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  1. David Alabama Odyssey #7 Micro hinge Strength
  2. David, Birmingham, AL, =/- 24 rounds Facebook, Twitter, Instagram 14, driver swing speed 95 Apex CF 16, XR Driver, Rogue 3wd & 3 hyb, Mackdaddy 4 50, 54, Mackdaddy 3 PM 60 F9 Conventional length stiff 95, Stiff flex woods.
  3. 730, I just now saw this post and I don't know if you've already played Silver Lakes or not. I will tell you the original design was built in a fairly wooded area. A few years ago a tornado came through and cleared hundreds/thousands of trees out. This has change the personality of the course a lot. The wind is a major factor. The greens are typical RTJ, very large with with tiers (tears flow often) dividing the mass into zone. Hitting to the middle of the green is a penalty. You've got to shoot towards the pin. Don't worry, there will be plenty of area around the flag. Also, th
  4. T1 - Tommy Fleetwood T2 - Brandon Grace T3 - Daniel Berger T4 - Danny Willett T5 - Padraig Harrington Tie Break - -5
  5. What a GREAT company. David Alabama Apex CF16 XP95 Stiff 7 iron 165 - 170
  6. Tier 1 - P Reed Tier 2 - L Oosthuizen Tier 3 - T Finau Tier 4 - B Steele Tier 5 - T Mullinax Final Score -3
  7. I'm a part time club fitter at Edwin Watts in B'ham. I worked FT for several years, but left to follow my dream job. I work at Watts now for fun, and it is fun. I've read MyGolfSpy a long time and recommend it to customers when they're "just looking" and not sure what they want. I encourage them to do a bit of research before getting fit. I know for a fact getting fit makes a huge difference. My bag is Callaway and Ping. I've hit EVERYTHING Watts sells and made my selection from extensive testing for me. What I like and what you like may be different. I don't judge. I'm loo
  8. Good luck everyone David/Alabama XR 10.5 Speeder 665 (stiff) SS 98 (avg)/ 14 Handicap 9.5/Tensei CK Blue 67
  9. David Birmingham, AL United States Handicap 13 Apex CF16
  10. Welcome to the forums g8rdavid :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


    MyGolfSpy Staff

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