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  • Birthday 08/21/1946

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    Dover, DE
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    Retired play at least 4 times a week
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  1. This would be a great opportunity for improvement. Jim Dover, DE 16.9 Index
  2. Jim Dover, Delaware Walk couple of times a week Using bag boy push cart.
  3. Jim C Dover i phone combination - club has inside for workouts in cold outside - range and in practice round net-no
  4. I would love to be able to test one of the nets, I haven't used one but can see the need for one living in the north east not much opportunity to practice or play in the winter
  5. Jim C Dover DE Right Handed 16.1 H Index Recoil ES 75 F3 Regular 3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram Regular second choice presently use Callaway Maverick hybird
  6. Jim Chandler Dover, DE present wedges Callaway
  7. Jim C Dover,DE USA Odyssey Works 1 Interested in the FLOKI
  8. Jim C Dover Handicap- 16.0 Irons- Callaway Diablo Edge
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