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  1. It’s basically a rubber washer. You might be able to find something at a hardware store that will work.
  2. It may be a bad chrome job, in which case it won’t affect performance but will only get worse, leading to rusting. I would send a pick to Callaway customer service and see what they say.
  3. Given that the dashboard has pics of the holes, it would be cool if you could use your phone as a gps while connected to the watch.
  4. Read the manual? Why, that's crazy talk!
  5. "S" stands for "stated loft." If the S is showing, then it is set on 15 degrees. The D (draw) setting is a more upright lie to encourage a right to left ball flight. N (neutral) is the standard lie. I don't think Callaway's sleeve allows you to flatten the lie. And the plus and minus signs are more or less left.
  6. I have 8 or 9 wedges between 48 degrees and 64 degrees. They have varying bounce angles and sole widths. Over the course of a year, the courses I play will vary from very hard and fast to very soft. Sometimes the rough is thick, sometimes it’s non- existent. I don’t consider myself a great wedge player but picking wedges based on conditions does save me strokes.
  7. Yep. Looks like the aluminum insert has the same function as the magic goo in other brands.
  8. Back to the original poster's question, I've wondered the same thing. I don't remember what shaft it was, but I was looking at a graphite iron shaft on the Golfworks site and the specs were identical between 2 different flexes, including the same exact weights and torque ratings. So, what makes one feel stiffer than the other?
  9. Yep. I think you would see a lot more high lofted hybrids in the average players’ bags if they didn’t cost so much.
  10. Well, we’ve certainly seen both sides of the argument in this thread. I’ve had two HIO’s. I don’t recall getting any recognition for the first one. For that matter, I may not have even told the pro shop. I hadn’t been playing that long and it never occurred to me that anyone other than friends would care. After the second one, the course acknowledged it in the newsletter with a photo of me with a goofy grin on my face. That was plenty for me. I will say recognizing the HIO is a good PR move for the course. It makes the golfer feel that he/she is part of a family, if you will. If I was running a course, I would have a wall of photos of the lucky golfers.
  11. I would like to be able to vary my ball flight from very high to very low. Unfortunately, my only options are between medium height and worm burner.
  12. It sounds like he wants the driver to somehow account for his misses. When Ben Hogan couldn't keep it on the golf course in his early career, he changed his swing.
  13. I live in Mississippi, so I play in high heat and humidity. I hook a bungee cord to the front roof posts on the cart and hang my gloves there. Like a clothesline for gloves. In the summer, I will rotate 4 gloves during the round. And I always take the glove off between shots. This works pretty well. I wish I could get a good grip without a glove but my hands just sweat too much.
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