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  1. Hopefully something better than another “signature fragrance” or goofy training aid. I’m a big fan but his latest offerings in those areas had me scratching my head.
  2. The SS38 Armlock still has a spot in my bag, albeit splitting some time with a super stealth mode Bobby Grace NYC Tour. Inside 10 feet the Armlock is fantastic but pace control leaves something to be desired on longer putts. The plan is to take some length out of it (from 40” down to 38.5”) and wrap the chrome shaft in matte black heat shrink, once I’ve determined an appropriate grip for the experiment. Re: Norlander - I can barely watch him roll that wide split left-hand-low grip. Feels absolutely awful when I’ve tried that setup. Full disclosure, I have a real soft spot for Bo
  3. Goodness gracious. That was a brutal account and truly contemptuous consolation birdie. Only because you inquired (and your tee shot was apparently as doomed as the Titanic), I might suggest replacing “ricocheted” with the nautically derived synonym “sheered”. The one piece missing from the tapestry of your cruel golf gods epic is a prodigal twist, like one of the apples falling on your head mid-backswing and every single bump-and-run recovery since then has ended up in the bottom of the hole. I’m both enjoying the commiseration in this thread and looking forward to the swing th
  4. My most recent genuinely close call was June of last Summer, so it won’t count toward the ‘no cigar’ award @GolfSpy MPR suggested. But considering @fixyurdivot started this thread, it’s kinda neat that mine actually occurred up in his neck of the woods. Columbus, MT - dreamweaver 7-iron from 175 yards. The twosome in front waved me through and briefly celebrated before (according to them) the noodle spit my ball back out of the hole. Still aceless...
  5. SOLD - can we please lock this one up mods?
  6. Dominant hand oriented wet end is also essential for efficiently catching, cleaning and returning the ball your loop often errantly tosses at you after marking. Never.Drop.The.Bird.Egg.Looper - that kind of bad luck is likely to cost the entire team some money
  7. This is correct and you’ll often see it woven through the sticks of solid players. When you’re a serious gamer, it’s equally important to have clean grooves and dry hands. A lot of professionals also detest bag chatter and the extra length helps caddies keep things nice and quiet.
  8. I have a few more similar stories but should probably space them out a bit due to the consistently “colorful” language required to properly recount.
  9. Austin, TX (circa 2010) - I’m invited to play on a buddy’s corporate team for a celebrity invitational fundraiser at Onion Creek Country Club. Back turned toward me waiting on line at the breakfast buffet before the round is an unmistakable figure - Samuel L. Jackson. The line is moving along at a normal pace until Mr. Jackson arrives at the enormous spread of fresh kolache pastries. He’s stands there pensively rubbing his chin, carefully considering all the delicious options. He begins to reach for peach before reconsidering, makes for strawberry and withdraws again, nearly grabs a rhuba
  10. *Price Bump $225 shipped to US (lower 48)
  11. The DBM finish is absolutely pristine everywhere but the sweet spot and along the leading edge of the soles. And even in those areas that see the most wear they still look really good. I’d normally include some pics but my gamer bag is currently in TX. Looking forward to being reunited those beauties in the near future.
  12. Price bump - $270 shipped to US (lower 48) This tour van build is too good to be collecting dust in my closet - get ‘em while you can!
  13. My personal favorites that are good for any garbage - “I hope you guys are taking notes” _or_ “you just can’t teach that” Shots struck around the equator of the ball that go bounding over the putting surface - “these greens won’t hold a thing” Absolutely crushed but miles wide - “at least it’s a _long_ way the wrong way” The long putt that only makes it halfway to the hole - “good practice for the next one“
  14. It stands to reason that a place as special as the MyGolfSpy forum would have the moderation team to match. @STUDque and @StrokerAce (gosh those handles look strange w/o the prefix) - you have done a masterful job during a pivotal growth period and definitely earned the R&R. Although I sincerely hope to see you both slide right back into the fun, value and community that you’ve worked tirelessly to provide for the rest of us. I am also certain that we are in steady hands with @Golfspy_CG2 and @GolfSpy MPR leading the way from here. Proud as I am to be a part of this place, y
  15. *SOLD - can we please lock it up Mods?
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