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    The transit of my mercurial mojo is inexorably linked to expeditious golfing, surfing tanker wakes, rummaging through thrift stores and commiserating over mutual discontent of the aforementioned.
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  1. downlowkey

    Favorite Author

    All time favorite is Hunter S. Thompson - I fancied myself a gonzo journalist for a time. Cussler is the go-to when I’m traveling. For anybody interested in survey style history, Tony Horwitz is very entertaining - start with “A Voyage Long & Strange”.
  2. downlowkey

    I've Got A Stinking Suspicion

    My Dad was fighting tendinitis in his trail elbow a couple years ago and it was costing him serious yardage off the tee. So I had an identical Titleist head shaved for him to put into play and hopefully pick up some easy yards. He did immediately pick up ~20 yards with the shaved face. However, during the process I learned shaving the face on a black driver turns it silver (the milling removes the black finish). Because the G400 has a black face, if it isn’t silver now, it probably hasn’t been shaved. The process doesn’t make the ball fly any straighter. The face milling also removes the scoring lines and it’s an extra charge to have them cut new ones. Anyway, now you know what to look for. But my guess is your buddy just happened to be smoking his Ping that day because you would have certainly spotted a silver faced G400.
  3. downlowkey

    Skechers Golf Shoes Poor Quality?

    Skechers warranty department similarly put me through the ringer when the sole started to separate from the upper on my pair of GoGolf Focus Collegiate. I probably had about a dozen walking rounds on them before they started splitting. I tend to take really good care of my stuff so other than the sole separating they looked pristine. I initially tried the email route but like you received no response. Skechers did however answer the phone on my first attempt. They initially tried to convince me that Skechers shoes are sold with no implied warranty. After mentioning the 2 year waterproof warranty card that Plaid kindly posted, my rep put me on hold. After a 10 minute hold she placed an arbitrary $59 value on my shoes over the phone. I explained that a $59 credit wouldn’t come close to putting me in another pair of their golf shoes with the same features and demanded an identical replacement; so she put me on hold for another 10 minutes. At that point she rescinded the $59 credit and said the shoes would need to be shipped in for inspection. A few weeks later I received an email that my shoes were deemed defective and they offered me the same $59 credit. So I got on the phone again for clarification. After some heated back and forth they said okay, we’ll send you a free replacement pair. I just needed to include a primary and secondary color preference with the return packaging. None of my choices included black but that’s what they sent me (I’ve _never_ worn black golf shoes btw). My conclusion, they are a crap shoe company. Much as I liked the styling and stability on that particular model, I will never buy another pair of Skechers.
  4. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a very happy camper. This community has given me more than I could ever hope to repay.
  5. I’ve been giving a regular monthly donation for the past 2 years and also donated via youtube during the raffle... always a bridesmaid, never a bride.
  6. downlowkey

    Shell's Wonderful World of Golf - u watching?

    I’ve been watching. This game has really changed but maybe it will all come full circle. I know some of you guys formerly putted with the flagstick in the hole and that’s in fashion once again. Maybe next year the USGA will finally roll back the ball and re-release the straddle putting style.
  7. downlowkey

    Happy birthday @Fozcycle

    Happy berfday, Foz! (edit): I still want to be you when I grow up
  8. downlowkey

    How'd you play?

    Hadn’t touched a club since Thanksgiving but managed to sneak in 18 holes each of the past 3 days in TX. Highlights/lowlights: 10 eagle putts... made zero and only converted 6 for birdies. Won the 5 dollar CTP contest at my folks’ club on Christmas Eve and the bar was already closed when we finished so I didn’t spend the whole pile buying everyone a drink. 3-day total: (-5) Really makes me wish I had more time to play this game. Also... Merry Christmas errrbody! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. downlowkey

    Favorite Golf Snarks?

    My favorite response to a particularly poignant ribbing from a playing partner: “Be nice, this is my first time on a big course” Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. downlowkey

    How'd you play?

    Work has been nuts so prior to yesterday, I hadn’t compressed a golf ball for ~3 months. And I can’t remember the last time I rolled the rock on dormant Bermuda (probably stimped around 12). 2 bogeys (3 putted the first 2 holes), 1 birdie and an eagle on #18 for (-1) 70. Feels good to be playing again. Heading out for another loop today... expecting the worst. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. downlowkey

    Peaksy Got a Brand New Bag

    Very nice setup! I’m happy to hear you’re still rocking the Nickent driver - our ranks are dwindling. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. downlowkey

    Greetings from Colorado!

    Welcome aboard, Michael. Boulder Valley here. Hope to see you around the forum... or perhaps on the links. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. downlowkey

    Random Thread

    It’s so strange the people you run into at the airport... Happy Holidays errrbody! Sent through the nexus of the Universe
  14. downlowkey

    Got Problems?

    I’m not much of a ranter but trying to work through carbon monoxide poisoning today was no fun at all. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. downlowkey

    Hurricane Florence

    I'm headed toward the East Coast at first light tomorrow to stage for the disaster. We'll be working utility transmission lines to restore services ASAP. I'll likely be in some of the hardest hit areas and my fellow Spies will definitely be in my thoughts. I intend to update my location throughout the trip and post interesting damage pics. If I'm in your area and you need anything at all, please reach out.