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  1. would love to kick my driver out of the bag
  2. I grew up playing the thin, short, small, heads on my clubs. I prefer them over the the thick shovels I see on some of the new clubs. But saying that I am older now and will take advantage of the newer clubs. You can teach a old dog new tricks.
  3. I like all of my older callaway drivers, all have worked well for me. Of course I never win anything either.
  4. george st paul Minnesota odyssey protype tour series 3 try the 1 or s model
  5. George Eagan, MN Yes I have used a hitting net here in the frozen north. I do not have a LM yet. I have been looking at buying one for this winter in MN. Keep up the good work.
  6. George Eagan MN callaway epic 10.5 13 84-89 Tsi-2
  7. George-Minneapolis MN 460 driver 84-87 driver speed callaway epic driver
  8. George -- Minnesota Handicap -- 13 Ping -- I-25 7 iron -- 155 yds Thanks Guys
  9. George from MN I have a footjoy jacket and foster pants Playing in a men club golf tournament rain the whole round. Was light rain then rivers down the fairways. Then lighter rain, we completed all 18. I still wonder why?
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