even know it still has an arrow stuck in it. Wow!!!
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