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  1. That's interesting. I'm the opposite. For some weird reason, I can't swing well on an indoor simulator. It's completely in my head, and I think it has something to do with the fact that the ball smacks into a screen 15 feet in front of me, instead of soaring out onto the range. The first iron fitting I ever did was at a Club Champion that is right next to a driving range. I warmed up on the range with my 6 iron, and was consistently hitting about 165 (which, sadly, is my typical 6-iron distance). 10 minutes later indoors, the simulator was showing 145 with the same club. Anyone else cursed with this bizarre quirk?
  2. I'm intrigued by the TPT Red Range driver shafts, but it's tough to find a fitter - or even a review that's from a source that's not trying to sell something. I'm wondering if anyone here has personally tried a TPT - particularly for a driver shaft - and what you thought of it. If it matters, I'm generally a regular flex guy, with a driver swing speed in the mid- to upper-90's who wouldn't mind some help getting a little higher ball flight. Thanks.
  3. I'm looking for a hybrid or carry bag that has a big top, 14-way full-length dividers, and a smaller overall size. All the 14-way bags with a large top also seem to have tons of pockets and storage space, which I don't want. I just need 3 or 4 small-to-medium size pockets. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  4. I was fitted for a new set of PXG irons recently. After about a week with the clubs, I love the actual irons, but I think I may have been fitted into a set of shafts that are not a great match for me and my swing. I know PXG advertises that they will happily do "tweaks" to a fitting after-the-fact. Does this include switching to a different shaft, or does it just cover simple things like adjusting the loft, lie angle, etc.?
  5. I'm resurrecting this topic to try and get a sense for how pricing for the clubs themselves works at True Spec. I'm considering doing an iron fitting there. Roughly speaking, how much more is a set of irons through True Spec, versus getting those same irons with the TS-recommended shafts and specifications (length, lie, loft, etc.) through an online company like Golfio? Thanks.
  6. Ping G400 3 Hybrid (19 degrees) with Alta CB 70R (regular flex) shaft and Golf Pride CP2 grip. Everything is in excellent condition. ****SOLD****
  7. Titleist TS2 Hybrid - 21 degrees (4 Hybrid). Tensei AV Blue 70R (reg flex) shaft. Everything is in excellent condition. Asking $200.
  8. Ping G400 3 Wood (14.5 degrees) with Alta CB 65R (regular flex) shaft and Golf Pride CP2 grip. Everything is in excellent condition. ****SOLD*****
  9. Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro Irons - 5 through PW, plus 4 Hybrid. Shafts are Dynamic gold 105 R300 (regular flex) and they are +1/2 inch. These are basically new. I hit about 150 balls at the range before I figured out that the 1/2-inch longer shafts are just not for me. ****SOLD****
  10. Thanks, but I think I need the forgiveness of the Forged model.
  11. I wound up going with the JPX 919 Hot Metal Pros, but I'd still be interested in iron heads for 7-iron through PW for the JPX 919 Forged if anyone is looking to sell.
  12. I'm looking to buy a set of JPX 919 heads only. I'd prefer 5-iron through PW, but would consider other configurations too. Thanks.
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