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  1. Sheesh - tough crowd. Okay - how about this post vinegar shot... errr... shot... looking down on Boulder from the top of Mount Sanitas today? It wasn’t blowing more than 60 knots at the summit. Should have brought an old club and a few pelotas - could have used it as a walking stick for the descent.
  2. The weather in CO hasn’t been cooperating for golf - does this count?
  3. Are you thinking of the Bloodline that was included in Most Wanted a couple years ago? For those unfamiliar, they have mallet and blade stand-up options - https://bloodline.golf/# . And the founders over there have a legitimate equipment pedigree.
  4. Inauspicious night putting has temporary derailed more than one golf career. What you do after the dust settles is all that really matters - just ask Mitch.
  5. I’m a big believer in slow and steady for the W. Just enjoy Christmas with your fam, brother. We’ll still be here whenever you’re ready.
  6. TK is from my hometown (Victoria, TX) and Edison Golf also appears to file there, so I’m certainly rooting for him. Growing up I was stupid steep around the green and never got along with the Eidelon grinds. Thankfully that’s no longer the situation. But what he’s saying about the physics of “forgiveness” in wedge design and typical course conditions, makes a lot of sense. That said, the new Edison line seems to be more of a full swing focused system. TK talks about how pros hit different spots on the face to produce specific wedge shot characteristics and that these are a deliberate departure from such notions. And without more aggressive grind options, you can’t effectively choose different parts of the face to intentionally alter touch shots. Tmag’s High Toe wedge for example, is a very different marriage of CG relocation theory and grind. So I’m not sure these would offer the short game creativity that I’m comfortable employing. But based on the testing data tables, these have the potential to turn a miss that’s 50 feet short in the bunker into a 20 footer. In that regard, I think this design is potentially what has been missing from the average amateur’s arsenal. And perhaps even the kind of product that brings amateur strategy back to full swing fairway yardage -vs- the bomb and gouge everyone is on about these days. Regarding the 60 day guarantee - it sounds like you send the wedges back, but they keep your dough and use it to purchase something more to your liking? That’s very... bold, especially for a fledgling operation. Me thinks the used return process might also entail a stern inquisition. But that’s TK in a nutshell, and to me, rings as a testament of faith in his product. My current wedges are approaching the end of their performance timeline, so I’m legitimately tempted to sign up for the zero liability “500 Club” roll-out. *raise your hand if you think it would be unacceptably weird for me to game 4-PW blades and cavity back wedges.
  7. I played The Frog in a USGA Public Links qualifier several years ago. Two separate 2+ hour lightning delays made for a miserably long 36 hole slog. From what I remember of that track, the tee rating contrast would probably be most evident on the par 3s and a couple of the par 4s. The back-to-back par 5s (maybe #4 & #5?) were both very reachable, even from the tips. But the other two were definitely set up as 3 shotters. I recall hitting less than driver on several par 4s. There was however, a long par 4 on the back (maybe #12?) that I’d imagine accounts for one of those strokes - really tough hole if you didn’t get your drive to the down slope. I also remember (#1 & #17?) playing pretty tough from the tips. The reference you made to #2 is a great example of a relatively tame hole that probably rates basically the same from any tee. It’s so weird the stuff you can recollect from a competitive round of golf 5+ years prior. Coming from altitude in Colorado, I also remember having the distinct feeling that we were playing under water.
  8. Looks like a neat product. I think the scoring is a really cool feature but I’m curious about the formula you’re using as it relates to pace. The pitch on the return ramp may accurately account for the discrepancy, but otherwise I wouldn’t consider a putt that stops dead center of the target to be representative of “perfect” pace. So I have a couple of questions: What is the effective pace (beyond the hole) on a putt that scores 100? What is the STIMP rating of the carpet? Also - welcome to the forum!
  9. Looks like DJ put his Spider in timeout today. I’ll be interested to see how he rolls the potato under pressure with a blade.
  10. Channeling Terrell Owens, they yelled, “I love me some me!” After JT showed the fellas a video of “T.O. being T.O.” this morning in the team room, he added “If I make a big putt today, I’m yelling it”. Definitely an emotionally charged moment for Team USA and Tiger seemed to be almost overcome with emotion in his 18th green interview immediately following the winning putt. Royal Melbourne (RM) looked great again. Will someone please stimp one of their freshly manicured bunkers? I’m asking for a friend. RM has given us a real treat with this setup. There’s something very unique about a slowly swelling roar from the home crowd in these team events, as an opponent’s ever so slightly misjudged ball misses a coffee table sized tier and inexorably gathers speed away from the hole for 30+ seconds. Wind forecast for Saturday matches is 10-20 mph from the same direction as Thursday. Tiger said the course was faster today, and I personally wouldn’t be surprised if conditions are approaching greasy, in the wind tomorrow afternoon. There are 20 points up for grabs over the next 2 days, so it’s still anyone’s Cup at this point. I’m hopeful the committee and Mother Nature both encourage RM to bristle a bit more over the next couple days and provide us with exciting golf.
  11. Royal Melbourne looks fantastic. And crazy fast. This is going to be a really fun competition to watch.
  12. For those still struggling to accept the legitimacy of PR’s penalty assessment - I suggest you take a step back from his “lie” - pun intended. Slugger White (PGA Tour Rules Official) correctly framed this situation under 8-1a (4), as a matter re: line of play. The backswing is included in a player’s line of play. By grounding his club within the depression and then making a backswing(s), he altered his line of play (sub. conditions affecting stroke). For the same reason you may not remove a bush growing in front of your ball, you may not knock down a pile of sand behind it. Rule 8 covers a central principle of the game: “play the course as you found it”. Some players uphold the notion as one of the sacred cornerstones of the game. Others view the principle as a technical nuisance. And we’re all free to decide for ourselves within which of those categories we believe a player operates. The only other thing I’ll add - in my experience, old habits die hard.
  13. PR moniker update: Captain Assh.... errr... Asterisk... I intended to say Captain Asterisk... it's the camera angle
  14. USGA 8-1a. (4) player may not remove or press down sand or loose soil to improve any of the conditions affecting their stroke. Intent does not factor in this scenario.
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