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  1. Two threads on this site, one for Prince and one for Conscientious Objector Cassius Clay, but not a word from anybody about the men and women who sacrificed all for this country aka Memorial Day. To all who served : THANK YOU!
  2. Agree that's too much distance lost. Didn't happen with my M1, probably because I put both weights in the rear. Why don't you try adding lead tape to the rear of your R15?
  3. Hit a few shots on the range with the 2/3H set at 17.5*. I would call the trajectory medium-low, just a little higher than at 16*, still a nice boring traj. Still carries around 200 with range balls, not sure on the course with real balls. For me, tends to pull left, but swing correctly was able to go in the right direction. Seemed easier to control than my Cobra BioCell+ Fwy Wood set at 16*. It will take some time to get used to this new hybrid.
  4. This has probably been talked about already, but what is your favorite golf book?
  5. I agree with your approach. Feel is how I play short pitches, focusing on where the ball should land, knowing run out distance for each wedge.
  6. Toney Covey's Recent blog, titled as above, was a revelation for me. My driver SS is 90-100, hasn't changed in years. The M1 is the longest driver I ever hit: avg 230 total with 220 carry, capable of 250-260. My M1-460cc is 9.5* with the stock Fujikura Pro60 Stiff. At neutral settings, I hit it 200, but increasing loft setting 2* got me 30 more yds. Only problem was, increasing loft on an M1 automatically closes the face; the two adjustments are inseparable. The 2* uploft closed the face 4*. No way to prevent it. So, to get 30 more yards of distance, I had to fight a pull hook all day. For 30 more yds? You bet! Then along comes Toney's article. So i moved both weights to the extreme rear, moving CG back. This increased dynamic loft, higher trajectory, more distance -- maybe. But the amazing thing was it eliminated side spin! The club is now a point-and-shoot howitzer. I now step into the tee box with confidence my drives are going to go and finish at least in the general vicinity of where I'm aiming. Apparently rear club weighting is a good thing, and I'm looking for my lead tape. Anybody out there have a similar experience?
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