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  1. John/Chicago iPhone X and or iPad Pro I will be using the device indoors and out doors. Depending on when the testing period stars, if in the winter it will be inside a dome. I wasn’t planning on it, but if you need me to I can. Thanks for your consideration. This is the most exciting test I have seen yet. Regards, John
  2. John Chicago, IL Nike VR Pro Str8 fit Project X 5.5 shaft 5 105mph I would like the opportunity to review the TSi3
  3. John/Chicago IL 4.5 SM6 The dull finish keeps glare out of my face when I open the face for a shot, which is often. Thanks for your consideration.
  4. John/Chicago/USA Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport 2 Ketsch, I have been wanting to try a putter with better alignment as well as mass behind the ball. I would love this opportunity.
  5. 5, Chicago IL Nike VR Pro combo(blade 8 iron) 155-160 yards I follow them on twitter and have loved their club designs over the years and have wanted to try them out, but never had a chance. thanks for the opportunity
  6. John, IL 4.5 Titleist SM6 The two hop stop Thanks for your consideration
  7. 1. John Illinois 2. 4.3 and my driver swing speed is ~105mph 3. Nike VR Pro Str8-Fit Tour 9º 4. I would love the opportunity to test the Epic Flash Sub Zero and provide you great feedback and results.
  8. - John IL - 4.3 - Prov 1 - I am looking for more of a soft feeling
  9. 1. John, IL 2. Under Armour Storm 3 jacket, Greg Norman epic pants 3. The worst weather I have played in was in the outer rim of a Hurricane down in FL. It came down hard at high winds! Thanks for your consideration
  10. Your first name - John Your home state/province/country IL USA Your handicap 4.3 Your current irons set/shaft Nike VR Pro Combo/TT R300 standard lie Your PING choice - i500 I would love the chance to review these irons. Thank you for your consideration!
  11. Hello! I would love the opportunity to test and review these clubs! John, IL 33 yrs old 4.5 index 3 & 4 pocket cavity, 5-7 cavity back 8-PW blade Nike VR Pro Combo/True Temper Dynamic Gold/R300 standard lie(probably should be S300) Thanks so much for your consideration John
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