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  1. I've read that a new Rogue line will be coming in the spring. Drivers and woods. Not sure about irons, but I would expect so.
  2. For me, the most difficult thing is developing a repeating swing. I've been trying for 30 years and still can't do it. It seems I am unable to feel slight differences in my swing and when I start going bad it seems I have to start all over again. Today, I went to the range and hit the ball pretty well. I made notes of what I was doing but experience tells me that I can try to do all the same things next time and hit the ball terribly.
  3. I'd like to know the answer, also. Hope someone chimes in.
  4. I’ve noticed that some strong lofted sets come with a 6 degree gap between wedges. Obviously, if this caused problems, you could adjust the lofts. But I was wondering if folks who have a set up like this find the gap to be too large. I have seen some write that the designers know what they’re doing and the gapping should be just fine, but the cynic in me suspects the big gap is a compromise.
  5. If you are close to a Club Champion and willing to pay the price, I would say go to them for the fitting, get your specs and order from a local shop that carries Mizuno. The local shop can check the specs when the clubs come in and adjust as necessary. I've never been to a Club Champion (none nearby) but I would have a hard time paying the usual price for a set of clubs and then paying extra on top of that for non-stock shafts, grips, etc. But that last statement probably belongs in another thread.
  6. I was given a sleeve at an outing once. The only thing I remember about them is they were very firm balls. Too hard for my taste. However, they probably make (made?) different models that are softer.
  7. You may find the cover you have will work fine. Around here, propane heaters designed to fit in a cup holder are popular. As to your question I’m afraid I don’t know the brand of cover I use. I ordered it from the store where I bought my cart. If you have your own cart or play the same course all the time, you can order covers online made especially for the cart you use. Ok, I’m jealous.
  8. Sometime ago, someone looked at the ability of golfers to do different strength exercises to see if there was a correlation to swing speed. The only one that consistently had a positive correlation was the number of pull ups the golfer could do. How important are lats to pull ups?
  9. When I try the interlock it feels like I’m going to break my pinky fingers.
  10. Thanks. Looks like the Recoils are just a smidgen stiffer.
  11. Thanks. I wonder if the Recoil 95’s would play the same. I’m not getting any younger.
  12. I went to the Golfworks playability table, and the 425 head was 10 grams LIGHTER than the Mizuno. So that doesn’t explain. At least not in the particular heads Golfworks measured. It occurs to me that Ping counter balances their graphite shafts. Do they do that with the steel AWT? Also, the Mizuno head was a yellow number fitting head. I thought that indicated 2 degrees up. Could it indicate a lighter head?
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