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  1. Michael - Orlando, FL 14.1 New Level MODB-1 with TT Elevate Tour S300 (Just switched out from Taylormade PSi w/ KBS TOUR C Taper Lite s)
  2. Michael, Orlando FL Currrently play Taylormade Hi Toe wedges in 54 and 58 Would like to try the 58 degree
  3. Michael - Orlando, FL 105mph Bridgestone Tour B RX Tour X
  4. Weezel514


  5. Michael Orlando, FL 105mph Bridgestone Tour B RX Never played a Snell
  6. Michael, Florida 13.7 - 104mph driver Bridgestone Tour B RX I have played both and enjoyed them, especially the XV Yellow
  7. -Michael -Florida -Wilson Staff 8883 BLK -Not a weakness or strength which is kind of frustrating
  8. Michael, Florida Talylormade M3 9* Mitsubishi Tensei White stiff 13/105, No use of launch monitor for data collection I have not played a Tour Edge driver before, but currently play a 3w from them and it is excellent
  9. 1. Michael - Florida 2. 12.6 handicap, 105mph SS 3. Taylormade M3 4. G410 Plus
  10. Michael Orlando, FL 13.1 Taylormade PSi 4-GW w/ KBS TOUR C-Taper Lite Stiff i500
  11. Michael from Orlando, FL Current Wedges: Taylormade PSi 50*, Wilson Staff FG Tour TC 54*, 58* Desired Set: Dark 50*, 54*, 58*
  12. 1. Tommy Fleetwod 2. Marc Leishman 3. Xander Schauffle 4. Charley Hoffman 5. Kevin Na Winning Score: -6
  13. 1. Michael 2. Orlando, FL 3. 13.1 4. No Current stat/swing tracking, but would really like to start.
  14. Michael from Orlando, FL Current yardage measurement is friends rangefinders and on course markers
  15. Michael Orlando, FL Taylormade PSi with KBS Tour C-Taper Light Stiff 165yds
  16. Tier 1: Justin Rose Tier 2: Adam Scott Tier 3: Tony Finau Tier 4: Brendan Steele Tier 5: Shubhankar Sharma Score: -7
  17. Michael from Orlando, FL Cobra King LTD Pro w Adila Rogue Black 60s SS = 104mph H = 14.1 ST180 9.5 degree right hand with Mitsubishi Tensei Blue
  18. 1. Michael from Orlando, FL 2. Taylormade PSi w/ KBS Tour C-Taper Light stiff 3. Handicap 13.5 4. As a former Cleveland irons player it would be great to demo and report on the CBX set.
  19. As an Orlando resident, I can vouch. Defintely make your way to Streamsong for a couple of rounds if it is in the budget and time. Like nothing else in the state really.
  20. Michael, Orlando Florida Taylormade PSi PW, AW & Wilson Staff FG Tour TC 54, 58 Strengths = 100-60yds and bunkers Weakness = Chipping around the greens Handicap = 14.9
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