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  1. Looking forward to hear more info on M6
  2. TinkerGolfMan

    New Taylormade Drivers 2019

    I just wonder if hitting on the screws causes a bad shot! LOL
  3. TinkerGolfMan

    Stability putter shafts - hot or not?

    Just watched the video. I am very intrigued by this!
  4. TinkerGolfMan

    WITB TinkerGolfMan 2018

    Yeah, very slick pic .. looks great and very informative at the same time - great design! Thanks!
  5. TinkerGolfMan

    Justin Boots makes Justin Golf Shoes!

    They look great, but looks too nice to be played on the links. LOL
  6. TinkerGolfMan

    True Linkswear Original and Outsider

    What's the comfort level on the shoes?
  7. Never played an ACCRA shaft yet, been wanting to try for some time! Looks pretty sick!
  8. TinkerGolfMan

    Wilson Golf Giveaway

  9. TinkerGolfMan

    Lefty Love

    True, but I'd give it to a lefty friend that would admire it or use it!
  10. TinkerGolfMan

    WITB TinkerGolfMan 2018

    Used photoshop to put together. I think MGS forums downsizes the images to fit in the forum so it's not way to large. Thanks for the view!
  11. TinkerGolfMan

    WITB TinkerGolfMan 2018

    Thanks! By all means!
  12. This is a very interesting development. I wonder if this sparked from THE MATCH to bring a bigger audience to golf. Regardless, I wouldn't mind watching content of TW doing his best golf and sharing to the world!
  13. TinkerGolfMan

    Cobra F9 Driver Thread

    This looks pretty good! Would love to hit it once it's out!
  14. TinkerGolfMan

    Lefty Love

    Miura is giving some lefty love to win a wedge: https://twitter.com/MiuraGolfInc/status/1067163176423251968