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  1. Great review @edingc I've been interested in this and really only because of seeing so many tour players wearing it. However, after reading your review and hearing what it costs, it would be hard for me to rationalize paying monthly for something to tell me what I already know...that I don't get enough sleep. I would like more sleep, but just having something to tell me that I need more sleep, doesn't actually put me in the bed.
  2. That's incredible!!! Looks like that handicap will be coming down this year.
  3. That wasn't hard...sounds like you were just waiting for someone to give you permission...you got it!!! But then again, it's not my money.
  4. Thank you for the encouragement and tips, I really appreciate that. I have received a putter fitting at the Evnroll HQ, but for whatever reason I changed my grip location last year...going back this year to the grip location I used during the fitting. Have seen better results already in the short time we've had this year. You are right, I really need a wedge fitting! My gap between PW and GW is too large and my SW and LW don't have enough bounce...so I've been told. I really want to try those SM8's, but not fitters in my area.
  5. I know, some of the terms they come up with are just crazy...But have you seen this video on the SM8 tech? Pretty interesting!
  6. Now if I could get the most important part of the game down...getting it on the green and in the hole. Looks like you probably have that part down.
  7. I recently purchase the Cobra F9 tour length, which is 44.5". I really love it and don't want to jinks it, but I haven't hit 1 slice on the course with it through 18 holes and 2 range sessions. I'm just wondering if I got the right shaft? I wasn't fit because we don't have Club Champion or the likes here, so I can't get a true shaft fitting without traveling to another state. I have the HZRDUS Smoke 60, 6.0 and sometimes wonder if I shouldn't have something stiffer. I'm averaging approx 285 with that set-up, but if you got 10 more yards, I sure as heck wouldn't mind 295 with tighter dispersion.
  8. Do you like it better than the Sun Mountain 3.5? I've been looking for a new bag, but they want way too much for 'em these days.
  9. Michael / New Mexico Hzrdus Smoke Black 60, 6.0 flex 103-107 mph Seeing as how I wasn't fit for my current shaft / driver, I would like to know if I'm getting the most our of my driver. Hzrdus Smoke Black claims low spin / low launch, but I seem to launch it pretty high most of the time. I would like to improve dispersion and launch...and of course distance. I do not have regular access to a Launch Monitor, however one of the local golf shops will allow me to use what they have in their hitting bays.
  10. There have been plenty of times that I've felt like quitting, especially when playing poorly in a local tournament, and I don't recall ever leaving because of weather conditions, but that could just be my old brain not remembering. However, there was one time I can remember quitting a round early, and that was when I got injured (hit in the eye with my own ball) and I had to go get stitches, but even then I didn't want to quit, my playing partner made me. Let me explain the injury: The cart paths had recently been re-paved and they didn't smooth out the edges, so there was about a 2" lip on the edges of the cart paths. Well, there was 1 hole where the cart path split the fairway and the green. This was a short par-4 and I hit my drive all the way to that cart path, so I took my relief and when to pitch it over the cart path to an elevated green with a massive bunker in front of it. So, I must've tried to lift the ball and I thinned it right in to the lip of the cart path and my ball ricocheted right back at me. It hit me in the left eye before I even finished my swing.
  11. I wasn’t sure if anyone else had posted this yet, but PING is giving away a set of Arccos sensors to current customers that own any of 30 different clubs that they list on their website, or to anyone that purchases a PING club. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. Congrats to the testers, great group of guys Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. - Michael - New Mexico - ER6 Red - 35" - Frontline ELEVADO SLANT NECK - 35"
  14. Michael / New Mexico 17.8 Ping G (2016) 4-PW, Black Dot, Power Spec Lofts, AWT 2.0 S-flex Shafts +1/2" 173 yards
  15. I'll take 3 of those please...that's amazing!
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