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  1. Well the 17th hole stole the spot light with the streaker on Wednesday. Pretty hilarious watching that guy try to stay on his feet. His mom must be proud.
  2. I just got fitted and got a 54.10 S grind and a 58.08 M grind with extra long Ping wedge grips to choke down for precision shots ala Rickie Fowler. Need to experiment with choking down vs the clock position approach. Putting aside my 1 year old Ping Glide 56 deg wedge. Any buyers? Rh For my fitting I compared them to the Cleveland RTX wedge. Those were my choices after I looked at and hit a bunch at Golf Galaxy. I then went to a custom fitter to get fitted with Trackman buy them. I also bought a Ping G30 4h at that time. In Late November I paid $155 per wedge, but I think they may be on sale now. I can't wait to chart them out for distance and get scoring.
  3. Thanks for making me smarter, I assumed a weight port would allow it to be adjustable (think PXG). So it is ornamental, I get it. Maybe you can get matching ear rings? I will stick with my SM6's.
  4. I had to Google it: Mack Daddy is slang for pimp. How charming. Does anyone actually need to adjust those weights especially on a wedge? I didn't think so.
  5. Dufner: 2013 Honda Odyssey Stricker: 2009 Buick LaCrosse Miguel Angel Jimenez: 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider Phil: 2005 Cadillac STS Tiger: 1999 Cadillac Deville
  6. My wife is not a golfer, but understood how miraculous that shot was. She put her kindle down and watched the replays in awe.
  7. Yes, Hawaii is 6 hours behind me here in Ohio. Hopefully they do a shotgun start at 8 am or something.
  8. Yes, I am a big DJ fan, but I am also 5'-8-3/4" (ha,ha) and am interested is seeing how us short guys can compete with the big, lanky studs.
  9. Too much surfing, snorkeling, luaus, and mai tais? I wonder how Steph Curry could have compared to Koepka out on that course with those scores?
  10. Anyone else excited about watching two wildly different golfers going at it today in Maui? Tale of the Tape Dustin Johnson: 6'-4", 190 lbs, right handed, 33 years old 16 tour wins, 1 major Coastal Carolina University Brian Harman: 5'-7" 155 lbs, left handed, 30 years old 2 tour wins University of Georgia Don't count out the powerful Jon Rahm. Do Rickie or Jason Dufner have a chance? It will be interesting to see the differences of the two in the last pairing. What each hits off the tee, what each has into the green and any strategies they might employ. A guy like Dustin won't play it safe to protect his lead will he? Won't he just go at it all day long? Enjoy!
  11. carl s

    Ping G400

    Do you mind elaborating on what your distances were on the 3i and 4i? I just bought a few new clubs last month and am trying to get some better gaps on the lower end with my wedges, which forced me to give up a club at the other end. I had Ping G5 irons for 10 years and was successful with them, but bought the Ping E1 3i through UW a year ago. I also bought a 56 deg Ping glide. The best part of my overhaul was the a G30 10.5 stiff that was a game changer for me. I end up the season not hitting my 3i very well, which was never an issue with the G5. I also noticed that I was not doing well from 30 yards to 80 yards out. I decided to set my 3i and 4i aside and buy a G30 4h to go along with my 3h. I also have a 3w. Since the weather has been bad in Ohio, I have not been able to try out my new clubs. I can only speculate.
  12. I am in my 50's and walk any chance I get. I hate to see kids ones riding or pushing a cart if it is not necessary.
  13. Welcome to the forums carl s :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


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