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  1. My review will not necessarily be an endorsement of the product, but a detailed synopsis of how the product performs on all types of putts and how it feels.
  2. A good golf shoe should be both a good walking shoe and a good platform for swinging a golf club. If the shoe looks good it's a bonus. I'm a walker and very picky about my shoes. If you are looking for someone to sugarcoat this product, don't pick me. Otherwise, I'm a 10.5 medium.
  3. Dan from Friendswood, Texas Yes, I once had a hitting net. No LM, but I do have a very nice practice area complete with chipping green and practice bunker. The addition of a practice net would be perfect!
  4. Dan / Friendswood, Texas Yes, right handed. 1st choice: 3-wood 15 degree, stiff. Prefer Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Black shaft, but open to others. 2nd choice: Driving Iron 18 degree, stiff. Prefer UST Mamiya Recoil or ES shaft, but open to others. Handicap: 8.0 Currently play a Callaway 3-hybrid Big Bertha with UST Mamiya Recoil or ES shaft in lieu of a 3-iron.
  5. Dan Friendswood, Texas Callaway Rogue Sub Zero 8.0 index 96 mph TSi3
  6. Dan: Friendswood, Texas.. Handicap: 8.. I play with two RTX-4 satin chrome wedges (52 mid & 58 full) and would like to compare theses to the Zipcor Raw. I will not go into this study with any preconceived notion about raw wedges.
  7. Daniel Texas 10 hdcp, 95 mph Callaway Rouge Sub-Zero Callaway Flash Sub-Zero
  8. Dan from southeast Texas. Currently wear Antiqua with gortex fabric and a soft silk-like lining. You havn't seen rain until you've lived in southeast Texas. Not Harvey but before perhaps three years ago. The downpour and wind was so hard that holding a large umprella was senseless. I gave up and was totally soaked head to toe. When the frogs start swimming out of the cups, you know it's time to go home.
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