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  1. If I may chime in, I look for urethane balls in: dispersion spin ball flight distance feel From 2019, my #1 choice was B'stone B RX.
  2. Jake, Fullerton, CA I practice on putting matt over the time, matt wears off. Not sure of the putting matt speed compared to real green. Championship Course
  3. Jake Yoon, Fullerton, CA I had original GolfBuddy GPS. I use laser rangefinder.
  4. Jake/Fullerton, California Desired to Test: 460 Swing Speed: 105 mph I have TW737 455 and TW747 460 drivers. Can TR20 outperform TW747?
  5. Jake California 14 hcp Snell MTB Black or Pinnacle Soft Looking for controllable Soft balls
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