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    The transit of my mercurial mojo is inexorably linked to expeditious golfing, surfing tanker wakes, rummaging through thrift stores and commiserating over mutual discontent of the aforementioned.
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  1. At some point, the owner decided two more words were needed Before any of you hop in your car and head toward Birmingham... that reads “Private Property”
  2. I’ve had (4), but still waiting on an ace... smh If we're sticking to winged creatures - how about *Toucan? (canned it for a two) *specific to Par 5s
  3. Welcome aboard, Veto - Boulder Valley here. Hope to see you around the forum. Or perhaps out on the links.
  4. Nice! I just booked a Saturday SAM Puttlab session at my local Club Champion. Figured they were the best bet to help get my build specs dialed in correctly for the Bettinardi SS38 Armlock (apparently CC is already stocking it for fitting) testing and it also never hurts to get an updated state of the stroke report. Apologies for the temporary thread jack @B.Boston, looking forward to your fitting report. Are you headed back to Spargo? Do they utilize a Puttlab system?
  5. Right Front Right Rear That’s it for me. I’ve had the sharp end of a tee slip under a fingernail one too many times, so these days I just keep a couple tucked into my cap, for safety and easy access.
  6. Oh man, I am so stoked - to both put the SS38 Armlock through the ringer and be included in such a solid group of Spies!!! My sincerest thanks to MyGolfSpy and Bettinardi Golf for this opportunity!
  7. Welcome aboard, @DocFletchLXG - nice intro and detailed pics of WITB! I have the same set of MacGregor M565s in one of my guest bags. Hope to see you around the forums.
  8. Alright, alright - I think that's just about enough, from the both of you.
  9. I think Alan may have been referencing the launch monitors a lot of pros are utilizing on the practice tee these days. Like the one DJ regularly used to his detriment dialing in wedges while becoming #1 in the world.
  10. Looks like my Mother, @artful_golfer decided to join us. She works harder on her game than anyone I know. The most important answers are still waiting in the dirt but some extra studying at MGS doesn’t hurt.
  11. Nice intro and welcome aboard, Mom. You’ll find everyone here is really nice.
  12. That’s wayyy cool, Chris. I want one.
  13. I think career trajectory substantially impacts both the way support networks are assembled and cash flow is managed in those respective sports. Playing status on the tour offers potential long term returns but big money on the front end (signing bonus, contract guarantees, endorsements) is incredibly rare. A bunch of guys on tour have early career sponsors (debtors) that own a piece of their earnings, for life. On top of that, you’re on the road all the time, on your own dime. Don’t get me wrong, it can be a very cushy life, but the wad Phil carries around is the exception, not the rule. It’s becoming less so but it’s also the exception for players to come straight out of college and straight into full playing status. There is obviously a major income bump that comes following their first win but the average golf career (earnings) follows a normal distribution by comparison. I’m not trying to say either formula is right or wrong but the difference seems to come down to cash flow and boundaries. With guaranteed income rare, it’s irresponsible for the overwhelming majority of tour players to keep a deep payroll. If you’re cutting someone a paycheck, that makes you the man. And the man needs to set proper boundaries. Maybe the guys on tour have better hiring practices or perhaps they do a little better job setting boundaries (defining scope of work). Perhaps that’s the result of a more (relatively) normalized career trajectory. In any case, while each of these sports have outliers, the typically gradual build of a professional golf career seems to make golf the exception to the rule in professional sporting. As @TR1PTIK eloquently conveyed, professional golfers tend to only hire new team members to handle increasing responsibilities. And they are employed solely to simplify and support in various specialized capacities. The dietician is not offering insight on Par 5 strategy, the nanny is not talking about swing plane, the manager isn’t talking about squat programs - they all play their roles so the pro need only show up, ready to play. A toxic entourage can bring down anyone but on the PGA Tour, I just don’t currently see much evidence to suggest more staff, more problems (poor play).
  14. I'm guessing the personal doc, dietician, personal chef, nanny and RV drivers (they work in shifts for long hauls) may move J Day to the front of that line.
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