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  1. We have a thread asking how did you play today, but what about those days you simply worked on your game rather than played? What did you work on today?
  2. Crashed back to earth today with an 83 (+11). Went double, bogey, double on holes 3-5 but still finished front nine at +4. Back 9 was awful at +7 with 2 pars
  3. New personal best +2 74! Personal best 15 greens in regulation. Was throwing darts all day. Made 3 birdies and lipped out 3 others. Had one double bogey due to being buried in the lip of a fairway bunker.
  4. Have you hit the M2 3 or 3HL yet? I have been playing a 4 wood for the past few years but with the M2 it launches so easy off the deck that I only needed the 15*. Great off the deck and an absolute bomber off the tee. Edit: And I just noticed that you live back on the east coast now! (I thought you were still out west)
  5. Funny - I have had a similar experiences with the 850Fs. The three times I have attempted to hit them have been dreadful. Don't know why struggle finding the center of the face with them.
  6. I know PGA SS carried them. Even select Golf Smiths carried them. I know Golf Galaxy didn't carry them in store, but you could still order through them at the store. I actually got fit into the KBS Tours when I first got the 545s. They were great performers in them. I just wanted to go lighter because I am not getting to practice/play as much and I am finally admitting that I am not as athletic as I was when I was in my 20s. I wanted something a little lighter so I wasn't laboring with my irons on the back 9. I actually got fit into the KBS Tours when I first got the 545s.
  7. I had rocketbladez for about a year and they ballooned for me as well. I actually played the 545s with Nippon 950 shafts for awhile and they launched super high, but still didnt get any ballooning except for on the short irons. I played KBS Tours, Recoil f4 125s, and Nippon 950s in the 545s before finally finding a place that had Srixon fitting equipment and fit me into the DG SL S300 S300 shafts might be the ticket for you then if you like the weight of the C Tapers.
  8. Srixon 545s on ebay are an absolute steal. 4-Pw for between $400/500. What type of shaft are you looking for? 545s are mid-high launching head with mid/low spin.
  9. Pretty much equal when you hit it solid. 545s and rsi2s maintain a bit more distance on mis hits. Stock shaft on the rsi2 is a bit lighter than the s300 in the 545s. I have the dg s300 sl in my 545s and love them. Similar flight to the s300s but 15-20 grams lighter. I forget what the stock shaft in the 850fs was
  10. First 3 pics are of 850f and z545. 850f has slightly thinner top line. Head size pretty equal. Rsi2 had similar head size but appeared slightly smaller overall
  11. I play the 545s and have demoed the other two. The 850 forged is probably the least forgiving of the bunch. Distance is extremely similar with all 3. Rsi2s performed just as good as the 545s, but the 545s felt better.
  12. That's a good plan. Glides have a good amount of bounce so you won't be too low by bending them stronger
  13. Nice, just wanted something with more bounce for that spot in your bag?
  14. 78 today. Short game was on but two doubles due to bad tee shots didn't help things.
  15. I made the exact same change (Ap14 to srixon 545 and I've never looked back). 745 is very similar to the Apex Pro. 545 is going to give you more forgiveness in just a slightly larger package
  16. Just thinking about the Sun Mountain 2Five I was selected to tested for the forum. Excited to see how much lighter it feels than my Three5. The Three5 weighs just about 4 lbs, so that would make the 2Five almost 1.5 lbs lighter!
  17. Nice shooting. I've still yet to shoot even par or better on 18. I've shot even and under on one nine, but can never string two of them together
  18. MD3 wedges seem to be feast or famine with most of my buddies. They either loved them or hated them. Maybe pick up a used one of ebay or CPO and try it out before you make the plunge and swap out your entire set?
  19. Hope you do a writeup on the wedges when you get them. I went to their site and to learn more about their construction but the information is extremely limited (other than that they only come in 52, 56, and 60* (with 12,10,8 degrees of bounce respectively) and each wedge has a heel and toe grind.
  20. I had that ponder a over the last 2 weeks - then the Vokey SM6s happened. Any wedges in particular that you are thinking about?
  21. They are incredible. Let us know how the fitting goes
  22. M2 will likely launch a bit higher (assuming you have the Tour Blue shaft in the x2 hot). I was playing a 16.5 e8 beta with a Rogue Silver and I am not playing the M2 with the stock stiff shaft at 15 degrees. The combination of the head and shaft makes it launch higher and easier than the e8 beta (which was a low launcher). I have hit the M2 off the fairway and out of the rough (with a decent lie) with great results.
  23. Such a great fairway wood. Didn't think it would be able to kick the e8 Beta out of the bag after I won the M2 at an outing but after one round the e8 beta went to the bench What are you gaming now?
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