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  1. Unless the break of the put goes with the lean of the stick (right to left in your picture), then you have more room for the ball to drop. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Thank you, and yes very much improved distance, and now my hope is that the iron play stays consistent. It usually always happens to me that once I correct one part of my game, the part that was good goes to crap.
  3. This is where all the confusion comes in. It's interesting to me that you said that you do NOT have a GHIN handicap, but have a USGA handicap, and it's my assumption that everyone that has a GHIN #, has a USGA Handicap...semantics! Let me clear up something I said earlier. The club here in ABQ didn't say that my Golf Net USGA Handicap wasn't valid...just that my membership number wouldn't translate into the system they were using (GHIN). So once they gave me a GHIN member number, then I just transcribed scores into the GHIN and my USGA Index followed.
  4. Congrats @03trdblack @ZJBogey2 @Badams69 looking forward to your reviews as this is a very cost efficient option for Driver, can't wait to see how it compares to your current gamers.
  5. I would think it depends on the clubs version of valid. I forgot to mention that when I was living in Vegas, I got asked to be the chairman for the Southern Nevada Golf Assoc. Handicap committee and I wasn't even a member of their club, very odd to me, but it allowed me to establish a "valid" handicap again...for free. But when I moved to ABQ and joined the men's league here, so I could play in tournaments, they said that it wasn't "valid" because it wasn't a GHIN established by the USGA. The system in Nevada was Golf Net, and their app says USGA Handicap Tracker...so I thought it was very odd that the ABQ men's league didn't recognize it as "valid".
  6. I think that the numbers probably look that way because weekend warriors don't want to have to pay for a handicap system like GHIN, so they use apps that don't cost anything, or just don't keep track of their scores. It's not until you start playing in organized tournaments that you really need a handicap. I know for me, I established a handicap shortly after I had just started playing, but that was only because I joined the golf club on base (military) and they had a computer for me to enter my scores. For me, it was encouraging to see my handicap start to come down. However, once I got stationed elsewhere, I didn't have a way to track my scores because I wasn't a member anywhere and I didn't want to pay for a handicap system (before all the apps). Now, I have joined a men's league and they require a GHIN, so that's what I use, and if I were to shoot an unusually low score (in tournament play), they would investigate it (at least that's what the membership book says). But I will say that I believe there are still ways to cheat the system, but for me...I want to work towards a lower handicap, not stay high just so I can win a couple of flighted tournaments. One thing I noticed from my men's league is, there was a guy last year that played in Flight 2 in the first tournament of the season, and was then switched to Flight 3 for the rest of the season, where he cleaned house in every tournament, by a bunch of strokes, not just 1 or 2...but that's on the tournament director.
  7. Adam did post a video on Twitter. You'll probably see it to the right towards the bottom of all the ads. They want to bring "Professor" Mays out to the MGS HQ to go over what he tested and how...hands-on style.
  8. This looks like a good opportunity. Good luck to those entering.
  9. I know the Game Golf app is free, but do you have to pay for it to track your clubs? I guess maybe I'm confused about the difference, if any, between what your describing and the Live version @TR1PTIK mentioned.
  10. Thanks for your input, I know we are all glad to hear from others what they have found with these balls. Also, I couldn't agree more, I saw a lot of roll out on chips and pitches. Side note: Make sure you complete your profile so you can get in on the testing in the future. Keep hit 'em long!
  11. M. Parsons

    Shaft question

    I'm wondering if anyone has used the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer to figure out what Driver Shaft would be best for them. I talked to another guy at a different golf shop and he told me that the Optimizer will recommend a list of Driver Shafts based off the data it collects from your three iron swings...I didn't even know that was possible. I also made a comment in the TXG youtube video in the Optimizer about having one for the Driver, and a guy from Mizuno Europe responded saying the same thing. Has anyone on here tried a Driver Shaft based off what the Optimizer suggested?
  12. I feel like I'm rapidly approaching those days myself, but I get lucky now and then. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. I wasn't able to get video because the wind kept blowing over my setup, but here are some pictures of the spot I'm focusing on while swinging my Driver. I focus on that white tee about a foot ahead of my ball, during the entire swing. Below is a picture of my contact after one strike. Here is a picture of the grouping after 6 hits Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. I was able to go to the customization and pre-order process and took out the 3-iron, and it brought the total price down. So, I'm assuming you don't have to order 3-PW. Also, you can adjust loft, lie and length to your own specs. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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