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  1. Dan Cuyahoga Falls, OH 112 Srixon Z-Star XV Found a Snell once, made a birdie with it, lost it a few holes later.
  2. Dan/OH Evenroll ER5 Left hand I rolled one at a Dick's and liked how it felt, and I'm fan of the shape. If something makes more putts, I'm ok with whatever name is on it.
  3. - Dan - Cuyahoga Falls, OH - 112 - 8 - M3 3 wood, rotate between M1 5 wood, Cobra F7 2/3 hybrid, and Cobra F9 4i (bent to 18.5 degrees, graphite hybrid shaft) depending on course and how I'm feeling) - Left handed
  4. Good luck to all! I have a baby coming in July, so won't even through my name in the mix, but this is awesome!
  5. Those Big Shot Tuned Golf shades would be perfect
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