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  1. 9fingerdoc

    Maxfli Tour

    I too love love love these balls!
  2. 9fingerdoc

    Maxfli Tour

    Odd, my yellow Maxfli's go white underneath. However, I absolutely love the Maxfli Tour and Tour X (still working out which one works best for me.
  3. 9fingerdoc

    Maxfli Tour

    I love how the Maxfli Tour plays in all aspects of my game.
  4. I agree with EasyPutter. I have A LOT of work to do
  5. Kevin/ Tucson Arizona/ USA Odyssee 2 ball Heppler Fetch (because that is what the PING fitting tool matched me with
  6. Kevin Tucson Arizona Sub70 699 Pro 80 is my average now
  7. Kevin, Tucson AZ 60 Cleveland CBX, 54 Volkey SM7, 50 PING Glide SS 54 or 55 degree
  8. Tucson AZ i am already playing the 699 Pros 8 iron 160-165 yards what do you want to know about them
  9. Kevin Jenkins Tucson AZ yes Garmin S20 approach S20 and 18 Birdies app
  10. I’d love to give some feedback! Kevin Arizona handicap 14 currently looking for a new hybrid The most important issue for a hybrid for me is consistency no matter what my lie is
  11. Kevin Jenkins Tucson AZ I currently is a Garmin S20 I love the advancements in tech. It adds one more aspect to help me improve my game
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