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  1. - Carl - Kentucky/USA - Cleveland CBX/DG-X100/X-Flex - 190-200
  2. Welcome from another KY guy! Glad to have y'all!
  3. I actually got swing it a couple of times today. I wouldn't say I possess the lightest seeing you've ever seen. The head stayed sure and tight, and this thing absolutely pounds with the new shaft in it. Can't wait to see how it sends them in summer with some humidity. Right now I'm a full club less on every thing because of that dense cold air.
  4. Checked this morning, definitely more of what I expected. It'll still be several days before I even get the opportunity to swing. Thanks for your help guys!
  5. I'm re-shafting my back up club seems easy enough. Cleaned the head from the previous shaft. Prepped the shaft, mixed the epoxy from golf works and 3 hours later.. The epoxy is still tacky. I know it says 24 hour cure time, but is it THAT different from regular home epoxy? regular epoxy instantly starts curing, heating up, etc. I'm getting basically nothing.. Did I do something wrong, (50/50 ratio, mixed, etc) or is my patience the problem?
  6. $820 for 7 days a week, all year for unlimited golf cart & green fees are included. Not a bad deal, not the best kept course but doesn't take long to break even.
  7. Working on getting photos posted, will have them up shortly.
  8. I've marked what I think is fair, but willing to consider best offer! Just looking to clear room of stuff I'm no longer using. Willing to listen to offers for price or trades. I've posted pictures of the bottoms of the heads, but will gladly get pictures and post of any angle. Woods Tour edge exotics 3wood, 15 degree Adilda RIP 70 gram stiff flex, Pure Grips Green $60 shipped (6/10) Shaft only: pull, Adilda RIP 70 gram stiff flex, Pure Grips Green $30 shipped Hybrid Adams XTD-Ti hybrid, stiff flex 18 degree Matrix Red Tie stiff flex HQ3, Pure Grips Green $55 shipped (8/10) Adams
  9. I can't comment on the Hybrids, but I have the CB4 & CB5 3 woods, and I really like them. Tour edge doesn't get much press because they are a smaller company, but they do build some quality stuff.
  10. My Hero-Foo Fighters The intro to it just gets me pumped. But my golf game is usually:
  11. Being that it's in the teens here, I'd probably seize that opportunity. However, I totally understand why you'd not want to be out there.
  12. 50* is usually my cutoff, but it depends on sun being out and if it's windy or not. I can get into the 40's if it's sunny and no wind. It was 1* this morning when I rolled to work, not looking like I'll get a chance to play for a couple weeks. These new clubs(when they get here) will have to wait.
  13. I'm 6-4ish Thank you! That's definitely on my list of goals for the coming year!
  14. No, I didn't take it that way at all. Guy knew his stuff for sure. He said I could have handled the Srixon, but there would have been an adjustment period. He suggested the Pings as I would see immediate results where the Srixons would be a loss at first but they'd be more of a lifetime iron when my score finally improved into single/low digit handicap.
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