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  1. HardcoreLooper

    What are you listening to?

    My wife grew up with Randy. We went to his book signing.
  2. HardcoreLooper

    What are you listening to?

    Currently splitting my eardrums. I'm a sucker for a lo-fi wall of sound.
  3. HardcoreLooper

    Congratulations Suzy Whaley

    Good for Suzy. Hope to see more female club/teaching pros.
  4. HardcoreLooper

    Why Do YOU Change Putters?

    The Ping B takes me back to high school in the 80s. If I ever see an original B61 somewhere, it will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.
  5. HardcoreLooper

    Is Streamsong Resort for the "Elitist" Golfer?

    Not going to happen for me at this point in my life, unfortunately. Besides, here's my bucket list tournament: http://www.morningread.com/releases/231957d3-dbbc-4140-a7b2-0f2dc59759b7 Only $5999/team.
  6. HardcoreLooper

    How'd You Pick Your Screen Name?

    Yours is one of my favorite handles on this forum, Nifty
  7. HardcoreLooper

    GENI 2 simulator

    Bump. Has anyone heard anything else about this? I'd love to get rid of the Optishot in favor of this, if it works better than the Optishot (which, again, is not tough).
  8. HardcoreLooper

    Technology is amazing, but...

    You will not be disappointed in Arccos. No one should buy anything they don't want to buy. No one should feel like the need to buy anything to enjoy the game. I enjoyed my hand-me-down Wilson Staffs, my Hogan Apex redlines, my Hogan Apex Pluses, and my Mizuno MX-200s. I loved all of those clubs. I'm sure I could have gotten a few more seasons out of my Mizunos if I hadn't been selected for the CCC. They were extremely well designed and forward thinking... for 2009. But the F8s have made a huge difference in my game. Technology moves quite a long way in nine years.
  9. HardcoreLooper


    Foz - That's some awesome work!
  10. HardcoreLooper

    Wiffle Ball Golf

    Hell yes we did this. I grew up on a quiet cul-de-sac, which was perfect for all kinds of sports. We cut up an old doormat to use on "unfriendly" yards. We'd play street golf, basketball, football, soccer and kick the can in the neighborhood. We moved to a cul-de-sac so my kids can have the same experience growing up. They hit Point 3 balls into the street at me, and I shag them with an old ball glove.
  11. HardcoreLooper


    Welcome from beautiful Richmond, VA!
  12. HardcoreLooper

    Follow my Journey to attempt to qualify for Mid-Am

    Best of luck to you!
  13. So... MGS had this Cobra Connect Challenge. Maybe you heard about it? The F8 irons have been a game changer. They are not going anywhere. But since I hit the 4i and 5i the same distance, I may start messing with the loft of the 4i. The F8 driver has been kicked out of the bag for being short and inaccurate for me, and the old R11 is back. I'll auditioning new candidates. The F8 3h has been kicked out as well. It's a hook machine. This is leaving a pretty big hole in my bag between the 3w and the 4i. It'll be interesting trying to fill it. I may pull out an old TEE 3w from the garage, and then I can loft the F8 fairway wood up to 17*. The G2i Craz-e is going nowhere for the time being.
  14. HardcoreLooper

    Putting a classic back in play

    That looks gorgeous. Did you do anything with the stamping? I have an old MacGregor Tommy Armour driver that my dad had refinished, and the guy ruined the stamping trying to deepen it.
  15. HardcoreLooper


    That's awesome to hear. Hopefully your bad shots are not nearly as bad. Was the extra distance controlled? Any crazy screamers? That's really odd about the putts. It misses second putts for me, but it rarely misses a first putt. I'd check with Arccos on that.