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  1. One thing I worry about with this and the Autoflex is whether getting used to the fell of the Free Flex (or the Auto Flex) will make me lose the feel for my fairway wood and hybrids. Did you have a problem with that at all? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for these detailed reviews. Have you had any trouble with consistency/performance/feel on your other clubs once you got used to the Autoflex in the driver? I might be able to stomach $500 for a driver shaft, but I also carry and 3 wood and 4 hybrids (because I can't hit a long iron to save my life). I'd be afraid that once I really dialed in the driver with the Autoflex, I'd lose any sort of "feel" for hitting those other 5 clubs - and there's no way I'm going to pony up for Autoflex shafts for those clubs as well. Thanks.
  3. Time Left: 11 days and 8 hours

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    Three KBS Tour Prototype 85R hybrid shafts. Regular flex. 40 inches, 39.5 inches, and un-installed. Two have Callaway tips and Winn Dri-Tac grips. Retail is $195 each. I’m asking $125 each or $325 for all three.


  4. Time Left: 11 days and 8 hours

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    Diamana TB 60 driver shaft. Stiff flex. 44 inches. Like new condition. Callaway tip and Winn Dri-Tac grip. Retail is $360. I’m asking $250 plus shipping.


  5. BGT Brava SpeedFilte NRG driver shaft. 50 gram, R 85. TM adaptor. Winn Dri-Tac grip. Played 3 or 4 rounds with it. They're about $440 new. I'm asking $250 plus actual shipping costs.
  6. My group often plays Wolf on the course. Half the time, the guy keeping the Wolf score (sometimes me) screws up the scoring along the way, and we have to re-trace our steps and figure out where we went wrong. Is there a scoring app out there that can keep track of the money on a game like Wolf?
  7. I totally agree. I love the extra distance I'm getting, but the matte finish is not for me. I do think it affects feel on putts and soft chips. Makes no sense to me why so many bright-colored balls are matte finish. I might start carrying a "putting ball" (probably a Pro V1) in my pocket to switch to once I'm on the green.
  8. Thanks for the response. I don’t know what most (or all) of that means. Bottom line - does it make sense that they would feel “slower” on putts and short bump-and-run chips as compared to the Pro V1?
  9. Everything is dormant and yellow here in Texas, which makes it tough to see a white golf ball. I usually play Pro V1 or Pro V1X, but the only alternative color they come in is yellow - which is even worse for visibility against yellow grass. So I stopped by my local Golf Galaxy yesterday to get some balls that would stand out. The Titleist Velocity comes in a matte bright orange. I've always been skeptical about a ball making a big difference in distance, but since I have trouble with distance, I figured I'd give those a try. Holy Crap! During my round yesterday, I would guess I hit my drives 20 yards further on average, and my irons 10 yards further. I did notice that I didn't do as well with putting or short chips (basically bump and runs), leaving many of them short. Does anyone else have experience with these balls compared to Pro V1's. I know putting and chipping are supposed to be more important than distance, but if I can hit my approach shot with an 8 iron instead of a 6 iron, that's gotta be a net benefit, right?
  10. I'm selling the PLB I bought at Dallas Golf last week. It's not working for me as well as the Atmos senior flex I bought first. I've hit 40 or 50 drives with it. The tip is TaylorMade and the grip is Dri-Tac. All in it cost me about $85. I'll sell it for $60 to someone here in the Dallas area. Lemme know.
  11. Dallas Golf is awesome. I live here in Dallas and I get most of my golf stuff there.
  12. That's funny - I was thinking exactly the same thing. My driver actually seems to feel a little heavier if anything. I'm guessing that's because I'm feeling more load as a result of more flex (?). My driver swing is different from all my swing for all my other clubs anyway (hitting up versus down), so maybe having a different feel for that one club is not a big deal.
  13. Is there any concern about having a completely different swing weight and flex for your driver (and possibly fairway wood) than for your irons and wedges? For the PLB shaft, I'm assuming the one everyone is using is the 45, senior flex?
  14. Everybody on this thread is mentioning the PLB shaft. Is there a reason for that? Now that I'm semi-sold on the Otto-Phlex theory, are there particular high-quality shafts that fit the description of lighter and more whippy? Would one of the Ventus Velocore shafts do the trick?
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