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  1. I'm in the market for new irons, and will be ordering a set of Hogan's or Callaway Apex 19's in the next couple of weeks. Being able to 'test' them beforehand would be amazing!! Josh Australia (outside of US & UK, in know, but please extend to Oz ) H'cap - 12 PTX Pro/Icon combo TaylorMade TP CB's
  2. Love this! Think i'll put a note like this on my buggy! There's some good videos on YouTube by Paul Wilson re: swinging easy. Worth a look.
  3. I swing like a pro.....on the Champions Tour. Flat, slow & like an 80 year old. Not bad for a guy under 40
  4. A pink dot about 2 dimples above the name of the ball, on the right side of the name. Am putting Snell MTB into action this week (no one else that I know of or have seen plays them in my parts), but will still do the pink dot to keep the continuum.
  5. I walk with a buggy. Thinking of buying a stand/carry bag to take away with me when I travel. I have carted a few times, but don't enjoy the rushing between shots. I like to take the course in & need the time between shots to think & relax.
  6. Happiness is a long walk with a putter - Greg Norman Why the F@#k did I do that? Me, every week on the course
  7. Here in Oz it's coming into our summer, so at the moment we are getting light until after 8:30pm. Gonna enjoy it while it lasts!! Worked on 50-60y pitches with 56deg wedge (watching the 'zip' and roll out with 1/4 - 1/2 swing), and chipping bump and run style with different irons/wedges from appx 25y. I would hit 5 shots at a time, then go onto the green to putt them for up & downs, as per game conditions. Needed to work on the putting. I have a tendency to lift my head quickly & chase the putt, so was working on a nice smooth stroke and staying down, only following the ball with my eyes and head turn. Managed quite a few up and downs from putting distances of 3-15ft, and if the putts missed they were tap ins. Feel like I accomplished a bit, and am now heading down the right path from this simple 40 min session. The secret is to back it up next time!
  8. Had an 84 on Saturday - my best rd to date (45/39). First time under 40 on the back 9. Net 66 & Comp win. Didn't do anything fancy, just hit a couple more fairways, was calm with approach shots (going for centre of greens, not the tight pins), and better lag putting. The basics of golf I suppose Backed that up with a 98 on Sunday, which was back to some very poor golf. I felt rushed and lost my calmness/concentration when it was required. The score from Saturday gives me optimism that I can score in the low-mid 80's consistently with the right plan & mindset.
  9. After not being phased by bunkers (have been confident from them for ages), I've recently had the yips in the past few months. First Rd of Club Champs on the weekend just gone saw me skinny from a greenside bunker over the green to the other bunker, and then 4 shots to get out of that one to a tight pin. Have changed 60 deg wedge in the past 6 months (Mack Daddy 2 to Vokey K Grind), I feel this has something to do with it, although ultimately it comes back to technique & confidence.
  10. In this order: 1. The slower group should have asked you, and allowed you to play through. You would have been on the green by the time they were playing their 2nd shots. 2. You should have asked to play through if they didn't ask you to. It's ok to do this after they tee off too (as long as they aren't too far from the tee). 3. If the above fails, and you have requested to play through a couple of times, take their names and report it (or bomb balls over their heads off the tee ). This is why the pace of play has become so prevalent over the past few years!!!
  11. I've played terribly for 6 out of the past 7 rounds, including a kickabout ambrose. Gonna go back to the basics, and really work on things as per this link from a different site: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/93/golf/ultimate-practice-routine-992787/
  12. Unfortunately customer service isn't what it should be in all aspects of life, and more than likely we've all experience being delivered incorrect goods at some stage (whether that be golf equip, cars, online purchases etc) A simple phone call from the manufacturers confirming the equipment & specs would have avoided this outcome, and kept you as a happy chappy
  13. Plaid, can you remember a 'breakthrough' moment when it clicked for you?
  14. Hey Kenny! Completely agree with grinding it out with the correct habits. Seeing a Pro and getting lessons, whether it be to learn new technique or swing changes, or to just get reinforcement on something you're doing right is something I need to get back into the habit of. It's leading into our summer now, so may be a great time for a tune up.
  15. I'd like to hear about breakthroughs that you've all had, and what has led you to becoming better players through continually grinding away. Thought I'd share a long winding, frustrating story about something that's happened to me recently (again), and no doubt to all of us throughout our golfing lives. Firstly, I'm absolutely sick of playing inconsistent irons, or any club for that matter. I hate stuffing up my approach shot after splitting the fairway off the tee, or pushing/slicing (sometimes shanking with shorter clubs), leaving me with demoralising results. I'll make a general, but fair assessment of my game: Have only been playing for 2 years. Have come in from 24 to 16 h'cap, mostly over the past 12 months. Have the ability and goal to be a 10 H'capper in the near future but need to be, wait for it, consistently better with approach shots & reaching more GIR's. Average about 3 per rd, Driving & short game is above where it should be at this stage, and often saves me. I decided to start grinding away (with more of a methodical and 'baby step' approach) to build a better swing with consistently better results in both terms of accuracy, flight, shot shape & distance. I should say right here that I would gladly lose 10m/y of distance for greater accuracy - wouldn't we all. So off I went to the range just a week ago to really groove out a slightly in-to-out path, with face slightly closed to get nice little draws & straight shots, instead of the inconsistent fades & various other shots I've been churning out. There I was, all relaxed and focused, taking practice swings inside the line of the ball to ensure the bottom of the arc was target side, and only when I did this 3 times in a row would I address the ball and repeat that swing. My focus was to keep the weight on the lead side through the downswing, with stance & shoulders slightly closed. I only hit about 40 balls in the session, but I was dialled in & striking so well. In fact, my 7i was was getting the same, if not more distance than my normal 6i, due to the closed face decreasing the loft. Accuracy was outstanding, well, for the 16 hcap that I am anyway. Dispersion was appx 5-7 yards either side of my target from 160 yards away. Swing was to 'right field', slight draws/straight shots, with divots on the target side, mostly hitting the sweet spot of the face of the club. Something that low handicappers experience all the time, and boy am I envious of them. I left that session feeling that I had really achieved a breakthrough. An epiphany if you like. I had felt what it was like to hit the ball really well. I could see a single figure H'cap next to my name on the horizon! Which brings me to now. 1 week later I was only hitting 1 in 10 balls like that. Chunky, over the top, releasing too early, absolutely disgusting results. Clearly not focussed or in the same mindset to be able to repeat what had happened only a matter of days before. Did I expect that I would go straight back to hitting better shots without really working on my game? Probably. Did I underestimate the importance of a mid-high handicapper like me taking practice swings every day? Absolutely. Gives me greater appreciation for what the better players, and Pro's do to get to the level that they're at. Just goes to show that without grinding it out and practicing most/every day, unless you are like a duck to water with this game, you'll only get the results to the time you put in. Time to really start grinding it out now....
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