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  1. I stand on a one inch piece of plywood when hitting off a mat in my yard. The height seems about right.
  2. I haven’t seen that here but I would be all for it.
  3. The Red is the highest launch and lowest weight of the 3 variations (Red, Black and White). The White is the heaviest and lowest launch and spin. The Black is in between the others.
  4. Wait a minute. Are you saying that, with a baby on the way, family matters take priority over reviewing a golf club? Why do I even come here.
  5. I’m pretty sure those Cobras aren’t chromed. The purpose of chrome is to prevent rust on clubs made from soft carbon steel. The Cobras are made from stainless steel so no need for the expense of chrome. They are a high polish finish. I’ve never been a fan of high polish stainless. It always shows every little scratch and swirl and starts to look dull over time. Titleist and Callaway SGI irons are particular offenders.
  6. I’m thinking no. Grooves work by channeling water and gunk away from the hitting surface. Presumably, there’s no water and gunk between the club face and a teed up ball. BTW, studies have shown that you get as much spin with a club with no grooves IF there is no water or grass between the club face and ball.
  7. I love reading about the problem of too much club head speed. I’ve never had that problem but I can reference what two pretty good players said. Nicklaus said when he went on tour he could hit his 9 iron 150 yards but made his seven iron his 150 club in order to gain more control. Hogan once said to a young, strong player “you can’t play good golf hitting an 8 iron that far” (I forget the yardage but you get the idea). If you learn how to hit your 7 iron 180 yards instead of 200 you will start shooting good scores and you will have an extra 20 yards in the tank if you need it. But that doesn’
  8. https://golf.com/gear/rise-club-demand-forcing-ping-executives-to-work-production-lines/?utm_campaign=forecast&utm_source=golf.com&utm_medium=email&utm_content={date(&utm_term=GOLFcom Top Stories Newsletter
  9. With major championships, they have to find a way to make older courses more difficult by making it much harder to score with a wedge in your hands. That has led to the ridiculous setups of so many U.S. Open courses. Remember the last time at Shinnecock when only shots that landed in a 5 foot circle were not punished? At some point the pro game will be like watching a combo of a long drive contest and the national miniature golf championship. Without bifurcation, we will see 350 yard par 3's and no par 5's, there won't be room. I recognize that there are others who will find that entertain
  10. I have never been opposed to bifurcation. I just don't see how it is harmful to me or other amateurs. If it happens and you want to see how you stack up against the best, then buy the equipment they use and find out. If you think the game is too hard as it is, move up a set of tees. If you are an outstanding junior golfer hoping to make the PGA tour some day, then I have no doubt there will be opportunities for you to play in tournaments with the rolled back equipment, just as there are now wooden bat leagues for young baseball players. I used to play a lot of half court basketball at the
  11. I don't think anyone can say with certainty that Reed cheated. It was the "optic" that was bad. He did two things to make the situation look bad: he called for a rules official after lifting the ball and he asked the volunteer if the ball had bounced before even looking at it, as if he wanted to know if he could expect others to assume the ball had plugged. Reed doesn't seem to give a rat's nether region about the opinions of others, so I don't see him spending too much time worrying about this incident.
  12. I enjoy watching unusual swings. Bob Rosburg, Doug Sanders, Miller Barber, Lee Trevino, Jim Furyk, Matthew Wolf. My favorite is Eamonn Darcy. Now, that is an odd looking swing.
  13. Harvey Penick thought that keeping the left heel on the ground was a recipe for back problems.
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