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  1. That’s slick. You plan to use vinyl for the final product _or_ lay down some paint? I bought that one from you. Still pick it up once in awhile. I like the alignment and the insert, but my favorite thing about the XDream mallet head is the sole. That footprint might be the most rock solid setup I’ve ever put my hands on.
  2. I’ll admit that it gave me an idea for a Halloween mask this year. Should make it easy to find the other golfers at parties. #golfersgottasticktogether
  3. Get outta here with your spell breaking nightmares. Show a little reverence for that magical period between order and delivery of a new putter, when @GolfSpy MPR is free to believe anything (including infinite 1-putts) is possible?
  4. If you find a custom cover maker who can make that mulberry blossom, please order two and let me know what I owe ya.
  5. Prepare to groan… Vincent van Go-In Because you’ll soon be regarded as formerly misunderstood putting genius and “go in” is what you’ll be exclaiming with every infallible brush stroke that sends your ball dead in the center. Just promise not to cut off an ear and send it to L.A.B. HQ.
  6. Check out the big brain on Brad… errr Stu! Seriously though, I’m impressed. Look forward to seeing “The Wolf”. But remember, just because you etch a character, doesn’t mean you have character.
  7. (Golf clap) Bravo @TSauer - take a bow Also - Pepperidge Farm _does not_ remember this.
  8. Nice! I dig all three of them, but the long-tailed zebra is prob my fave.
  9. Not to further complicate deliberations, but also specifically to complicate matters further than you ever thought possible, there’s an Easter Egg on L.A.B. Golf’s Meet DF3 page, that explains how you can even _combine_ multiple alignment aid options. If anyone else hears something that resembles a distant steaming kettle, do not be alarmed, as it is just @CFreddie’s brain in full meltdown after reading these words. I’ll give you fellas one hint where to find the double secret alignment option - Go Nuts
  10. That’s fantastic news - hip hip hooray for Lamkin coming through! Although it would’ve been fun to see a Judgement of Solomon (the grip version) shake out. Re: more chances to win - I’d probably have better luck letting the auto-pick bot handle my team for the remaining majors. I do still have three auto-picks left… hmmm
  11. What’s even more amazing is that @SBB and @Pettitt95 only had a 3 pick overlap and still finished with the exact same score and winnings. Those odds are long. I’m hoping Lamkin Golf are big Oprah fans - @SBB gets grips, @Pettitt95 gets grips, DLK gets grips, errbody gets grips!!!! That’s some admittedly pie-in-the-sky hoping, but it seems like the actual winners ought to at least get their due on the photo finish. It’s too close to call. If not, perhaps there’s enough in the kitty from our whopping $2 entry fee to cover an extra set? Maybe take up a collection? Or even go the Judgement of Solomon route and threaten to cut all the grips in half? That’d be my vote. All I’m certain of is that I do not envy you as arbiter of this situation.
  12. Very generous… and sporting. Based on the rules as written, that probably wouldn’t have been my opening move at the negotiating table. I was just speculating on the coin flip option, as there is no official second tie breaker. Going to FedEx Cup points breaks straight (PGA vs LIV) for the two of you, and would be sorta crummy IMO. Also - congratulations on your first forum post! It’s all downhill from here.
  13. The Masters proved to be a pretty brutal week for the pick’em league. More war of attrition than birdie bonanza. Congrats to @Pettitt95 _and_ @SBB on the win - the only 2 teams to finish under par (-1). They had different teams but finished at the same score total and winnings. Presumably @GolfSpy BOS is going let us know soon whether they both won a set of Lamkin grips or will be facing off in a double tie breaker coin flip. Another signature event this week for the RBC Heritage at Harbour Town Golf Links, so the big names are in town. With Meredith in the baby red zone, ride the Scheffler heat at your own peril. Good luck errbody!
  14. I’m gonna need to see that recipe, please and thank you.
  15. Congrats pards! Look forward to seeing some pics of the Vokey setup you go with… even though they’re left handed
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