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  1. @Ultimate Junior Golfer - I still like your idea. As for me, I like the pay-as-you-go model, but you'll probably make more with subscriptions.
  2. That's because it's a 7 iron now. ... Loft-jacking rant in 3... 2... 1...
  3. Execute my preshot routine, commit to my decision, accept the result.
  4. Awesome. I'm down in Richmond. If we're ever allowed to congregate again, we'll be trying to get some DMV meetups going.
  5. Wonderful club (I have the F8). I've been known to crank it down to 13* on days I'm lost with my driver.
  6. I hurt my back cleaning the garage yesterday, so that will teach me to try to do something constructive. But we needed to find all the lost wiffle balls so Allie could get in a little practice. Love it. Can you share your location in VA?
  7. Lucius, Courtney Barnett, Nathaniel Rateliff, Lukas Nelson, Fred Armisen, Sheryl Crow, Sharon Van Etten, Emily King, Bedouine, Jonathan Wilson and more live from their houses.
  8. My wife reached out to a local bookstore she wants to support (we're worried about going on lockdown soon), and the owner told us to email her books we like, and she'll pick out a book for each of us from her stock and bring them out to the car when we show up. Now that's service!
  9. ACL is streaming live right now:
  10. Work for me used to be about 45% home, 45% seeing customers, and one day a week in the local office (Fridays, when our consultants aren't traveling and we all want to hang out). Now it's 100% home. Most of my peers are geographically dispersed, so we had just started weekly Virtual Happy Hours about six weeks ago. How prescient was that? I'm going a little bananas being off the road, but everything is virtual. It's tough to make connections over the phone and video conferencing, but that's our new normal for a while. All of the consultants on my projects are working remotely. I've heard that we have just a couple out of our 500+ consultants that are still showing up at up at customer sites. I'm hoping we can pull all of them back home. The rest of the company (consulting is only about 500 out of 12,000 associates) are working from home, all around the world. Most of the company actually works remote every day, so we're lucky to have a great remote work culture. I'm playing whenever I can with my younger daughter. Even though the older one is home, she doesn't want to touch her clubs if she's within 50 miles of our house. She's stricly a vacation golfer now.
  11. I've been using DMDs for some time now, and they have not changed my set makeup. Arccos, however, has taught me the same thing that you learned - that I have multiple clubs I hit the same distance at the top end of the bag. So I'm looking for replacements and better gapping.
  12. Would love to hear why
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