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  1. I don't live there any more, but I did for a few years. I lived in Miller Place, which is on the north shore in Suffolk county, and we also part-owned a house in Cutchogue, on the North Fork.
  2. I've never been one to have to swing slower to hit it straighter, and as a technical personal, wiping out swing thoughts has never been my goal either. I generally have a thought or two in mind each time I step up to the ball, and when I execute those, I generally get good results. I'm probably going to try to play in some amateur events this year, and I've had problems with "choking" in the past (not so much choking as just never playing as well as I should), so I've been reading some on the mental side of the game.
  3. He's played representing Ireland in the World Cup, but in the Seve Trophy he played as a part of the Ireland and Great Britain team.
  4. I played Palm and Magnolia over the summer. The greens weren't great (the constant rain and intense heat-drying probably aren't great for them, plus I've never played Bermuda), but the courses were both in nice shape, had a variety of holes to play, and were plenty challenging for me, yet easy enough for my father to get around comfortably. The staff was excellent as well. Both rounds were very long (~5 hours), but both times my tee times were at about 11 AM, and it had rained the night before, so the course was wet (cart party only one day 90 degree rule the next), and it was the middle of the summer, so it was very hot.
  5. I can't stand her act, but yeah, she's really a great singer (and songwriter, by pop/top 40's definition).
  6. Yuck! Cobra has completely lost me since the S9-1 and the S2.
  7. I realize this is thread is really old, but man those things are beautiful. That graphite shaft is sacrilege though! No matter how pricy those Matrixes (Matrices?) are.
  8. I don't think the popularity of the belly putter will ever change much. For every guy who is a bit better with it (keep in mind, Adam Scott was first on the PGA Tour in strokes gained-putting in 2004 with a regular putter, and is 134th this year with the long putter), there are a dozen guys who are 10 times worse with the belly putter (count me in that group).
  9. It's not hard as long as you know what you're looking for. That part, I guess, can be tricky.
  10. I'm a big fan of the 9064 LS (thinking of buying one, they're running about $150 right now), but I don't really like this one. The grey and blue is part of it.
  11. Golf needs more winners, simple as that.
  12. Does this one have it on the crown too, like the F11 fairways?
  13. The ones that didn't induce vomit are IMO some of the most underrated putter of all time. I have an old Unitized Tiempo (Anser 2 copy), and it's got to be one of the softest putter I've tried. Great feel, and the sound is maybe the best I've ever hears out of a putter. Hard to explain, but the word mechanical comes to mind. I was going to trade it in a few years ago, but they only offered me $15 for it so I just kept it.
  14. It takes a lot of money to mill that name and logo on there.
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