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  1. Why is it a joke if their warranty doesn't cover water damage and water damage is what is causing your slope and vibrate to not work?
  2. Yup, have played it with the fescue up. On the day we played it was 20MPH winds with 35MPH gusts. It was BRUTAL haha
  3. Junior Golf Wilson K-28 (from my grandfather) High School Golf Trident Golf (Big Bertha Clones) TaylorMade 320 Post-College TaylorMade R7 TP TaylorMade RocketBladez Callaway Apex Pro Srixon 545 Srixon 745 Mizuno JPX 900 Tour Srixon 765 Mizuno JPX 919 Tour
  4. Played High Bridge Hills a little over three weeks ago. Really fun course
  5. Glad.to have you hear, Rich. Hopefully we can get together for a round soon
  6. Launch monitors can't simulate areodynamics. Dimple pattern is different, which will lead to different real world performance
  7. Grew up playing the Somerset County courses. Worked at Mattawang many years ago when I was in high school. Haven't played spooky or quail in awhile. Gotta get on those courses this season for pure nostalgic purposes
  8. Official OEM Ping weights are sold through Golfworks.com
  9. Worth it from a feel/sound standpoint alone. Going from one of the worst sound drivers in the last 10 years to one of the best
  10. Might be worth a shot at 44 before you alter it in any way
  11. 1 inch is about the max length you'd want to add to a graphite shaft. What is the playing length of the new shaft?
  12. Awesome project. I always say I’ll do this when my boys get older. Part of is it because I really love lawn care so it would check the box on two of my favorite hobbies
  13. No Laying Up and their live shows during big tournaments is my personal favorite
  14. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/why-jack-nicklaus-in-his-prime-would-dominate-modern-day-golf-too/amp Speaking of that 1963 PGA Championship, Nicklaus won it. He often overpowered courses much in the same way today’s longest hitters do, and he did so that week. Here is Sports Illustrated’s description of the performance, one that could be copied, pasted and published in 2020 without anyone knowing how long ago it was written. “He rarely had to take anything out of his golf bag but his driver, wedge, putter and towel. … Meanwhile, just about everybody else, including [Dick] Hart and [Shelley] Mayfield, was wilting in the heat like a yellow rose of somewhere.”
  15. Graphite shafts seem to help a lot of people with chronic wrist and elbow issues. Graphite acts as a shock absorber while steel transfers more of the energy from striking the ground up through the hands and into the arms
  16. If you know what lie angle you need, then there's no issue bending the club head before installing the shaft
  17. Titleist always runs their by 3 get 1 free promotion in March. They didn't last year due to supply chain issues
  18. I still think this is pointless. The fast swingers are still going to swing fast, and thus hit it further than the slower swingers. So now the slower swingers are going to be even further back. IMO it puts even MORE of a premium on driving distance.
  19. For me the course wouldn't matter, only the company. Hoping, many years down the line, my last one is with my two sons
  20. Yeah me beinng in county for Mercer county and only 5 minutes from Mercer Oaks is a godsend. $31 to walk on weekend mornings
  21. Most people that fit into GI and SGI clubs need all the help they can get helping the ball in the air. The amount of amateurs that think they hit the ball too high when in reality they hit it too low is extremely high I get what you're saying about having more shots at your disposal, but most amateur golfers with double digit handicaps can't groove one consistent swing, much less 9
  22. It's a absolute myth that GI and SGI irons can't work the ball. It's all physics (face to path relationship)
  23. Played Gamblers for the first time a few years ago. I don't know if any amount of convincing could get me to pay money to play there again
  24. Sure, wouldn’t feel great. But we have no idea what her behavior was and her role in this. I’m not trying to victim shame, but reacting to one side of the story without other details is pointless. At this point, people already have their mind made up one way or another about Tiger and no amount of new information or discussion is going to change those opinions My brother just got out of an awful relationship. We thought his gf was incredible but under the surface she was accusatory, manipulative, and vindictive. We had no idea how toxic she was to him behind closed doors. She lived with him and it 2 months to convince her to move out and even then she has still been trying to mess with his life
  25. Her attorney has worked for Greg Norman in the past SHOCKING
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