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  1. Unless you intended to tag @dlow206 I’m afraid I must beg to differ, because every aspect of my quiver is the bee’s knees. In either case, I would be remiss squandering this occasion to bemoan the dearth of hexadecagonal mandrel patents being filed/licensed by graphite shaft manufacturers. Even if it potentially opened me up to a more precisely amended notice re: items on your facetious Top Ten list of non-starters. Something akin to, “DLK eschewed a happenstance to flex his lexicon”. PS - I sincerely hope errrbody is doing well. Carry on…
  2. My picks are set. If I compiled and disseminated my career stats in the MGS Masters Pool, it’s very possible some guys in the field at Augusta this week would pay money for me to keep them off my roster. So sorry for all the players on my squad but it had to be done.
  3. A man much less wise imagines that sort of wisdom is most likely earned from many such tests of patience. And on the basis of that metric, the man originally referenced is probably high in the running for wisest world wide.
  4. 1PUTT 18GIR FORE SLICE BACK9 GETUP GO IN SPIN OKSIT 10HCP …or whatever your index might be
  5. Zombie Thread Alert Finally got this Bobby Grace NYC Tour dialed and decided to roll out the tuxedo treatment today in honor of its newly minted gamer status. Trimmed 1.5” to play at 32”, threaded a 50 gram counter plug into the Traxion Tour 2.0 tech port and dressed the shaft in black heat shrink. Feels like this wand may have some magic. Thanks again for starting this thread @hckymeyer!
  6. Zombie Thread Alert Finally got around to lacing up my spare set of Matrix Ozik Program 130 shafts in the ICONs on Saturday. Assuming that Sunday’s round in blustery conditions was indicative of their enduring utility, I should have dug into this project much sooner. If a smoother loading shaft exists, I’ve never swung it. Great balance, touch higher launch and tight draws. I also personally think the color combo turned out none too shabby. These were originally a set of Adams CMB pulls that should have covered 4-PW. Upon closer inspection, the tip on the 5-iron looked a smidge overcooked, so I ended up soft stepping the 4-iron shaft and slipping an Adams Super Proto DHY into the 4-iron slot. Shout out to Grail Golf for the long red collared ferrules and @PokeForeLyfe for a great deal on the shafts. This DIY project was under $130 out the door! With the daylight savings switch around the corner, I’m super stoked about spending more quality time with these beauties!
  7. Place your shoes into a shallow pan (i.e - baking sheet). Pour enough hot water into the pan to submerge most of the soles and let them soak for 10-15 min. Spikes should be much easier to remove. Clean out the sole threads with an old toothbrush and flush with clean water prior to installing new spikes. Using the treatment above, I’ve been able to hand turn out spikes that wouldn’t budge with a proper wrench.
  8. Had “Chamber of Commerce” South TX weather for a leisurely Sunday round with my dad. The green surface situation at our club this season has been like trying to putt through peanut butter and I’ve cycled through ~20 wands trying to find something that works without much success. With the temps dropping the past couple weeks and the Super subsequently dropping the mower reels, I have finally begun to roll in some proper putts with the old faithful Bobby Grace M5K-GT TC. Less than stellar ball striking day (3/14 FWY, 15/18 GIR, 29 PUTTS) that included (6) birdies. Started out par, bogey, birdie and then made a very sloppy bogey on the short par 5 4th but the putter was showing definite signs of life. Bagged a fat turkey on 5/6/7 with 3 straight 30+ foot bombs (walked each dead in middle the last 10 feet). Played clean all the way to the house with a few clutch saves, missing only one green and adding 2 more birds on the back nine par 5s. The last on 18, a forty footer for a big bald bird that stopped dead on the left edge. Tap-in for 67 (-4) and my lowest round of the season by a stroke. Shot Scope had me making 172 feet on the moss… not too shabby. Got everything to the hole and only missed low side twice. Basked in the glory of feeling temporary control over my golf game on Monday and then rolled out of bed Tuesday morning with a raging case of vertigo. To say that it’s been a humbling past few days would be an understatement. Looking like it may be awhile before I can secure an appt with an ENTS, so who knows when I’ll tee it up again. At least I didn’t post a stinker my last loop around the track but this situation seriously sux. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. I’m praying a little harder than usual for some give and yours would likewise be greatly appreciated. Adios for a bit (hopefully) muchachos. PS - loved your Edel video @Sluggo42… despite it making me dizzy AF. That thing should be prefaced with a hurl warning for the equilibrium challenged
  9. I use this free iOS mobile browser app strictly for MyGolfSpy - Firefox Settings sliders: Block Pop-Up Windows _and_ Tracking Protection>Enhanced>Strict I wouldn’t have even known about the monetization frustrations if not for the folks venting about the developments. YMMV but zero site functionality issues, no trackers and not a single ad for me. Because it bears repeating - I see ZERO ads
  10. While I’m a huge fan of laser rangefinders, the Shot Scope Pro L1 unit that I put into play a few months ago has been returning garbage distance readings of late - it’s all over the place. Definitely feels like wasted money right now but hopefully the replacement they’re sending out will be an improvement.
  11. Agreed - just started binging this one and it’s truly refreshing.
  12. RF module is a part wired into the motherboard that allows the V2 unit to receive wireless signals from the remote. If the stalling issue persists after my warranty expires, I may try to fab in an external antenna to see if that helps and should also significantly extend the remote range.
  13. With the majority of rubber grips, you can roll them back so there is an overlap. Use a regular blade to cut through the outer layer with the bottom layer acting as a buffer to protect graphite shafts. Repeat the process a few times and you should be close to having it off. Toward the butt end where the grip is thicker and tougher to roll, you don’t necessarily need to cut all the way through to tear it. Like rending fabric, you only need to nick it with the blade to create a weak point.
  14. I have the same unit and experienced the same stalling scenario - unit moves roughly a foot and then won’t accept any more remote inputs for ~15 seconds. Happened maybe 4-5 times over the course of 18 holes. After reaching out to Alex (Alphard founder) he determined it was most likely a bad remote _or_ alternatively an issue with the RF module. He initially had the U.S. distributor (Proactive Sports Group) send me a new remote which did not solve the problem. After that he had them ship me a new motherboard. That also did not solve the problem. Here’s what I have further narrowed down regarding specific incidence: 1. it is much more likely to occur after having initiated the remote lock function. 2. it is much more likely to occur when I quickly input a second forward speed increase from a stopped position. Potential workaround procedures that have improved my experience: 1. allow the unit to move several feet at the slowest setting before further increasing the speed. 2. use the (15 yard) programmed distance remote input to initiate forward motion after the unit has been locked and sitting (i.e. remote has been locked in your pocket for a few minutes while putting). I’ll be curious to hear if your experience mirrors my own. Alex has not been forthcoming re: whether ours is a common issue but I’m leaning that direction.
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