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  1. Hey gents!!! Super excited for this opportunity!! Really hope I get picked for this one. I live in Provo, UT and typically play and practice a few days a week and between 20-30 tournaments a year. I LOVE TO PUTT!! In fact I've taken the "I love to laugh" song that Uncle Albert sings in Mary Poppins and created my own version of it that I sing to myself when I'm walking up to a green! "Oh, I love to putt... a ha ha ha..." (now I know you're all singing it in your heads too, mwahahaha - you're welcome!) I'm (usually) a mid single digit handicapper and it's always been because of
  2. Hey guys, so we've been doing an Invitational tournament for like 18 years with the same 7-8 guys - roughly all the same handicap give or take. We play a players fee and pay out the top 2-3 players in a straight gross event, do a daily skins game as well, but this year we'd like to include something a little more interesting so the guys who aren't playing in good form can do more than just donate. I've never understood how a Calcutta works, but I know it involves an auction/bidding kind of thing. What would everyone suggest we try with 7-8 guys playing a 54 hole event to give even the guy
  3. I've been looking at the possibility of making a switch to Cobra actually. This would be ideal! Ken Foody - Utah 43 yrs old 7 handicap 20-25 tournaments a year played 50-80+ rds played Setup D- Taylormade M1 3w - Taylormade M1 5w - Titleist 915 3h - Taylormade SLVR 19* Irons 4-pw - Titleist AP2 Wedges - Vokeys 50, 54, 59 Ball - TPx or ProV1x Goals Get handicap back down closer to scratch again. Has been 1-2 increase GIR this year from about 45% to 55/60% Shortgame is strength - especially putting Need better ball striking. Definitely willing
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