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  1. Since July 2016 i've lost 101 lbs, for the last couple months I've started walking the courses we play. Even 2 of my other regulars have started walking also. I now like it more than riding. Here in AZ I have yet to find a course w/ a Walking Rate, but that's secondary to why I walk vs ride.
  2. 1. First name and home state or province - Jack (Arizona) 2. Current handicap - 9 3. Current driver and shaft combo - Taylormade Burner Superfast TP - Stock Stiff Shaft 4. Driver swing speed and carry distance - 107 mph - Carry about 230-240 5. Favorite Callaway Staffer - Henrik Stenson or Colt Knost
  3. I'm 100% with the Uneven tee boxes. If that's what the designer wants for a challenge or the super thinks is a good way to add to ones enjoyment then It's only a course I'll play once. Here in AZ there are several options in every 20 miles radius, to stay in business they have to stay on point.
  4. I've been hitting these for awhile in the cage and would love to get them on the course or the range for some intensive work. Jack Arizona 9 MacGregor VIP Blades F7 ONE Length
  5. 1. Jack Hickman/Gilbert AZ 2. Current Handicap - 10 3. Longest Iron Comfortable With - 1 Iron (I prefer to play irons over hybrids)
  6. Jack, Gilbert/AZ/USA Current Irons: MacGregor VIP/Steel Shaft/Stiff Flex Hndcp: 10
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