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  1. Really fun day at Torrey Pines (North) with my brothers. Although the sky was rather hazy with marine layer plus fire smoke. And the conditions were atypically lackluster. I agree - the Undertow corner was an absolute beast. 5 over thru the first 4 (with a par on 3), but managed to play the last 14 holes (-2) for a grind house 75. Missed a bunch of birdie looks inside 15 feet - the Pacific has a certain gravity around here. Averted major disaster on 11 when my tee ball came up just short in the ravine, blasted out onto the front collar and canned a 30 foot bump & run 9-iron for an All-World par. Overall not too disappointed for my first time seeing the North course, playing with a rental bag and the supplied Titleist Velocity pearls. I’ve definitely been spoiled by the Ben Hogan ICONs and thin Colorado air. Happy to report that I resisted the urge to shell out $40 for a 2021 U.S. Open t-shirt. Less thrilled to report that my back is trashed and I’m shutting it down for a couple weeks.
  2. Got in a full loop with the half set this afternoon. Top-to-bottom: Cobra S9-1 Pro 3-wood; Ben Hogan ICON 5/7/9 irons; Cleveland 588 49*/56*; Bobby Grace NYC Tour. 12/14 Fwy; 16/18 GIR; 32 Putts (-2) The breakdown on the other 38 shots: Hit the ICON 5-iron (7) times today... (8) counting my second shot on the opening Par-5 that directly smacked the high tension transmission line crossing the fairway and nearly landed at my feet. But I only hit one chippy 7-iron into the breeze from 150. (5) 9-irons all solid and inside 2 feet from 155 on the 18th. (12) 3-woods, all tee balls. (11) wedges all outside 80 yards. Plus one chip and one putt from the fringe. Pretty even mix of knock downs and high hard ones to cover the gaps and the ICONs performed more than adequately. Only missed GIRs were both stepped on gap wedges and one of those was less than a foot into the collar. It was interesting having fewer options to consider throughout the round and the setup definitely demanded a more decisive swing in several scenarios. Intentionally worked the 5-iron hard in both directions a few times. Surprised to only have one blemish on the card. Didn’t have any expectations standing on the first tee and it ended up being a stress free day. The two biggest takeaways: 1. I love these ICONs more and more. 2. Pleasantly surprised how much less energy I expended shouldering the sub-10 pound single strap quiver compared to a fully loaded push cart. Had you suggested that I could have a below average day on the greens and still notch an easy red number with a half set, I probably would have rolled my eyes. Well... to the contrary, it was an eye (the third one) opening and very satisfying experience. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade the Sunday bag?
  3. Who says Sunday bags are only for Sundays? Forgot the range was closing early for a clean pick. Only had (6) clubs in the practice bag - Cobra S9-1 Pro D driver; Ben Hogan ICON 5/7 iron; Cleveland 588 49/56 wedges and Bobby Grace NYC Tour. Finished 5 holes before the skies opened up. Hit every fairway/green and had an absolute blast scooting around with the half set. Takeaway - the ICONs are so easy to manipulate and the circa ‘11 Cobra disco stick is still a beast.
  4. Official Ben Hogan Icon Review bumparoo I could talk about these clubs all day so please fire away with any questions that were not covered in the official review.
  5. Hmmm... Adams? Never heard of them. But if I did have a basement bag full of their best prototypes, I would probably hang onto them 4eva.
  6. Ice cold Yuengling is one of my favorite sessions - the embodiment of 'oldie but a goodie'
  7. In a word - buttery. Without knowing your game, "not the best ball striker" sounds like the combo set might be a better look. The area on the face of the ICON 4-iron that I would describe as 'sweet spot' is uncomfortably small. And in my experience, the other areas on the face are not particularly useful.
  8. I think you would thoroughly enjoy carving it up with these wrenches, pards. The misses (speaking from very regular firsthand experience) hurt. But there is something special about successfully navigating the punishing correlation between input and result that blades uniquely present. I’m sure you experienced it plenty with those tiny Ping BPs, as has @sirchunksalot alluded to the same in his vintage Wilson experiments. Are you punished for your mistakes? Yes. Do you learn from it? Hopefully. Did you earn the result? Unquestionably. Would you like to operate within that reality? Well... things get deeper there. Also, the KBS Tour V setup is growing on me. Sore elbows be damned. It’s no limit flagstick season and these hawks are stone cold killers.
  9. I’ve been surprised by the notice these ICONs have received at the range - from nonchalant peeks strolling past the bag, to the more direct “Those sound so quiet - what are they?”
  10. Surveillance Report: Subtle Shot Spectrum *full volume for full ‘forged effect’ Some ideas explored in the official ICON review dropping next week... Tradition -or- Progress; Creativity -or- Predictability; Exhilarating -or- Sensible? “You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you might find. You get what you need.” - The Rolling Stones
  11. It wouldn’t be accurate to say my V3 unit is working correctly since the firmware update. However, the addition of the prior tag screen indicator has definitely improved my experience. It’s still missing a ton of tags that should automatically register through normal play, but after hitting the shot I can verify whether it was recognized. When it misses an auto tag, I place the butt of the club directly against the wrist unit and it registers instantly. I know ShotScope HQ doesn’t officially endorse that procedure but it works like a charm for me. Still pretty disappointed overall with disparity between expected and actual functionality.
  12. I feel like it may be Paul Casey’s turn to bag a big one (64 is my favorite number and it’s his 64th major championship). I’m also hoping HV3 makes a run at it today.
  13. That sounds awful, man. I’m so sorry. A hinky back can turn your whole world upside down. I hope you’re not in terrible pain and that it’s not a serious injury.
  14. Took the ICONs to Indian Peaks this afternoon. Only the second time on the road with the Hogans and they did not disappoint. (12/14) Fwy, (17) GIR, 32 Putts (-2) Flagged it all day with the ICONs. My only missed green was a 9-iron that ended up on the fringe 20 feet from the hole. Hit every club in the bag. Really solid ball striking day and didn’t make a thing over 5 feet. The only bummer of the round was my push cart creeping off while I was filling the water bottle, rolling into a hole, tipping over on the cart path and dinging up the back of the 9 iron a bit. I almost shed a tear and then 3-putted from 25 feet. Shot Scope and side-by-side comparisons have the ICONs about a half club longer than my gamers thus far. I’ve put in a lot of work getting to know these clubs and they are proving to be quite dependable.
  15. We are still a couple weeks away from dropping our overall official reviews, but after ~1500 range balls and 135 holes, certain aspects of these ICONs are already crystal clear. They are beautifully refined. I haven’t yet mustered the words to do them justice in the looks and feel department. All indications point to V-Sole having a tangible impact. I’m doing my level best to wear the DBM finish off these faces. This 9-iron has seen hundreds of balls (face cleaned after every swing). The KBS Tour V steel experiment has been interesting and in some ways positive, but my elbows hurt. After we wrap up our official reviews, I’m likely to drop in a brand new Matrix Ozik crate motor that has been collecting dust in the basement. It has been so much fun getting to know these wonderful clubs over the past 3 weeks. And I am looking forward to hearing impressions from the entire team as we get more track time. Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to. Feel free to reach out with questions or requests that we can dig into over the next couple weeks. Question for the entire review team: My short game toolbox extends down to the 9-iron - have you guys spent much time exploring these buttery blades around the green?
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