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  1. I'm about the same as Tyk in this regard. The balls are great for distance and vision (and really, I can't overstate that), but not something I'd play everyday as a lower handicap. Absolutely LOVE the glove though. I've probably logged around 20 rounds and it's still going strong. Even played one round last year in pouring rain and it was much better than traditional leather gloves.
  2. I picked this up today at Golf Galaxy because, well, it was only $30. I was just wondering if I have anything special here, or just a regular Mizuno/T.P. Mills putter that's worth $30. Either way I won't be disappointed, the thing is as soft as..err...something really soft. FWIW it says "Mizuno" on the back, "T.P. Mills" on the face, and "D. Mills Workshop Design" and "Forged/Milled One Piece" on the sole. The sole also has what appears to be a circled capital "I". Pardon the crappy cell phone pics.
  3. One of the thoughts that I had was to make accuracy 1/x, which would make the higher numbers mean more accurate, but I think that would be confusing.
  4. The only gripe I have (and it's really more with the review than the system itself) is that accuracy is a little misleading. In all the other categories (I think) the longer the bar, the better. For instance, a longer bar means more distance. But in accuracy a long bar means worse accuracy. I don't really know how to fix it without making it more confusing though.
  5. Check out my lefty putter thread.

  6. Which is sad because all Scotty Cameron has to do is stick a "For Tour Use Only" stamp on a plain stainless steel putter and it's worth at least a few thousand.
  7. I find that a good test of feel is just to dribble the ball off of a wedge a few times. With Top Flites you can really hear the click feel and with tour balls they feel obviously softer.
  8. On tuesday I played 18 holes in total and complete pouring rain. I played the front nine rotating between my 4 Taylor Made Targa Tour gloves, then played THE ENTIRE BACK NINE with the Vision Golf glove. It lasted 9 holes in pouring rain! The towel worked great too. The only golf ball I tried out was the prototype sample ball. First of all all of the balls are soft off the putter face. Partially because I was putting with a Scotty, but part of it has to be the ball. That said, the prototype ball was far and away the best. The feel was comparable to the Penta, as was short game spin. I had no problem getting it to stop where I wanted. I only played it a few times, a few chips, a 5 iron tee shot on a par 5, a bunker shot, and distance was also up to par. Out of the bunker it stopped just where I would have expected it too. So basically, I like the proto ball.
  9. This picture came out weird, but the box is pink, even though it looks orangish:
  10. Mine came in today too. I actually caught the TNT guy as he was pulling into the driveway as I was on my way home. I'll post some pictures here and my review will be up in a week or two. Just is checking the stuff out I really like the towel, the glove, and the colors on the balls are soooooo awesome. Here are a bunch of pictures I took:
  11. Heavy Wedge came today; full review in a week or two

  12. Likely won't get to play the Black course. We would have had to fax in our licenses and stuff and it's kind of too late now. We may be able to play one of the other courses, but we are really looking to play Long Island National: http://www.longislandnationalgc.com/

  13. Bethpage update: We are going to Long Island for vaca (Bethpage is actually an after thought, we always go there for vacation). I am going to try to call in to get a tee time. If unsuccesful I might be able to get my dad to camp out in our car with me overnight.

  14. My guess is Katsumasa Miyamoto because he has the only 62 of the week (although my glance at the leader board was quick, I could have missed someone).
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