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  1. I hate it when I drool on myself.
  2. I see it the way Penick did. I have occasionally been guilty of getting frustrated on the course but I’m pretty good at reversing that attitude. Like all of us, I have played with people over the years who were just miserable on the course. The issue for those people is they’re usually that way in every part of their lives. What a miserable way to go through life.
  3. I don't see getting the Director of Golf to walk the course with Tiger as a big deal. In my experience, most of those guys rarely get to play anyway.
  4. I sometimes see scuffs from people dragging their feet. I think it is most often people with physical problems such as stroke survivors.
  5. Talking and noise don't bother me. There is a guy in our group who can hear the thunderous footsteps of a cockroach two fairways away. He once hit a bad shot and started complaining about the noise birds were making.
  6. So far, so good. As expected, they are shorter than my other irons which have stronger lofts. They are not as forgiving as the average cavity back but more forgiving than most muscle backs I have played. I don’t find that being 15 yards short on a mis-hit has a larger effect on my score than being 7 to 10 yards short on a mis-hit with a cavity back. Except, of course, when there is water short of the green. And they sure are purty.
  7. I’m was going off memory. I’ll have to get the book out and double check.
  8. Lots of great advice so far. The only thing I would add is to take a cooler with ice and a cold, wet rag. Use the wet rag to cool your head, neck, antecubitals and underarms. Unless it’s cool in June where you are.
  9. A tour van guy once shared the story of Raymond Floyd complaining that a grip didn’t feel right. Turned out that Floyd liked a certain number of wraps of tape and the club in question was off by one wrap.
  10. My driver swing speed is in the mid to high 80s and 7 iron is 75 to 78. I have a set of PXGs with the senior flex MMT and find them to be a good fit. I tried the Darts in a senior flex and also liked them. Very similar feel. I would be happy with either one. Unless he has a hard transition or very fast tempo, I would think either one in senior flex would work.
  11. I have never hit a Lag Shot club but I find this really interesting so I’ll be following this. I hope you get a lot of interest in this.
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