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  1. Thank you very much Canucklehead! Great country! Have a great game
  2. Hola revkev.Muchas gracias! Have a great game.
  3. I started playing with long irons and as many have said here, it was not only a matter of having trouble to consistently hit the 2, 3 and 4 irons but also how difficult was to stop the ball in the green (specially 2 and 3 irons) when hit from the ground. Then hybrids came out and it was amazing to see the ball fly in the air, but the drawback was that extra spin made it difficult to hit it straight, specially against the wind or from the tee. I was not able to find the right hybrid and it was the club in my bag that rotated the most until a good friend found a used Taylormade Rescue Dual T
  4. Wow! poprocksncoke, cksurfdude, one0wonder, 00sportsman, No3PuttLaLa, 808nation, perseveringgolfer, Miboy62, MDGolfHacker, PING Apologist #9, DawgDaddy, GolfJunkie302, tony@CIC, MaxEntropy, tommc23, fozcycle, ole gray, josmi15 & Kenny B. Thank you very much for your welcome and your kind words. Have a great game.
  5. Hello to all forum members. My name is Jorge, I live in Madrid, Spain and I am absolutely crazy about golf. I've been playing since I was 30, I'm now 49, and my handicap is around 10. It has not improved much eversince I got married :-))) and increased when my two children were born.... Now they both just started to play the game and "I'm back". From the first day, I was very interested in golf equipment and the technology around it. At first, my focus was to swallow all the marketing material about clubs thinking I could buy a better game. After a while and due to the fact that I was
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