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  1. I'm ready for all the help I can get
  2. I have very wide feet and have found the only shoe that is comfortable for me is an old model TrueLinks Protus model. I am always searching for a comfortable golf shoe.
  3. Marc Hot Springs Village, Ar. Vice Pro Stopped using Top Flites, years ago, because they were terrible for putting.
  4. Marc - Hot Springs Village, Ar. I practice on the putting greens of all our 8 courses I like to be able to practice in our home. Most of our courses are 10-11.
  5. Marc, Hot Springs Village, Ar. USA Taylormade Spider Ketsch looks to fit my style and I love the alignment and clean lines
  6. Marc Bayer Hot Springs Village, Arkansas Currently using a Garmin Neo. It is not too advanced and it is very quirky. Anything that can be used to improve performance is what I'm looking for.
  7. Marc Bayer Hot Springs Village, Ar. Yes, Black Sharpie Bridgestone Tour B RX Yellow Black line text MSB
  8. Marc Arkansas Tommy Armour No. 3 ELEVADO SINGLE BEND PUTTER 34"
  9. Marc/ Hot Springs Village, AR. I have been using a rangefinder MG 600S
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