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  1. Go read the article in Golf Digest about Feherty. He gives a very good account of his battles. When my dark times come, I don't want to do anything save sit in a dark room and watch TV. I'm really not watching it but use it as a distractions. Getting people out of the house, especially if they don't want to always helps me. Take them somewhere for a quiet lunch, to the golf store, putting green, etc... again, they will protest but thank you afterwards.
  2. For those that have tried the 4 layer ball, is it really as good as folks say? I have 4 dozen, but my game is so bad right now, I'm using my “cheap” balls
  3. I've suffered from anxiety and depression all my adult life. While I've never personally considered suicide, I can understand it, especially as I age. You get to a point in life where you realize that there is more behind you than in front. As one who finds himself in “dark places”, I always appreciate it when someone is simply there and patient with me. For you believers, if you remember Job's trials, his 3 friends sat with him for a week. Then they began to question what he had done to to deserve such trials. They did good to show up and sit with him. They failed when they opened their mouths. If you don't understand depression, it's hard to understand what a person who suffers from this is going through. My advice is simply be a friend.
  4. I'm still recovering from a hunting accident that let to surgery to repair my ankle and fibula. This happened 11/15 and I was warned full recovery could take a year.
  5. We have a group headed to St Louis for the PGA. We want to find a course to play on Friday before attending the championship on Saturday.
  6. Tier 1: Dustin Johnson Tier 2: Alex Noren Tier 3: Francisco Molinari Tier 4: Adam Hadwin Tier 5: Luke List Tie Breaker : -13
  7. Jon Tennessee Mid flight but wish to hit it higher Taylormade SLDR / Stock regular shaft I was fit by a pro Swing speed is 90+/-, smooth tempo
  8. Jon Scobey Bartlett, TN Handicap: About an 8 My eyes is my current tracking system, but they are getting a bit long in the tooth and I need something.
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