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  1. i like the idea of the puffy jackets. Some of the golf apparel manufactures are doing that. Most I seen are in the front only. I need to keep my back warm. Most of the reviews I seen also say the wind goes right thru the material. Designers seem to be going for the look and not function.
  2. The problem with winter golf jackets (clothing) is the concept that is has to breathable. When it's below 40 degrees the last thing i want is to feel the wind whistling thru material. I know someone will say "wear a rain jacket". Why can't I have a lightly insulated jacket that stops the wind as well ???
  3. So I was at a Demo Day this past Friday (6/16/18) hitting irons and the Ping Rep mentioned that Ping was going to release a new iron. He didn't know that date and didn't say what they were, Anyone heard this rumor ?
  4. Greg Watson - 61 Kentucky 75 - 100 yards out is my biggest bugaboo I have worked harder on my game this year than ever before. I would love to come to Phoenix and improve my short game.
  5. Thanks Guys Yeah I have been using TM irons for years. Had the series 200 before the Tour Burners. I have had to replace a couple of TM drivers and It was never a problem a replacement. The only problem is maybe getting the same club(s). They replaced one driver with an updated model that did not fit me at all. Of course clubs do break due to no fault of the company. My irons will be fitted so I didn't want to have regrets 4 yrs down the road.
  6. Hey Guys & Gals ! I'm about ready to have a fitting for a new set of irons and wedges. Will be trying just about every thing in the shop so have not decide on brand or model yet. I do like the TM M1 irons. However they (Golf Spy) they were seeing swelling on the face slots. Is this a fluke or are others seeing problems like that. I don't switch clubs often so I don't want to have replacement issues down the pike. My current irons are 2008 TM Tour Burners, so I will have whatever I decide on for some time. Any feedback on the TM's or other brands will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi Guys. I'm a new member from WKY.
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