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  1. I took a demo Callaway iron to the course last week. The loft was supposed to be 30 degrees. It seemed to me that it was launching a little higher and flying a little shorter than I expected. When I took it back to the shop, I told the owner about my observations. He then measure the loft of the iron. It was 32 degrees instead of 30. However, this was a demo iron that people had been hitting off a mat in the store and was forged construction. It is certainly possible the lie had been weakened by repeated strikes on the mat. Also possible that it came from the factory 2 degrees weaker than spec'd. I agree that it would be great for mgs to measure the actual lofts of all the irons that are tested.
  2. I'm guessing they are the replacement for the AP1's. I'm betting the irons aimed at better players will be better looking.
  3. T7 gap wedge. PW thru 7 iron in MP18 SC's. 6 thru 4 MP18 FliHI's. Clubs are built off a 39inch 5 iron and the lie is 2 degrees up from Mizuno standard specs. Graphite Project X LZ 4.5 shafts (regular flex). Mid size grips. The lofts on the gap thru 7 iron are 2 degrees strong to match the FliHi's. $575 shipped and PP'd
  4. For Tier 5, I'm going with Keith Mitchell. Winning score of 276.
  5. Holy Moly! What a contest! Clay Mississippi 8.7 Titleist AP1 718 Tensei reg flex graphite; Mizuno MP18-SC Project x reg flex graphite Your PING choice - i500
  6. This is Clay from Mississippi. I currently game Ping G irons with senior flex graphite shafts. My 7 iron carries between 140 and 145 yards. I would love to see if the new G700's could give me a higher ball flight.
  7. 1. First name and home state or province--Clay from Mississippi 2. Current handicap--8 3. Current driver and shaft combo--Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815;Speeder 565 R flex 4. Driver swing speed and carry distance--88mph; around 200 yds 5. Favorite Callaway Staffer--Phil Mickelson
  8. Clay Rouse Mississippi Hcp: 7.9 Current ball: Bridgestone B-330RXS and Volvik Crystal (my ball selections are as schizophrenic as my game) 6 to 8 rounds per month
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