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  1. Lots of thoughtful responses thus far and I’ve enjoyed reading about everyone’s varied approach. Rather than bomb it all day, I’m much more likely pick my spots when the aggressive play conditionally works to my advantage. I’m essentially looking for opportunities to safely open up angles. More-so than overall length, hole location on the green is the fundamental variable in my strategy calculus. As @DaveP043 mentioned, the spin, speed and trajectory (relatively known variables) that result from full swings, require much more complex judgement and feel, at half yardages - even if the lie is perfect. Properly judging and executing a 50 yard shot from rough or an old divot is going to be a very high tariff if the situation only offers a single shot option. I don’t really have any weak spots in my short game and I’m likely to shoot similar numbers reaching for the driver all day or plotting my way around the course with fairway stats the priority. But in the long run, I’m probably going to have more rounds over par with the full tilt aggressive approach, in the form of trouble off the tee and high tariff situations. And that style of play is also going to be more mentally, emotionally & physically stressful. At my home course, driver can potentially put me well inside full wedge range on (6) of (10) Par 4s. And while I have given each of them a go multiple times respectively, there has never been a round where it made statistical sense for me to hit driver on all of them. Wind, turf conditions and hole location either align for success or they don’t. And when they don’t, pushing my luck doesn’t pay enough dividends to justify the risk. I learned a long time ago, golf is most productive (and enjoyable) when I’m playing from the fairway regularly. I’m always on the lookout for a deck stacked in my favor, but having patience to avoid the long odds was a big factor in my development from low single digit to a steady plus handicap. When I have time, I’ll post some flyover examples that I regularly face, to offer visual perspective on my decision making process.
  2. That looks like a sweet track and it’s always fun teeing it up with another Spy! I also dig the Barton Creek lid!
  3. I remember this one like it was yesterday. At the time, I thought it was an incredibly risky move. Upon moving the boulder, I believe any signs of a distinct depression in the ground beneath would have resulted in penalty, because it wouldn’t technically be considered a “loose” impediment. But fortune favors the bold and the Tiger stripes were certainly on bold display that day.
  4. I’m a borderline politician when it comes to “hitting the streets” for MyGolfSpy. A handful of my pals adopted ShotScope V2 after seeing it in action - one of them even migrated over from Arccos. And that’s despite their awareness of my less than glowing review of the V1 system. (Note: I think the V2 system is a substantial improvement over the initial iteration) Same goes for the Bettinardi SS38 Armlock. I approached countless total strangers at local courses, explained the MGS community/review process and asked them to roll a few putts. @PokeForeLyfe is one direct example, although I’m not sure he’s still rolling an Armlock. Strangely enough, despite my overwhelmingly positive review and play with the Ping G400 LST, I didn’t see any evidence of it gaining traction with the people around me. But I also wasn’t pressing it into the hands of every stranger on the range. So I don’t know if my equipment gaming and entreaties to explore MyGolfSpy, necessarily meet an “influential” standard, but I’m hopeful that is the case. And I intend to continue drumming for MGS with the 100K goal in mind.
  5. I checked out their service and mock filled out the required forms for a local course in about 90 seconds. It seems like the main reason this service might not be a good fit for @GSwag is that he prefers to make tee times same day and GoPlayGolf needs a heads up to get the golf course paid in advance of your arrival. They do list a couple small add-on service fees if you want the company to also book your tee time or you cancel last minute. Otherwise this seems to be a perfectly reasonable way to gift some golf.
  6. Snow is considered casual water - free relief, nearest point no closer to the hole.
  7. Volume UP^^^ Colorado weather has been beautiful the past 3 days. And my wrist finally feels good enough to take some proper divots... so I took ~600 of them over that stretch. Still have a couple of things to get dialed in, but I have most of the recent hinky wrist related habits ironed out. For me personally, being able to practice multiple days in a row speeds up my progress by orders of magnitude. And once I’m dropping it in the slot, practice becomes downright addictive. So I’m planning to continue digging as long as the weather (and turf) allow. Still bummed about basically missing my entire Summer of golf but I’m not giving up yet - only 7 months until Bandon Dunes
  8. There are only supposed to be (6) vote options. "Three Foot Putts Are Dropping" and "Me, Myself & Dye" are the same.
  9. Yep - another player having success with a heavy, ultra low torque Matrix Ozik shaft in the putter.
  10. Bump - $400 shipped to US (lower 48)
  11. Matrix Ozik (graphite) Edit: and he’s not the only one using it in a putter
  12. I’ve known a few sticks that played them. They share the same formula as some other “holy grail” types - compact with a tungsten load behind the sweet spot. Adams MB2 and CMB are a similar tungsten loaded players design that I personally love. But I can’t speak to the marshmallow forging status on the TourStage Z101.
  13. I’ve got (6) tee times booked for the second week in May next year. I’ll be staying on property and using ShipSticks for my wrenches. What are some other Bandon trip tips you’d be willing to share, @Frknglfnut? Edit: Bandon Trails looks absolutely amazing. And 23 putts at Pacific Dunes is rolling your potato really nice!
  14. Push fade 4-iron took a bad bounce just right of the surface, followed by a worse bounce. Came to rest 35 yards right of the hole - in bounds but a really nasty lie of thick St. Augustine creeping in from someone’s backyard. Short sided, so speed + loft was the only real option, but comes with a high tariff when you’re dealing with that sort of healthy running grass. Took a big swipe, came out high and soft with some spin and rolled in the center like a putt. Happy it found the cup - never want to hit that shot again. Eagle (3) - Thank you very little.
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