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  1. Jason / Wilmington iPhone 12 mini Outdoors Both
  2. Jason Wilmington, NC TM M1 2017 w/ Evolution V 661 9 108 TSI3
  3. Jason / Wilmington, NC Putting mat PuttOut Mat Medium
  4. Jason / Wilmington NC / USA Taylormade Spider Double Bend Tomcat 14 - I am interested in a shape like the spider with a different feel
  5. 9 / Wilmington, NC Titleist AP2 714 / 140 DTC company that has excellent reviews.
  6. Jason / North Carolina I have used gps on my phone like the grint Laser
  7. Jason / Wilmington about once a month / 20 min 2 The ability to work on putting at home with an exciting twist over just a Mat and cup.
  8. I have the Fuji Evo V and I love it.
  9. I was fit for a Fuji Evo 5 last year. My dispersion was drastically improved due to the shaft. Obviously the $350 was too much. I bought the shaft used for 25% of the original price. I recommend getting fit then buying the shaft used.
  10. First Name/State : Jason / NC Current Driver Shaft : Fuji Speeder Evolution V Current Driver Swing Speed: 108 What if anything would you like to improve in regards to your driver shaft..such as more or less spin, better dispersion, more distance..etc. More Distance Do you have regular access to a Launch Monitor--Not required, but would be helpful in testing. Yes
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