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  1. At least here in Switzerland stableford is more common than strokeplay. In the 12 or so tournaments I have played in here only 1 has been strokeplay.
  2. I wrote an Amazon Finds on one of these a little while back. Here is my take - They do work, they are fine, but truly cheaply made. That doesn't mean they are bad, but I would expect to have to replace it each season. Whether that be battery life or just it breaking down. The plastics they use don't feel great, especially when compared to higher end models. As for accuracy, they are fine. Again not bad, because they are cheap, but they don't pick up the flags as quickly or as accurately as others and using it in combination with a watch or gps system is likely best. I wouldn't use it as my sole be all end all number, especially with slope. Verdict - I would be checking out and spending a bit more on something like the Garmin Z30, Vortex Blade, Precision Pro or some other options. While they cost more the functionality is better, the clarity is night and day and you can trust them to last a lot longer. That said, if it is this or nothing, then why not? At least it gets something in your hands to get better yardages.
  3. Sky Sports is down all morning so can't watch ... until now!
  4. This came up during our community call last night, but what clubs are you eager to see in 2025? Do you think there will be any groundbreaking technology? Anything wild or crazy that we could have never seen coming or will it be pretty standard with a slow progression of this years equipment being tweaked to make it just a little bit better? Is there a brand you are most excited for? Let us know!
  5. See the first page, I did a full review in the Arthur 2.0
  6. It would be like someone here having multiple accounts to try and get more testing opportunities, if that was to happen we would count that as spam and ban them... So I kinda get why it happens on IG as well. And for those that will say, well everyone else does it...I still don't get it. But congrats on getting the free stuff and working your way around the system. Hope you out the stuff to good use and don't just try to flip it for profit. Especially when others would be thrilled to have and use the product. Fwiw not saying this is anyone specifically here at all. (And definitely not you @Preeway), but more just me ranting... Makes me all the more happy we have our system here in place for testing to protect against bs nonsense like that.
  7. Accounts? One not enough? Understand having a couple for business or company things and then personal, but never understood those with multiple personal accounts.
  8. Date 07/18/2024 Course Name Otelfingen Gross Score 84 Course Rating 71.3 Course Slope 134 Gross Strokes over/under par 12 Birdies or better 0 Longest Drive 0 Had some opportunities, but never really felt comfortable all day. Likely due to the 4 hours if sleep but oh well. Another round in the books.
  9. Best thing you can do is go test and try as they may perform differently for each person. That said your yardages are close to mine so project x io is fantastic, kbs tour lite isn't my favorite but still great. Nippon Modus 105 is truly amazing, then Accra, Mitsubishi mmt and steel fibre are also great options.
  10. Thank you for making this available to forum members!
  11. Boosting this thread as I have played a bunch of new courses this year which has been great fun. It has also always been in tournament situations which has led to some interesting results and both made things harder and more fun. A general rule for myself is that when I play a new course I expect to shoot 4-6 shots worse than I would the next time around. Given an average round. Reason being is often not knowing where to miss or some key things can often lead to a few doubles in my case.
  12. https://mygolfspy.com/news-opinion/forum-member-review-of-stix-golf-sets/
  13. Honestly a proper fitting will give a driver that you are more confident with and likely provide much better results.
  14. I've had my T Series since launch last year (currently being reshafted now with graphite Accra option). They are stellar and after using the Mizunos and Cobra irons that I do love, they are far more forgiving which I miss.
  15. Mizunos would have my vote, important to see what starts they have, length etc to make sure that suits your swing.
  16. As with many opportunities on the forum it is up to the oem and what they are able to manage. You can still participate for bragging rights like me.
  17. The best weekend in golf... For me.
  18. Continuing our trend of bringing varied opportunities to the MyGolfSpy Forum community, we have one that brings the golf course and your game to your living room with GOLF+ and the world of virtual golf. About GOLF+ GOLF+ is the official VR golf game of the PGA Tour. Take a stroll through St Andrews, test your game at Pinehurst No. 2 or immerse yourself in the raucous excitement of the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale. GOLF+ offers daily tournaments, a variety of multiplayer modes, 20 different real-world courses (and counting) and physics engineered by tens of thousands of real-world swings. GOLF+ is built BY golfers, for golfers. The Testing Opportunity We are searching for three golfers to test and review the full GOLF+ experience. GOLF+ is available exclusively on the Meta Quest platform. Don’t have a headset? Not to worry. Testers will receive a Meta Quest 3 headset as well as a golf club controller attachment to bring the game to life. For this testing opportunity, we want golfers to not only review the product and its features but also to compete against each other in tournaments and matches with members of the GOLF+ team. We want to know how this virtual experience compares to your real-life experience. Can it take the place of a weekly round if the weather isn’t cooperating? Can it help provide accurate feedback on your swing and even improve your game? The final portion of this testing opportunity includes the GOLF+ TOUR where our testers will compete with the rest of the GOLF+ community to see where they stack up. Please welcome and congratulate our testers! @GregGarner @mynerds @Fongle
  19. While we all love the opportunity to test and review golf clubs and other equipment, there is little more that can make us happier than seeing our kids enjoying the game we are so passionate about. This is where this testing opportunity is focused. While we don’t expect the kids to do the writing or full review, we do want to get golf clubs in their hands to see how their game can improve and for them to express their thoughts. More importantly, we want to see them enjoy the game with clubs they have fun hitting. The Testing Opportunity This testing opportunity is brought to the MGS Forum community by All Kids Golf, founded in 1999. They offer a full suite of clubs, apparel, accessories and games for kids of all ages. @All Kids Golf Clubs is focused on customer service, quality, selection and, importantly, price to enable more kids to enjoy the sport. For this testing opportunity, our selected junior testers will be reviewing a set of Lynx Ai Junior Golf Club Sets. These sets offer everything a budding junior golfer needs to get started with the game. Available for kids five and up in three-, four-, five- and seven- club sets, the Lynx Ai Golf Set also includes a bag. We want feedback on how these clubs fit your child's game, how they fit and feel and if they help improve your child's passion for the game. Most of all, we want feedback on the excitement and fun our junior testers have with this set of golf clubs. Please welcome and congratulate our testers! @poprocksncoke @DonnieGolfs @elight @GolfSpy AFG
  20. Any updates on the bags? They truly look stellar in the photos. How durable do you think they are and how are they for those who put a lot of crap in their bags? Enough space? Finally weight? What do you think there is to improve overall now that it has been a little longer?
  21. Excited for these and to see how/what Callaway is able to do with these. I haven't play Callaway wedges since the MG3 which I did like, but none since have really grabbed me.
  22. Huge thanks to Titleist and Rob for getting this organized!
  23. https://mygolfspy.com/news-opinion/first-look/callaway-opus-and-opus-platinum-wedges/
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