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  1. Stage 1 – Snell MTB Black {April 22, 2018} Hi all, I've been playing on and off for around 20 years and probably didn't get reasonably serious until about 10 years ago. One thing I will say is that I used to hit the ball much further than I do now. On holes where I used to be in a certain position, I'm a good 20+ yards further back but that doesn't bother me that much because I used to hit a draw and now I fade the ball. For the most part, I've removed the left side or the course which has helped my scores a lot. I love both links and parkland golf but for the most part I play links golf which requires shaping shots and using the wind and of course not always landing the ball on the green and stopping it but landing short and running on. I don't really struggle with spin so I can usually hit the ball into a green and know its going to stop even with my longer irons. I do love to play with blades but now that I'm losing a little distance, it does me no harm to play with something that gives a little help. My golf is played in the North East of Scotland where there are so many amazing courses to play but my local course, which is about a 3-5 min drive from my house, is a very hilly links course. It's not the longest (playing 6500 yards) but the rough is quite brutal and there's some quite tough shorter holes. Lots of people don't like the course but that's because they can't score. They find it frustrating because you MUST put the ball in the correct place off the tee. I think I score so well because driving is an accurate part of my game. I would say I'm a decent player and a decent all round player. What I mean by that is I see only one big weakness: injury. I'm not going to be playing any tournaments this year as I've damaged my wrist end of last season so I'm using this year to recover properly without the need to play silly shots that may end my golf career all together. I now have a Titanium plate in my wrist but the pain is gone and I'm working back into it as my left wrist it has affected my grip and the available flex! I've always loved playing golf since I was younger; around 9 or 10 I had a tiger shark 7 iron (think this is an American iron and I've never seen one again, (I think my Dad got me it as a demo club from a magazine ad). For my age, it just seemed like an amazing club and I used to go up to the practice ground not far from my house and play little comps with my mates just with a 7 iron. When I got older I realised I could pretty much bomb the ball so started at 15 handicap and within the first year dropped to 9 handicap. Then over the next couple of years, dropped down to 5-6 handicap. In between that I had a break and went back up to about 8-9 and now I'm at 5. My first few rounds this year have been 74, 71, 69 so I'm hitting the ball well all be it much shorter due to my wrist but even though that's the case I'm scoring great. Who knows, maybe that's why! Driver: I'm playing Titleist 913 D2 10.5deg - Diamana D+ 72 Stiff @ 44.5" and I'm using this because no matter what I try all I've been able to get is about 5 yards more and the dispersion just isn't near as good. Fairway: I play a Titleist 913 F 17* (4 wood) - Diamana S+ 72 Stiff @ 40" which again I can't get out of the bag as it does what it says on the tin. Hybrid: I use an older Taylormade Rescue Orig. 19* old school - Project X Flighted 6.0 I hit this well but mostly from the deck as I play my driver on every hole I can. Irons: Also a bit older Callaway X22 Tour 4 - 9 - Project X Flighted 6.0 Std loft/lie/length and I really hit these well, (I do also tinker with my old blades MP33s) but these with the little help they give hit the spot (and the greens hehe) Wedges: Vokey SM6 47, 51, 55 & 59 - Project X Flighted 6.0 Soft Stepped 2deg Flat Std length, they are all strong by 1 degree just to hit my gaps and I like the slightly different look bending them strong does. Putter: Ping Scottsdale Grayhawk TP - 33" and I was fitted for this and have stuck with it because if I'm not holing putts I knock them dead. Current Ball: Callaway Chromesoft which is pretty good but I do flirt with my long time fav. Which is Titleist ProV1. My Current handicap would be 5 going from last year but this year I'm hoping to be playing a little better than this going by my early season scores. Swing tempo is average really, I used to be a lot more aggressive but I've changed. Driver swing speed is normally between 108 – 112 but I can be faster on a good day. Since my wrist injury, I'm trying to swing slower but I'd imagine no more than 5mph less with a driver. Typical ball flight is a 3 yard soft fade (higher with driver and long irons) but quite flat with lower irons. I can sneak back into the draw if I'm having a bad day but I can fix this quickly as I'm confident moving the ball high/low/draw/fade. Typical miss is long left when everything gets out of sync but I'm getting much better at removing the left side of the course. Strengths are driving, wedge play and short game. Weakness is anything below a 5 iron where I tend to try and kill it which gives me so so strikes (bottom groove) which don't help! I seem to be fine off the tee but hitting into the greens is what I'm working on the most.
  2. I'm on the lookout for some new irons and have been for some time, to be honest i'm always on the lookout for anything that significantly outperforms my current gear and altho i've found several sets of irons i'd happily game i tend to find the irons that give more distance and don't necessarily compromise on dispersion give me that flyer type shot especially when hitting from the tee when you catch them a couple of grooves high on the face which makes them useless compared to my (Some would say) obsolete 5 year old CB irons or my even older (Even ancient) blades. I love what Cobra are doing and the fact they offer some fantastic shaft options without the expensive upcharge is a big deal for me so im patiently waiting for the newer versions of their irons to hit the pro shop. I used to in the past just replace my whole bag every year regardless of improvement or not but i must say i've totally changed my ways (It's party time for the other half!) and expect some sort of noticeable gain before pulling the trigger. Saying that it's great to stand up with a 5 year old driver and knock it past your playing partners new £400 toy (Not in a nasty way it's just me and my playing partners like to have fun when playing and things like this are like ammunition for the banter during a round!).
  3. Thanks again lads, im hoping over the next few weeks to contribute far more to the forum but i've been really busy. Im so chuffed and excited to be selected to test the new Snell golf ball and will do my best to let you all know exactly how it stacks up against my current gamer ball and the ball i've played for many years; current gamer is the chrome soft but i've played the ProV1 (Before that professional etc) but basically a Titleist soft ball for years and years. To be honest before i never even really tried many other balls but now there are so many great balls at a much better price it'll be interesting to really put the snell through its paces
  4. Hi lads, Thanks for all the very kind comments, i will sort out some pictures for you boys but i've Loaned my bag above (Minus the bag, rescue and putter to a mate who had his clubs stolen out of his car so im playing these) Hula Rock: Not sure what you mean by the bag i won?? Taylormade R11s 10.5deg set at the lowest setting (9deg) - Aldila Tour green @ 44.5" - GP Multicompound Taylormade Rescue Orig. 19deg old school - Project X Flighted 6.0 @ 39" - GP Tour Velvet Mizuno MP33 4 - PW - DG S300 Std loft/1deg flat/std Length - GP Multicompound Vokey 50, 54 & 60 old school - DG S200 2deg Flat Std length - GP Multicompound (52 deg bent to 50, 6 deg bounce, 54 deg std, 10 deg bounce and 58 std, 8 deg bounce). Ping Scottsdale Grayhawk TP Putter - 33" black shaft - Ping cord putter grip Callaway ChromeSoft in white Callaway Leather glove in white Taylormade Stand Bag I played these today and shot 71, i was amazed at how i was hitting it. My other golf buddy just got a TM M4 and i was smoking him 15 yards with my R11s, the psychological game was won due to this
  5. My wedges are all 2deg flat and 1deg strong std length and soft stepped shafts for a bit more feel.
  6. I love hitting my 3 iron but i tend to hit a more penetrating flight, so if hitting into a green i'll always use my 19deg and take a bit off it or not depending on length of hole. If i hit my 3 iron i'd have trouble holding the green. I am thinking of that cobra driving iron which is adjustable and supposedly hits it very high which would be the best of both worlds as with an iron i'd find it easier to hit the stinger type shot as well.
  7. I think putter fitting is the most underestimated part of golf that almost no one does. Its changing now but i regularly test my putter on the puttlab to make sure its still doing what it should.
  8. I always start with 6 or 7 iron but once i narrow it down to a few choices i'd never buy without trying the same setup in a long iron and short iron, makes no sense otherwise!
  9. Great setup pal, Love the IBlades they are a club i really like being that i went from 15 handicap to 8 in one season using Ping ISI's many years ago but Ping has a huge place in my heart. I prob. wouldnt play them now due to the extreme offset but who knows were they in front of me! I've played all types of putters but always come back to a ping to keep at least one thing ping. I also used to play ping drivers G2 and G5 with the NV-65 shaft which i really loved, along with the TM 360r Ti with UST Proforce gold I've recently been fitted for irons and IBlades were right up there, i was getting a little bit too much spin with them but other than that very solid.
  10. Hi all, I have the idea of if its not broken dont fix it, but i do try ALOT of stuff against my gamers but i just struggle to see any improvements. Ive had cases where i gained distance but every time i loose consistency. I was recently fitted for some new Irons which i'll include if i pull the trigger but the shaft is quite different. My Typical Bag: Titleist 913 D2 10.5deg - Diamana D+ 72 Stiff @ 44.5" - GP Tour Velvet Titleist 913 F 17deg (4 wood) - Diamana S+ 72 Stiff @ 40" - GP Tour Velvet - I think this is more like 16deg with the hosel adjustment. Taylormade Rescue Orig. 19deg old school - Project X Flighted 6.0 @ 39" - GP Tour Velvet Callaway X22 Tour 4 - 9 - Project X Flighted 6.0 Std loft/lie/length - GP Tour Velvet Vokey SM6 47, 51, 55 & 59 - Project X Flighted 6.0 Soft Stepped 2deg Flat Std length - GP Tour Velvet Ping Scottsdale Grayhawk TP Putter - 33" black shaft - Ping cord putter grip Callaway ChromeSoft in white Callaway Leather glove in white Taylormade Stand Bag (I also play Mizuno MP33 3-PW 1 deg flat Std. Length Lofts +1deg strong with DG S300 - I slot these in when we are into the better weather and im in the zone )
  11. Nice Setup above im a fan of the Epic and love the Irons
  12. Ive been playing the Callaway Chrome Soft after playing Prov1 and Prov1x for as long as i remember. Never really thought of changing as the prov1(x) did exactly what i needed.
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome guys, looking forward to sharing what i can and learning what i can on the Forum, seems like a great place . Cheers Derek
  14. I havent tried it yet but the cobra adjustable driving iron looks interesting since you can play with the loft to get the perfect gapping. It comes in black now too which looks pretty nice.
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