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  1. https://mygolfspy.com/best-blade-putters-2023/ This came out a little while ago as an article, however the YouTube Video just dropped. Really like how they have laid it out and their new format. Well done crew at HQ!
  2. Once again thank you all for participating and filling out the poll. It was extremely helpful and I wanted to provide you with an update on some of the changes it has meant will come into effect over the coming month or so. 1. Newsletters - This has been mentioned in other threads, but our Monday, Wednesday, Friday Newsletter will continue as is. We are very happy with it and it does help bring eyes to the forum which is important to us. The second part is with Testing Season coming up somewhat soon there will be an additonal Tuesday and Thursday Newsletter that goes out specifically around Member Testing. Thursday will focus on new tests that are coming (announcing them) and Tuesday will be Testers announced and Final reviews. This will help get some additional eyes on the tests and hopefully help more engagement! Please be nice to all the newbies coming! haha I know all of you will, but going that little extra step to guiding them means a lot! 2. MGSVT - We as a mod team really like this feature and are going to work to promote it a bit more. We and by we I mean @Golfspy_TCB have some exciting plans for it and a few things to spice it up that will hopefully help engagement and get all of you to post your rounds when you're able to play! 3. AMA - This is going to the back burner for now. How it might change is within our community calls. This would mean I have a special guest come on to discuss their company, products or whatever else and we record it and post it after. This is much less time consuming for us and should allow for more free flowing conversation. The old format is not likely to return. 4. Member Map and Course Reviews - Again a feature we like and just need to do a better job highlighting. We want to see more course reviews on here as it helps everyone find fun and unique courses. Even if you don't want to pin your location it would be great if you can put in a course review or two! It is really quick, easy and helps more golfers find more courses easily! 5. Member Testing - ahh watch this space. I don't believe you will be disappointed... but glad to see for most all it isn't the only reason you are here. 6. MGS Blog content - We will work to bring you more of what you want here onto the forum and we are also looking at more forum items on the main site! Whether that be member reviews, course reviews, trending topics or more! 7. Big Trip - Still a lot tbd on this however when we have further news we will keep you updated. 8. The gallery - This feature will likely be removed. Unfortunately it does cause a lot of back end issues and unless we can sort it out we may have to pull the plug on this. There are very few that actually post albums of photos there and more post in threads. I am guessing the majority of who said yes are those who browse through the photos vs actually posting in them. 9. Glad to see so many with push notifications! 10. Themes are as expected and there won't be much changes here. 11. Ads - This may change a big, bit as to how you see ads, however the forum structure is built with placement for ads and we have been assured that will not change. User experience is key and if there are some that are awful like they had been please screenshot and let us know. 12 - BST - We still want a new platform here and are working on it. Still TBD, but we do want to expand this area of the forum. Thanks again all and let us know if you have questions!
  3. Did you check out the reviews done here? There is another thread on this already. I'll try and find it and merge it for you.
  4. I went a little lighter and stiffer recently because i am swinging faster, but when I have gone heavier it just feels like a lot of work! As long as the flex (not stated, but feel) is to your liking and not too firm or whippy then I see lots of benefits to going lighter.
  5. Round 1 in the books! Quick takeaways - I really could get used to this and finding it as a good part of my routine. I didn't find it broke flow or was made a chore. The range find is solid, it feels great and I would say performs well. Not great, more in the okay to good category. The scanning tech is ish good. You either need to shoot the flag itself and be very close or right at the foot of the flag pole. There was one time where it just didn't pick up anything and that was a bit annoying. It also is very easy to get or scan the wrong item, background stuff and more. The good points I found are the optics are super clear and easy to read. The vibrate is nice and gives good feedback. Also the optics are adjustable to make it clear for different vision preferences. I would say this came super helpful on 6 holes and probably saved me a couple shots or at least it gave me added confidence with the club selection. I can see me having a lot of fun with this and am looking forward to tomorrow when I get round 2 to give it a try once again!
  6. Great reviews guys! Was a fun read and really happy you guys found a lot of success with them!
  7. Why is it that these keep coming to mind for me. I really hope I can find some to test...
  8. Does it have bluetooth? For that price it had better!
  9. You may be the king of hot takes. Not in a bad way either! You've come out with some that are certain to bring on the conversation. What do you think about visors?
  10. Had the Max LS in the bag for the round and we'll the first 3 drivers were so bad (after a good range session) i nearly benched it for the 3 wood. However a bomb on 6, long and left on 7 (clearing the danger) i had some confidence back. 11 is the next driver hole and it was a disaster drive, but made a solid par. 13 was a high left bleeder that didn't cover trouble and the confidence was shook again. Thankfully 15,16,17 are all driver holes and they were monsters. Helped make easy pars on all and finished off the round well. The thing is Jekyll and Hyde. I just don't know. When it's good the thing is making every hole easy but these 2 way missed and other misses are just round ending. Have another round tomorrow and want to leave it to you the community. What goes on the bag for tomorrow? TSi? Max LS? 0211?
  11. For the most part on my wedges through longest iron (5) I look for 11 meters (yes because that's what I have here. It's about 12 yards. In some cases that stretches to 13 or 14 yards. I won't get into the middle of my bag because it's a mess and still tinkering there. My 3 wood is 235 carry (yards) and driver is 15 to 20 yards more. I have a pretty big gap there as my 5 iron is 185ish carry. I finally have my range finder too so I should be able to get some better ideas too!
  12. Good morning and happy Monday to all! Excited for what should be a good week. Have 3 rounds of golf booked, some new releases coming out for clubs which is also exciting and what should be another fun community call! Enjoy your morning!
  13. Debating on what should be golf ball of choice. Have a chance to try a few with some sales this week and have normally loved tp5 but may look towards DTC and what is better value for similar performance.
  14. Nope definitely not for all and even my wife doesn't care for it. It is more about the story and his battle with illness etc that is fascinating. Relatable for many as well.
  15. It came across my YouTube feed in reactions and I've watched several more since. A song likely not for everyone, but one that has some serious thought and emotion behind it in His Ren, by Ren. He is a British musician/rapper. Very talented, has an incredible story. He has some decent other stuff as well!
  16. Will continue to look into it. I solely use Recent Content/unread content and haven't been able to replicate the same issue on multiple devices and browsers. That being said will still check it out. I know header size was an issue, however that was resolved by reducing it. I'll double check the theme settings and others, hopefully find a resolution for you.
  17. The draft whether it be real or Fantasy is always my favorite part of football. After that I seem to loose some interest till Playoffs.
  18. A very good morning to you all! Skating party today, final round of Valspar, max in P15 to start Jeda. Going to be a busy day! However a lot of fun and little Ivan after taking some of his first steps is also going on the ice for his first time!
  19. Where did I say anything about shutting down this discussion? The reason for my comment is we have had (still do) a thread on the distance debate and fitness in relation which got heated and where warnings had to be handed out. This while a valuable conversation is for another thread and our goal is to not mute or stop members from commenting, but to ensure that this thread remains mostly on point. If members want to have the fitness debate, go for it, but it can go in if own thread. Pretty sure we are pretty lenient here with discussions and don't make efforts to control or dictate opinions one way or another.
  20. There were a few updates which were run and should have taken care of these issues.
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