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  1. I never ate on the golf course until recently, and now I wonder how many times I faded down the stretch because of it. I take a couple Clif or Kind (well, Costco copycat Kind) bars on the course with me and take a bite every couple of holes. Usually just drink water, but when it's really hot and I'm walking (July/August here in Richmond), I'll throw a packet of Emergen C into the water for electrolytes.
  2. Looking at that leaderboard, I like your chances of staying out of DFL. If you haven't already, start playing everything down and holing everything out. Get familiar with the rules if you haven't done so. If you have any questions about a rule, remember that you can always play a second ball and get a ruling later in the round or before you turn in your card. Your fellow competitors most likely do not know the rules (although they may act like they do). Have a game plan, tell it to your caddy, and ask him to force you to stick to it. Enjoy the nerves. Regular golf will feel so much easier after playing tournament golf. Good luck and keep us posted!
  3. I'm a dyed in the wool Android user, but I used a cheap iPhone SE for a while when I first got Arccos. A word of caution regarding Android phones. You are completely dependent upon the GPS accuracy of the phone. Not too long ago, I replaced my crappy Samsung J7 with a less crappy Moto G6. The G6 is actually a really great budget phone, but the GPS accuracy is subpar. I was recording shots that we're 50 yards off at times. I got in touch with Arccos support and they confirmed that very few of my shots were accurate within 5 yards. So now it's back to the J7 for golf.
  4. Mike Virginia Ping Craz-E G2i Strength
  5. Super busy, but really interested. It'll probably come down to picking a date and seeing who can make it.
  6. Peaksy - sorry to hear this. We're all pulling for you.
  7. Sorry to quote myself here, but she has decided to go to W&M. Plenty of great golf in Williamsburg, and tantalizingly close to MGS HQ.
  8. Different problems require different solutions. And usually, your teacher will push you too far to the opposite end of the spectrum in order to fix a flaw. My daughter was getting far too mechanical with trying to hit positions in her backswing, and Super Speed is perfect for getting her out of her own head and making an athletic golf swing.
  9. Thanks fellas! Had to share with my MGS family.
  10. Yeah, the pro at our club used to throw all his "gently used" balls into his shag bag and let us grab some when it was getting too full. Unlike most club pros, he played several times a week with the members and played in most of the section events, the NJ state open, the Met open and the PGA Professional Championship (even made it to the PGA once or twice). So at 5-6 balls a round, he always had plenty of leftovers.
  11. If nothing else, it encourages you to stop trying to hit positions and make an athlete move. They're another good tool in the hands of a good coach.
  12. Imagine having the best ball-striking round of your life and still needing an entire sleeve to finish, because they'd get lopsided and wobble on the greens. That's balata. At the club where I worked as a kid, the caddies had a local rule that you could putt with a different ball so you could use the same ball for more than 4 holes. A fairway bunker meant a cut ball unless you could pure it.
  13. Incredibly proud of my oldest daughter, who just got notified of her acceptance to William and Mary! She may still break my heart and not go, but the Tribe wants her.
  14. Some quick thoughts here: Bluetooth - I believe that the 1st Gen Arccos sensors used BT, but the 360s use sound only. Samsung S7 - Avoid at all costs. See the thread for the Cobra Connect Challenge last year and all the trouble that @MDGolfHacker had with an S7. If you have a backup phone, I'd use that. A cheap iPhone SE is a great device for Arccos. I realize that having a dedicated device for Arccos is a massive hassle. Dropped shots - Sensors are light activated. You WILL drop shots at dusk. With my phone, I keep it oriented with the mic down and screen facing outward. I drop one or two shots a round, not enough to throw this out. If you consistently miss shots, I'd run diagnostics. Dropped putts - Sole the putter behind the ball before each putt, even if it's a tap in. Honestly, I just add the missed putts in later. It's not perfect by any stretch, but the analytics are so good that it's worth the hassle for me. @gregarccos may be able to help you out if he's still hanging out around here.
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