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  1. The first Mac forging that I danced with was a set of Tourney PMB. In 1998 dollars, custom 2-PW cost me $1400 (employee discount). Beautiful buttery wrenches but they were too cruel even at the peak of my ball striking abilities. That was an enjoyable stroll down memory lane @GolfSpy Barbajo. In your exhaustive research did you come across any mention of Darren Clarke’s contract with Macgregor that granted him a new Ferrari for every tournament win?
  2. Yep - I believe Tony said the Kirkland has by far been the “spinniest” at low speed driver. Possibly a good thing for certain delivery tendencies and awful for others. I’m so very appreciative that MGS is doing this test. It is exactly why they get my monthly donations.
  3. I’ve had the live stream on in the background all morning. This test is arguably the most intriguing thing going on the golf space so it’s crazy to me that the viewership is not higher. It would be interesting to know how many industry folks are tuned in. As you alluded, staff commentary on flight characteristic outliers has been illuminating. Seem to be some pretty wonky results with Callaway and OnCore so far. It easy to see why a test of this sort is so rare. Look at the resources being devoted - travel, dedicated hitting bay, launch monitors, a robot, a robot operator and (4) MGS staff putting in serious sweat equity. I think it’s fascinating. Considering the substantial resources invested in this round of testing and watching them sending someone out to check the wind when a ball is seriously off line, it seems like throwing a real time wind gauge out there would have been worthwhile. It’s definitely tight quarters in the bay, I really hope that robot doesn’t tag anyone because I’ve seen several close calls already.
  4. No thanks necessary pards. With my center-shaft tendencies it was just going to keep collecting dust in the gear closet. The cover is way too cool for that and I’m happy knowing it will be a cherry on your gamer.
  5. I’m seeing the same index issue that @Peaksy68 conveyed above. Click thru address via MGS HQ - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/tests/13-birdieball-outdoor-putting-green/ “Testers Wanted” address via forum home tab navigation - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/forum/75-testers-wanted/ Furthermore, the most recent BirdieBall application page is only visible via the direct click thru - https://forum.mygolfspy.com/tests/ If we’re reorganizing, clearly communicating the change to forum users would likely be much appreciated. Otherwise it appears things may be somewhat disorganized.
  6. Such a cool package. The comprehensive short game component BirdieBall has introduced to the market is very intriguing.
  7. Air Jordan IV G “Teal Purple”
  8. Thanks much @mjmcf - clubs arrived fast and they are in great shape! My Dad will be extra happy this Father’s Day!
  9. I’ve recently started verbalizing my ace intentions on every par 3 tee, asking what everyone will be having to drink, etc. Thus far the delusional gunslinger routine is having an opposite effect.
  10. Bump - limited weekend discount on these fresh faced beauties!
  11. Retail ball balance testing on a number of products is definitely on my To Do List. I expected the poles to flip if the balls were less 80mg out of balance and that was my observation on 8 balls. The counterweight on the rest didn’t waver at all from the North Pole orientation. And the counterweight also returned to the North Pole orientation after repositioning it at the equator and releasing it in the bath. I don’t especially like handling lead but ordered some tape for future testing to exclude any possibility of slight adhesive buoyancy. I’m planning to rerun this batch at 80mg when it’s delivered to see if the results match. Cutting some of these open sounds fun and that’s my plan going forward with the increasing counterweight protocol to identify the worst farm eggs. I signed up for the PuttOUT package reviewand if that mat rolls true it would probably be a decent surface to test roll variance. Beyond that I think gathering reliable flight characteristic data is a job best left to a robot and quality launch monitor.
  12. We’re back with another round of 5 dz practice class 2019 TM TP5X whites (well almost… Golf Discount accidentally sent me a single Tour Response ball in this second batch). After having reviewed the video @GolfSpy_CS shared of BAD’s coach balancing Bridgestone balls, I have taken some measures to hopefully tighten my testing tolerances and provide some additional data. My new scale is good to 10 mg (1/100 gram) and was calibrated prior to testing. All balls met the USGA conforming 45.93 gram max weight standard. Lightest - 45.42, Heaviest - 45.83, Average 45.64. Next I inspected for cover defects based on MGS Ball Lab standards - limited to tooling indentations, cuts and abrasions (significant rough spots). 29 balls showed at least one of the issues listed. The majority of the imperfections we’re located in close proximity to the cover seam. Balls were then individually placed in a saltwater float bath to determine balance. Two balls were perfectly balanced and 57 were unbalanced to some degree. I used Glue Dot adhesives in place of lead tape as a weight to determine a pass/fail core imbalance result on each ball. Five dots weigh 80 mg. Of the 57 that exhibited some degree of imbalance, 8 passed the 80 mg counterweight balance test and 49 failed. The overlap of balls that both passed the counterweight test and were free from cover defects was 6 (including the 2 perfectly balanced balls). Despite taking a few hours to knock out this round of testing, it was actually sort of fun. I’m planning to run this batch of balls through another round of float balance testing with a series of increasing counterweights to determine the degree of imbalance beyond pass/fail at 80 mg. I’m open to suggestions/requests if you guys see any glaring problems with my testing protocols. I’m also not opposed to cutting some of these open to see what’s going on inside. Additionally, through correspondence with Golf Discount I’ve learned some supply chain specifics on this product. For instance, practice balls are shipped bulk in large boxes direct from TM and then bagged by the dozen at GD’s warehouse. Bulk shipping could potentially be a source of some abrasions but I think it’s unlikely. More to come but that’s all for now.
  13. 5-PW Srixon Z565 - Miyazaki Tour Issue 8R 5433 graphite shafts, Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grips, Std. specs. SOLD Please DM for questions, additional photos or to arrange payment/shipping. Thanks!
  14. I’m a practice hound but the putting green at our club has been closed for over two months and my game has undoubtedly suffered. A comprehensive PuttOUT system at home is exactly what I need to help tighten up my putting stats this season. Good luck errrbody.
  15. I haven’t had a chance to swap them out yet. Also - the wind is always blowing 20+ mph down here in TX, so the mid-high launch characteristics of the Program 130 may prove to be problematic. But I’m still absolutely loving the ICON Blacks.
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