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  1. Anyone out there have one or know of anyone that does? Im referring to this years matte black version.
  2. It doesnt change my impression of Nike Golf. Other than I never thought Id see them quit at anything. Im not happy about it. If you know me outside of this message board, you know that Im a diehard Nike guy. So it was pretty much the worst day ever for me.
  3. Maybe when the low tops come out in mid August???
  4. Mine is setup at low launch and 8.5. Ive messed with 5 shafts to see if I can get my swing right and its frustrating me beyond belief! As Barb stated, the sound and feel is amazing, but im just not hitting it solid. Maybe next year they will give us a 460 version???
  5. Theyre now listed on NDC. Coming soon!
  6. I was also surpised at how much it changed my ball flight. And the drop in ball spin was something Ive been searching for. Im not giving up on it, but i need some more range time to get my swing set for it. Such a great driver when struck solid.
  7. Diamana Blueboard Xstiff. But it was to whippy for me. Switched it our for my Kuro Kage Silver Xstiff. I have zero problem hitting the sweet spot with my Vapor Pro, but there is just something different about the Flex. And its really bothering me cause when I connect with the Flex, its better than the Pro! So much less spin. Better(lower) ball flight. Im not giving up on it, but i just need more time with it. I love everything about it except the fact that im not hitting it square. Urgh!
  8. Go find the Flex and hit it. If you like a good sounding driver, youll love it.
  9. STAGE 3. THE BIG FIVE: 1. Will the Flex 440 go in my bag? Well, during my review stage, no it wasnt going in my bag, but after some more practice it is officially in there! I knew all along that I loved everything about it, but I just couldnt get it to fit my swing. And after some much needed range time this summer, i have it fine tuned! 2. Who would i recommend the Flex 440 to? I would definitely say a low handicap player. The smaller head just makes it slightly harder to hit on the screws. 3. How did it change how i feel about Nike Golf? It didnt change my thoughts on them at all. They are constantly trying to push the limits and make the best possible product. 4. What features would I change or keep for the next model? I would say keep everything as is but make a 460 head. Thats really all i would suggest. 5. Which feature do I like the most? As someone who was never big on how my driver needed to sound, i fell in love with the sound of the Flex. Keep the RZN!!! THANKS ONCE AGAIN FOR THE OPPORTUNITY TO TEST THIS CLUB OUT. AND TO BE ABLE TO KEEP IT IS TRULY A BLESSING. THANKS MYGOLFSPY!
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