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  1. 5, Chicago IL Nike VR Pro combo(blade 8 iron) 155-160 yards I follow them on twitter and have loved their club designs over the years and have wanted to try them out, but never had a chance. thanks for the opportunity
  2. John, IL 4.5 Titleist SM6 The two hop stop Thanks for your consideration
  3. 1. John Illinois 2. 4.3 and my driver swing speed is ~105mph 3. Nike VR Pro Str8-Fit Tour 9º 4. I would love the opportunity to test the Epic Flash Sub Zero and provide you great feedback and results.
  4. - John IL - 4.3 - Prov 1 - I am looking for more of a soft feeling
  5. 1. John, IL 2. Under Armour Storm 3 jacket, Greg Norman epic pants 3. The worst weather I have played in was in the outer rim of a Hurricane down in FL. It came down hard at high winds! Thanks for your consideration
  6. Your first name - John Your home state/province/country IL USA Your handicap 4.3 Your current irons set/shaft Nike VR Pro Combo/TT R300 standard lie Your PING choice - i500 I would love the chance to review these irons. Thank you for your consideration!
  7. Hello! I would love the opportunity to test and review these clubs! John, IL 33 yrs old 4.5 index 3 & 4 pocket cavity, 5-7 cavity back 8-PW blade Nike VR Pro Combo/True Temper Dynamic Gold/R300 standard lie(probably should be S300) Thanks so much for your consideration John
  8. John - IL US - Nike VR Pro Combo/True Temper Dynamic Gold/R300 standard lie(probably should be S300) - 170 is the 7 iron distance. I would love this opportunity to provide awesome feedback on a great set of irons! Thanks for your consideration.
  9. John/Chicago IL Nike VR Pro Str8 fit 9.5/Project x 5.5 103-105mph/4.5 Preferred ST 180 right handed 10º/MCA Tensei Blue stiff I would love to have this opportunity. Thanks for your consideration John
  10. John IL Titleist SM6 52º 12 F grind and SM6 56º 14 F Grind I am confident in my short game, but I'd like to say my strengths are chipping and distance control while my weaknesses are bunkers (don't get up in down) My current handicap is 4 I would love to have the opportunity to test these wedges and provide a detailed review. Especially comparing them to my SM6 wedges.
  11. John IL Nike VR Pro Combo- split cavity 3&4 iron, 5-7 xv forged, 8-p blade forged. True temper dynamic gold R300 3.5 handicap C300 Forged with project x LZ steel 6.0 Thanks for your consideration.
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