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  1. Get golfing! We will need a min of 10 rounds recorded
  2. Attention all Shotscope users. We will be calling in you soon for a special opportunity! Details to come in roughly a month, but be on the look out!
  3. Small side testing opportunity being run this weekend! No newsletter for this one, but be sure to check it out!
  4. Thanks all! We will be announcing testers on Tuesday!
  5. Little late posting this, but here is the recording of our call with Andy from Ghost Golf! Ghost Golf Live Q&A!
  6. For a few small things but a new travel bag was the big item for now.
  7. So so far behind after basically two days being mia and well now I'm back! In full. Still tons of unpacking, but the old house is done done and looking forward to getting the rest of the new house organized!
  8. Enjoy the qualifying highlights..was busy all day so couldnt watch the full thing but nice to see such a tight field!
  9. Fun to see this shaft get some attention. I am behind and need to read up in what everyone is doing with these, but plan to get setup here at the new place and behind testing again.
  10. I'm making it a goal this year to shoot my age on 9 this year. 35 - I've never broken par before and think this is a great goal to have.
  11. For a new travel bag I am going to try and test out. The old bag boy has been great but is really old and was due for an update.
  12. I still look at these irons and truly love them. They are so clean and man they perform so well! Going to update the ferrules soon
  13. I know this is a ways away but this event I am looking forward to more than I think most could imagine Will be so much fun to get to meet so many of you!
  14. Will hopefully get the recording up on the next 4 or 5 hours!
  15. Qualifying tomorrow will be awesome!
  16. I will also say I fully intend to start doing a morning routine. The thing is I already get up around 5 so adding this means I am creeping into the @sirchunksalot territory which I'm not so sure about.
  17. There is a near 100% chance that another LAB makes it way into my bag soon.
  18. Great write-up and congrats on your first article hitting the main site! Really cool and fun to see. Love that more staff are getting involved with the main site content and love how much content the same site is producing!
  19. Heck yeah! Still have an 2016 forged tech 4 iron. That was maybe end favorite in the series truthfully. I know future versions made enhancements but the aesthetics of the 2016 were easily my favorite.
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