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  1. If I was in the market for irons I absolutely would take advantage of the sale.
  2. In April, I bought a set of Eye 2 BeCu heads that had been restored. 2 iron through sand wedge. I recently sent them to @Popeye64 for him to shaft them and bend to my specs. He did a great job, as you can see from the pictures. I had him bend them 2 degrees strong so they are right at a club shorter than my gamers. For my swing, they not only work but are as forgiving as anything I have hit. I always wanted a set and finally took the plunge.
  3. “A Season in Dornoch: Golf and Life in the Scottish Highlands “ by Lorne Rubenstein. It may be out of print now, but well worth hunting down. EDIT: I see there are a few new copies available from Amazon sellers.
  4. Another thought...I think the manufacturers may measure the COR (or whatever measurement they're using these days) of the drivers used by staff players so they can give them ones that are not too close to the limit. This would be insurance against a driver being declared non-conforming when measured by the Tour. In theory, the faces of those clubs would last longer. I have no idea if TM would be willing to measure a few drivers for your player and send him one that is not too close to the limit. The other thing to consider is that the Stealth family have a reputation for higher rates of failure. Thanks. I didn't know that.
  5. I'm pretty sure the Tour heads are the same as retail other than being digitally lofted and weighed. I may be wrong.
  6. I bought the same item. I am planning on using it through the winter. At one time I had Super Speed sticks and have noticed that the heaviest set up on the Big Crazy causes a lot of shaft deflection with my regular flex shaft. That wasn’t an issue with the Super Speed sticks.
  7. It seems that a thick top line would move weight high in the head, which is the opposite of the design goals of a SGI, which is typically designed with weight low in the club head to help elevate the ball. What am I missing?
  8. Arrgh! I thought I had entered a long post using my phone but it's not showing up. I'll skip to a summary: Using a launch monitor, I compared the test ball to the Pro V1x and the Bridgestone B XS. I hit shots with a driver, a 7 iron and a 54 degree wedge. I recorded ball speed and spin numbers. Basically, there was very little difference between the 3 balls other than spin on the 7 iron -- the test ball averaged 1700 rpm less than the other 2 balls with a 7 iron. Surprisingly, the spin was very close with the driver and wedge. For kicks, I hit 2 shots with an old Callaway Jaws wedge that has illegal grooves. I stopped using this wedge on the course because it tends to chew up balls. Sure enough, it chewed up the test balls. I will attach a couple of pics showing that.
  9. According to the table, I am right on the average for golfers of my age and handicap range. The interesting thing to me in terms of my game, is how little my scores vary with different weather conditions. We have been in a drought for months and our fairways are hard and fast. As a result, I have hit a number of tee shots in the 250 to 260 range during the drought. In the winter, when the course is soft, most of my drives are around 200 to 210 yards. Yet my scores stay pretty much the same year round.
  10. I played with one of the test balls for 12 and 1/2 holes this morning, at which point a very stupid decision led to it being lost in a hazard. First impressions are that it is as long as anything out there and feels pretty good off the putter (not too hard/clicky). It doesn't seem to spin as much as my gamer Bridgestone B XS on short shots around the green. I did test resistance to damage by hitting a pine tree with a tee shot. Not a mark on it. I'm going to get some launch monitor numbers in the next day or two and compare it to the Bridgestone and the Titleist Pro V1x.
  11. Man, if I could afford the time and money, I would hop on a plane and visit your shop for a fitting. Good luck with your enterprise.
  12. I tee up everything when the rules allow. Heights range from barely above the ground with wedges to 3 inches with a driver. Sam Snead told a 14 year old Davis Love III to always tee the ball up when the rules allow. Good enough for me.
  13. I wish I could help. All I know is mats allow you to get away with hitting it a little fat. You may want to post this in the instruction folder. You might get more responses there.
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