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  1. Totally agree with Shankster. Last summer I decided to ditch my 20º hybrid and replaced it with a used Callaway X Forged Utility of 24º that I tried at my local shop. One month later I bought another X Forged Utility of 21º to use it mainly from the tee in thight par 4s. After several months I realized that I had two great clubs to play from the tee and the fairway. The downsides, playing from the rough and trying to hit high to hold the ball in some greens. Solution: I kept the #3 Utility and bent it to 22º, sold the 24º and bought a 20º fade bias hybrid 7 wood that is literally adressing perfectly the downsides mentioned. I also faced the same problems as Shankster with the 3 wood, and replaced it with a 4 wood that works great from the fairway. Good luck and have a great game.
  2. Thank you very much Canucklehead! Great country! Have a great game
  3. I started playing with long irons and as many have said here, it was not only a matter of having trouble to consistently hit the 2, 3 and 4 irons but also how difficult was to stop the ball in the green (specially 2 and 3 irons) when hit from the ground. Then hybrids came out and it was amazing to see the ball fly in the air, but the drawback was that extra spin made it difficult to hit it straight, specially against the wind or from the tee. I was not able to find the right hybrid and it was the club in my bag that rotated the most until a good friend found a used Taylormade Rescue Dual TP that he remembered that it was the only hybrid I wasn't hooking out of the planet... I reshafted it and tweaked the SW and it stayed in the bag until last year (it is safe in the basement just in case). In the meantime I was able to try some driving irons specially from Mizuno but still I was not able to put enough spin from the ground although they were perfect for playing arrows from the tee. Until last year another friend convinced me to try one of the new driving irons in the market... I was shocked since it played straight from the tee and I could it it high from the fairway. The new driving irons are hollow clubs with faces that flex, with tons of tungsten low and towards the toe and in my opinion graphite shafts have improved a lot in the last 5 years. In my case I now got the best of both worlds and I don't think I will recover my hybrid from the basement anytime soon. There are many options available, the ones that worked vey good for me are the Ping G400 Crossover (way easier than the original black crossover) and the Cobra KING Utility (they now have a one lenght version with a very short shaft). This is a great thread that proves there is not a single club that is suitable for everyone and the best of all is that nowadays we have more options than ever. Have a great game.
  4. Wow! poprocksncoke, cksurfdude, one0wonder, 00sportsman, No3PuttLaLa, 808nation, perseveringgolfer, Miboy62, MDGolfHacker, PING Apologist #9, DawgDaddy, GolfJunkie302, tony@CIC, MaxEntropy, tommc23, fozcycle, ole gray, josmi15 & Kenny B. Thank you very much for your welcome and your kind words. Have a great game.
  5. Hello to all forum members. My name is Jorge, I live in Madrid, Spain and I am absolutely crazy about golf. I've been playing since I was 30, I'm now 49, and my handicap is around 10. It has not improved much eversince I got married :-))) and increased when my two children were born.... Now they both just started to play the game and "I'm back". From the first day, I was very interested in golf equipment and the technology around it. At first, my focus was to swallow all the marketing material about clubs thinking I could buy a better game. After a while and due to the fact that I was 6.3"and in the nineties there was no offering of custom specs in Spain, I started to modify my own clubs and ended up learning about clubmaking and clubfitting... I now have a little workshop in the basement in which I modify and tune up clubs for friends, family and when time allows, for myself. I've spent years on another forum but for the last 12 months I regularly read everything MyGolfSpy produce so I thought that joining this forum would be a good idea. I'm sure I will participate in threads about equipment and will try to share my limited knowledge with everyone here, always ending my posts with a: Have a great game.
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