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  1. With the ultimate customization of your wedges and clubs will you look at expanding that to color customization as well? Or would the costs outweigh the benefits of something like that?
  2. Not much of a story. Doing some training, hit one shot sounded funny. Setup hit a second and sounded worse. So put it down and saw a cracked crown. Taking it to the shop and looks like Callaway may replace it or repair? Oh it's a Epic Sub Zero OG
  3. I see your team in circus league but not the main one...
  4. Serves as a good reminder to make sure all teams put in (---) their mgs tag.... Yes that includes me which I'll be doing shortly.
  5. There are a lot of teams that have yet to trade which is all good! Definitely not something that is for everyone. I made most my moves before the draft and one after. I have a few offers out there, but I'm happy with my roster and won't be going crazy because I've constructed a solid team so far which should be okay? That being said I am still open to offers and will do my best to either counter OR give a reason in the comments why I did't accept the deal. I still would like to buy a WR4, but feel more will options and so on will come from waivers.
  6. I will say that (I know this wasn't possible), but had waivers been sooner we would have seen a lot different situation. Rosters would have been filled and teams wouldn't have felt the need to do some of the trades which they have done. The good (and bad) thing is goodness only knows what can and will happen with injuries and the like so truly nobody has won it or for that matter is out of it yet.
  7. I decided on an amount I wanted going into the season and decided to spend the rest if possible. I think I've put out enough to get all who I want but who knows. Honestly my bigger concern is that it runs properly as we had a couple issues in golf with priority settings. That being said I will take a screenshot of mine before as well just in case. Thankfully there are a LOT of good names out there and a lot of good players to fill in rosters, plus I hope trading pick back up after a little. Still lots of moves to be made for some teams.
  8. Feels like forever since the draft and waivers... I'm extremely interested to see how much many are dropping on players tomorrow. I have a feeling there will be some empty budgets after tomorrows waiver run.
  9. First Impressions and unboxing! Sept 7th To start off I have had my Rapsodo for about a week now and ran into a hiccup to start. Although my ipad is compatible on the range and course, it is NOT net compatible. It is a little disappointing as it isn't too old, but I understand and will be looking to update it at the end of the month as net practice at home is where a large focus of my review is going to be. With that I also got my new net and matt! Another hiccup is my driver decided to explode so I am waiting on my folks to come visit from Canada where they are bring my backup bag and a old driver. With baby on the way and some more things a new driver isn't quite in the cards at the moment. So here is the setup! The net was pretty simple to setup even with budget ikea instructions. It also came with a nice bag about the size of a baseball bat bag which it will fold into. Construction is sturdy and its is 8" by 8" by 8" so plenty of space. I also like there is a middle net which helps stop or kill some of the momentum also making me feel a little more comfortable hitting it towards the wood wall which is my neighbours living room. The mat is nice, not a lot of padding but enough that it feels good to hit off of even on the outdoor tiles. To start I did some baseline numbers with PRGR and swing speed is up and solid so I have a good idea of what to expect going in. I'll do a lot of numbers compared to PRGR as at $200 there can be the question what does Rapsodo give you for the extra $300? A few things to start with the Rapsodo unboxing- As other testers have mentioned there isn't a ton to it. The unit, usb c cable (this gets a big plus for me), case and the box with basic instructions. If I'm honest it is kinda nice, nothing you don't need, not a lot of extra waste. Also for me nice that doesn't include a extra wall block as it would have to be Swiss which wouldn't come so would just be tossed anyway. The setup of the unit is also straight forward, instructions lay things out as you would expect and walk you through step by step. Pairing took all of 3 seconds, setup with GPS, calibration and placement not too much longer. Again impressed with the simplicity of it. I did note however I had to take the ipad case off as the device being used needs to be properly in the Rapsodo slot in order to get best outcome. I haven't taken that case off for over a year or so and now I remember why, it was tough! A great case, but don't want it to hinder any results. I love the size of the unit as well. Compact and sleek I would label it as. Again a theme of everything you need and not really anything you don't. For now that will wrap up my first impressions. I am looking forward to starting up the Coaching portion of the unit as it is what really interested me about this unit. I will be starting up a bit later then the toher testers with a work assignment over the next few weeks that takes me out of town, but will try and do some follow up as I get along and hopefully sneak out some range sessions with it over this week before I leave. For your viewing pleasure here is a video of some unedited swings from the other day, this was where I also noticed the ipad didn't function with the net and will need to update. VID_20210904_121842.mp4 VID_20210904_121842.mp4 https://photos.app.goo.gl/hXzsY9QnNbR64BJG8
  10. Awesome to have you and thanks for joining the MGS forum with this AMA. I've seen the reviews before and have been curious about them even with me being a lefty. My question is how much do asthetics play a part in the wedges you have designed? They are very unique looking wedges and may not suit everyones eye, that being said should raw numbers simply outweigh that or will the way something looks always play a significant if not larger role then the numbers?
  11. Big congrats to @blackngold_blood on a well deserved title. Sad to see it go, but a class year by him from start to finish. Enjoyed all the trade talks and discussion and now onto football where we are matched up week 1!
  12. Looking forward to this and hoping eventually we see more LH kit available!
  13. TRADES! Keep note that if a trade is accepted by ANY team and involves a player you have in any pending trades offers it will be removed. This is something that happened in golf, so you can sometimes miss out on trade offers. However if you go to transaction history and include deleted trades it will show you what had been offered. This way even though it wont show in your pending you will still be able to see what was offered to you and give you a chance to resend the offer or counter if you like. Also we have made note of this before in golf, but with so many new players good to say here as well. If you do not want to trade or have no interest in trading a certain player a few things can be done. One: post here and say so, makes it so you wont get offers when you just want to stick with your current roster. Two: Update your trade black, in the comments you can say player X or Y is untouchable and finally USE THE COMMENT section when declining a trade. None of us want to send offers to a team that have no interest in trading, saves us time and you so a simple yeah I'm good with my team or whatever you want to say will often suffice. Side note sending a ridiculous counter is not the best answer even if you think it may be funny. With that happy trading everyone and hope you have your waivers ready! I'm slightly terrified of how much is going to be spent.
  14. I see all the comments on my end. I do notice that is says 0 and wonder if this is part with the comments having not been split yet. I'll send it off to our dev and see if they have an answer for it. I can confirm I see all the comments though.
  15. No need to apologize, but check this out! Also their final reviews will be coming out shortly. (Keep in mind the star rating is incomplete at the moment too)
  16. How much faab do you want to place on that bet?
  17. Draft Recap I have to say that was certainly a first for me. A 58 team draft in football. Big shout out to the commissioners for putting it on and adapting throughout (selection clock) to assist speeding things up and making it not last till well now when I'm posting this. Certainly helpful moving it down to 20 seconds and something I will be voting for in the future! The draft started pretty much as we expected with CMC, Cook and Kamara all off the board in a row. Aaron Jones was the first blip when he was taken by @ghost_32 breaking the Henry train that was going on. This seemed to break draft loose and we saw our first WR in Davante Adams go to @Jhigdon13 at 18. With the 19th pick @juspoole again broke trends jumping on QB selecting Mahomes. For the next 18 picks we saw RB's fly off the board and before we knew it Elliot, Ekeler, Jones, Taylor were all gone. Scatter in a few Chubb and Gibson and RB was looking pretty thin after 37 picks. Our first TE drafted was of course Kelce going to @Micah T... 7 picks later all 4 copies were taken. Breakdown: 12 - RB's ... all the big names and then some. 2 - QBs (Mahomes & Brady) 3 - WRs (Diggs, Hill, Adams) 1 - TE (Kelce) Round 2 followed similar patterns with being heavy on RB in most places, scattered with high quality WR along with a few surprises. Mark Andrews was the 2nd TE taken 81st overall before Waller and Kittle. Josh Allen was first selected 84th. Breakdown: 8 - RBs (Harris, Gibson, Mixon, CEH, Carson, Swift, Montgomery, Jacobs) 3 - QBs (Allen, Jackson and Mahomes) 8 - WR (Diggs, Hill, Ridley, Hopkins, DK, Brown, Allen, Jefferson) 3 - TE (Waller, Kittle, Andrews) Round 3 followed a lot of the same trends as round 2. With so many RB's gone we see some names that aren't as normal to see in round 3... however this isn't a normal draft either. Breakdown 7 - RB (Gaskin, Davis, Jacobs, Sanders, Robinson, Montgomery, Swift) 5 - QB (Prescott, Murray, Jackson, Wilson, Allen) 10 - WR (Brown, Allen, A. Robinson, Godwin, Lamb, McLaurin, Julio, Cooper, Woods and Evans) 0 - TE! Notta one... Round 4 at a glance looks like most were content with their RB's and decided they wanted to jump for value on other positions. We also saw our first kicker off the board at 197th overall! A lot of good value picks here and certainly some tough decisions had to be made. All in all a golden round for players and this was a round I wish I had been able to snag a extra pick or two in. Breakdown: 6 - RB (Davis, Edwards, Gaskin, Williams, Mostert, Henderson) 3 - QB (Rodgers, Prescott, Wilson) 11 - WR (Kupp, Woods, Cooper, Godwin, Thielen, Evans, Jeudy, Jones, Johnson, Moore, Lockett) 3 - TE (Pitts, Hooper, Hockenson) 1 - K (Tucker) Round 5 we again had a run on RB and remaining TE. The final copy of Prescott was scooped up at 253 by @mwr57and we also see another kicker and a defence come off the board. Surprisingly this is where I often see a lot of second tier QB start to go off the board, but I was impressed by the patients the entire league showed on this. Breakdown: 8 - RB (Edmonds, Hunt, Edwards, Mostert, Henderson, Harris, WIlliams, Sermon) 2 - QB (Herbert, Prescott) 6 - WR (Higgins, OBJ, Jeudy, Chase, Aiyuk, Shenault) 4 - TE (Pitts, Hockenson, Andrews, Thomas) 1 - K (Butler) 1 - DEF (LA Rams) From here on out we had a lot of fillers, Round 6 included some similar names to round 5 completing all their copies and we finally see the 2nd Brady come off the board 260 picks after the first one. More QB's start coming off the board as well as a few more defences and what I would classify as sleeper RB. At this point in the draft RB and WR isn't amazing. There are still solid players for sure, but they are clearly in a tier below the previous rounds. Round 7, 8, 9, 10 are all very similar in most teams are filling out their rosters as best they can and auto picks are doing their thing. Lots of Kickers from round 8 on and several solid QB's taken who have upside but the floors are troublesome in a few cases. Of course there are some picks I liked more then others and autodraft plays a part, but most teams drafted well with not too many reaches. Of course we all reach for names we like or have a gut feeling about, however a solid draft considering the amount of teams we had. All in all we had 580 picks with @dlow206 starting and finishing his draft with Rb snagging up Tony Pollard with the final pick. Now onto the craziness of waivers and having never had this system for football it will be curious who spends what on who and how many will break the bank to fill their rosters and how many will hold off in the hopes of being able to bid that little extra when injuries happen of which they are bound to.
  18. You are correct! Players after waivers run are free to pick up until their game starts. As soon as the game starts they are locked and available for bidding and therefore waivers the next week. So Thursday games (and therefore players) will lock earlier then Monday games/players.
  19. Testers Wanted! 4 Testers, open to international applicants (RH only). Sub 70 is the #1 Direct to Consumer golf company according to MyGolfSpy readers. This is due, in part, to the high-quality/low-cost nature of its equipment portfolio. And with the addition of the better-player-focused, 849 Pro driver, the company continues to update its resume with golf gear designed for lower handicap players. The Sub 70 849 Pro driver is 450cc (10 cc less than the legal maximum) and fade-biased. In addition, the849 Pro comes with a weight kit and is adjustable seven ways to Sunday. Each head can be adjusted two degrees up or down in 0.5- to 0.75-degree increments. At its lowest loft setting, the face angle sits 4.5 degrees open and, as you loft up, it reaches 3.5 degrees closed. It has three sole weights: a 12-gram weight in the rear and two three-gram weights in the heel and toe. The weight kit includes a six-, eight- and 10-gram weight, allowing you to adjust further for shot shape and launch. With all of that said, we'd like to get feedback from MyGolfSpy readers.
  20. That's when it runs. After it runs all players are free agents and first come first serve.
  21. I won't commit to doing recaps for football because life is going to get busy and don't want to dive into something I can't follow through on. That being said I will look to do a draft recap post later today/tomorrow morning. Some interesting teams and some interesting picks. Thanks to everyone who made it to the draft and for those who had to auto draft hope your teams went as you planned... I did see a few that went a bit off the rails. Looking forward to waivers plays out and seeing some full squads. I am happy with my team so far overall even though I felt caught on a few picks (sometimes with too many good options and often with not enough great options), however feel I have a solid core to build on and will look to make a few moves in the coming days.
  22. I would definitely prefer it come down to the wire regardless of who wins!
  23. Still a LOT of golf left. If this was to continue as is I would make up 62 points on BNG and still be 3 points shy need to gain 17 points per round which is a tall order and that doesn't include the others who are also having good weeks.
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