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  1. I don't even think a compass could help you guys find the green!
  2. Well, I've never been a great heckler, but I could see this going 1 of 2 ways: Do you heckle @bardle since he's the only One length competitor? Or, do you heckle the other guys for going the Non-Dechambeau route? Either way, there should be some pretty good reads in this post this week. Fellas, good luck on your GIR% this week. It looks like @Nunfa0 has a really good chance if he continues to play that 6,000 yard course as I'm sure he'll have some approach shots with the wedges, but it is getting colder in N.Z. Also, @robertson153 has a really good chance since he was the longest off the tee last week.
  3. @bardle you may have already mentioned this before, but since you have the One length irons, does it feel really odd playing a longer PW and then using a regular length Gap/Sand/Lob wedges.
  4. Which end did cut off, butt or tip? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. That stinks, hope you get back in the game soon. I was playing yesterday and saw some big tree roots in the fairway, and I thought to myself that if my ball landed up there, that I would move it away from the root. Courses should really fix those types of things off they are in the fairway. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. I don't like my Coco on the furniture, but couldn't resist this picture. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. I played a quick 9 while my boys had Jr league practice. I haven't been able to get out there as much as I'd like, and the tournament play has been horrible, so I really need this 41. I had 4 bogeys, 3 pars, 1 triple, and 1 birdie. Although the birdie came from taking 2 shots off the tee at 17, because I had a show foursome in front of me, and I finished out that hole with the better tee shot. Also, hit the longest 5i of my life at 234, which wasn't a good thing. Also hit my 8i 181 on a 165 par 3. Here is a picture of how that turned out. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Can't really tell too much from these pics, but it seems that the top-line gets progressively thicker from T100 to T300. On another note: (NOT Titleist) Does anyone know if PING is getting ready launch some new wedges? They dropped the price on the Glide 2.0's and are now out of stock in the grinds I was looking for. It's interesting that they would drop prices without a newer model launch.
  9. Those are my favorite UA shoes that I've owned...wish they still made them. BTW, who do you work for now? Man my wife already gives me a hard time for all my shoes, I can only imagine if I worked in the biz.
  10. Congrats Gentlemen! Enjoy your putting, look forward to hearing about your improvements.
  11. I was trying to decide between him and Aaron Wise for 5th Tier guy....looks like I made the unWise choice...for now anyways. Looks like that Wise pick might have been a good one after all...still a lot of golf left to be played though.
  12. Michael / New Mexico 19.1 I've never used a putter training aid, but I have used two tees as a gate before, and some of Phil's putting practice methods.
  13. M. Parsons

    Snell MTB-X

    I've played all of the MTB's and the only one without a visible seem is the Red. However, at least Snell used the seem logically by putting the alignment on the seem. As for performance, I still have some of the Reds and used them this past weekend, and I know everyone complains about too much spin, but I was very happy to have hit a 5-iron 195 yard out of the rough, landing it on an elevated green and getting it to stop within 3 feet of my pitch mark. Since Dean stopped making the Reds, the X is now my ball of choice.
  14. @mr.hicksta@yungkory nice posts, I know I loved playing this course that one time I was in Oahu 15 years ago. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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