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  1. The Bog in Saukville, WI Reasonably price Arnold Palmer Course out side of Milwaukee. A ton of fun to play. I can't wait until I am in that area again
  2. I am amped that they restocked this putter. I almost pull the trigger on a reseller on ebay. Thank god I waited
  3. I slice soo much i should open a pizza place

  4. I slice soo much i should open a pizza place

  5. Jamie, California Cobra Bio cell MATRIX OZIK XCON 5X3 WHITE TIE REGULAR FLEX 92 mph / 235-250 yards @justhiggz /www.facebook.com/Justhiggins /www.instagram.com/justhiggz iphone
  6. July 5th ranks up there with the day after St. Patty's day

  7. Is this Friday ever going to end???

  8. Love to see what other colors that they have
  9. Jamie - California Cobra Bio Cell adjustable loft 2/3 & 4/5 (Reg flex but i am looking at changing to stiff) Cobra Bio Cell Graphite Stock Shaft Strenghts: Distance Weakness: Accuracy (Lots of slicing)
  10. Jamie California 87 mph bio cell reg shaft Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  11. Name and home state: Jamie Higgins California Handicap: 17.6 Rounds per year: 40 How you typically purchase golf balls: In store or on Amazon Currently playing: callaway supersoft
  12. First off I want to thank the people at MGS and Nike for the opportunity to test out this putter. I have been excited for this bad boy to arrive. When I came home from vacation the Nike box was waiting for me. Packaging: Putter came in a box that was labeled for an iron set. Not sure if this is what they normally send putters in. Packaging was very minimal with the putter wrapped in shipping paper: Unpacking: It came in a ton of plastic wrap, but there were red strips inside the wrap that made it easy to take off. Like the strip you find on a pack of cigarettes or gum. Once I took the plastic off my next mission was to take off all of the stickers. First impression: First thing that I noticed is that I LOVE the grip. It is medium sized grip but it was very tacky and had some give to it. Felt amazing in my hands. The putter has some weight to it which is defiantly a plus in my book. I am also a huge fan of the head cover. It is Heavy Duty and is a high quality well-made cover and looks like it would take a lot to damage it. The gunmetal and red look Bad ass. I just cant get over how nice this putter looks. I am a big fan of this putter by looks. I can't wait to take it out and see how it does. Because I could use the help
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