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  1. Stephen. Boonton, NJ iPhone Xr Indoors Yes net. I have plenty of space.
  2. Stephen Boonton, NJ PXG Proto X 9 degree 4.2 99mph TSi3
  3. Stephen - Boonton, NJ 4.2 index Vokey SM 7 54 and 60 degree Raw wedge is a great, cool look and reduces glare!
  4. Stephen. Boonton, NJ I practice with a Putt Out on my rug and a Pelz Truth Board in my office. I used a Big Moss for 5 years and a Boomerang system sporadically. I would like to test the fast (11-13 stimpmeter) because the greens I normally play on are about a 12. Thanks!
  5. Stephen - Boonton, NJ I practice 2x per week for about 30 minutes I three putt 1.4x per round based on my Decade stats. Based on what i have read, Exputt help me by: 1) making at-home practice more fun and engaging; 2) help me with keeping the putter square at impact; and 3) help with my distance control. Thanks! Stephen
  6. Stephen- NJ Handicap index 3.6 PXG Gen 1 I am looking for an lower spin hybrid that carries 205-210 without tendency to go left. Thanks!
  7. Stephen - NJ 4.2 PXG Gen1 155
  8. Stephen Boonton, NJ 5.2 index Driver swing speed 99-101 mph Current drive is 9 degree EPIC subzero with stiff Rogue Max 65 shaft Prefer to test 9 degree EPIC flash subzero with Project C HZRDUS smoke black stiff Thanks!
  9. Stephen, New Jersey Callaway Epic SubZero 9 degrees set to 8 degrees. Rogue MAX 65 stiff 98 mph swing speed and 245-250 average distance. Your Twitter - @SGengaro /Facebook - Stephen Gengaro / Instagram - sdgmets iPhone Thanks!
  10. 1. Stephen, New Jersey, USA ​2. Piretti Teramo 3. yes, 34 inches, 1.5 degrees of loft and 70 degree lie angle 4. Queen B 9 Thanks!
  11. Stephen Gengaro - New Jersey Index: 4.0 Current irons: PXG 0311 5-gap wedge, PXG 0311XF 4 iron JPX 900 Tour Thanks!
  12. Boonton, NJ Piretti Teramo Alignment - I always feel like I am aimed a little right
  13. Stephen. Boonton, NJ Index 3.8 Ping G LS 9 degree set to 8 degree with tour spec 65 gram Ping stiff shaft 97-98 mph swing speed and 235 carry Phil Mikelson
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