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  1. I'm willing to believe it. I know deep down that spiked shoes give you better traction, but I have yet to find a pair that do not leave my feet looking like ground beef when I walk a round in them. After the NPG segment, I am willing to buy a pair strictly for cart rounds. I've also toyed with the idea of buying a pair of really stiff trail running shoes for casual walking rounds.
  2. Hopefully we'll catch another good weather weekend soon...
  3. Can't believe I didn't see this thread before... Sets I've played, in chronological order Wilson Staff Dynapowers (hand-me-downs from granddad to dad to me) Wilson 1200 LTs (the ones with the twisted shafts; hand-me-downs from granddad to me) Hogan Apex '88 (granddad bought for me after I finally beat him straight up; played these for 11 years) Hogan Apex Plus (first set I bought for myself) Mizuno MX 200 (first set fit for me) Cobra F8 (Cobra Connect Challenge ^ 2) Classics I currently own Titleist Box Blades (granddad's last set of steel shafted blades; I have the matching persimmon woods as well) Macgregor Muirfield (thanks Goodwill) Hogan Apex Grind (thanks @BIG STU)
  4. We had our management team meeting at Pinehurst back in June, and we played The Cradle as a team-building event, because it's more of a playground than a golf course. You can get around with nothing but a putter (except maybe on #3) if you feel like it. Definitely use putter off the tee on #5; my whole group did, and I lipped out for a 1. I only played it once - a bunch of us booked it over to #9 afterward and played there. But we all had a blast. It's the most fun you can have under 800 yards. Oh, and check out the musical rocks (a.k.a. speakers). Too cool.
  5. I use the Cobra Connect version of the Lamkin REL 3gen. I was using the regular RELs before that (and still have a bunch in my garage). Just bought a bunch of the CC RELs off eBay. Love the feel, how they get a little tacky when wet and how they clean up well with a damp rag.
  6. Up over $600 now. Hope one of you are the high bidder.
  7. Piebald - holy crap. I can't believe that was 20 years ago now.
  8. I grew up playing at one of the fifty snobbiest clubs in America (as voted by Golf Magazine) by doing this. Caddies could play Mondays from noon till dark, and bag room guys could also play Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays after four (and we could hit range balls from the back of the range when we weren't working). That place was WASPier than a hornet's nest, and my Italian Catholic family was never going to get an invite. The course was actually nothing to write home about, though. In addition to everything mentioned above, keep an eye out for charity auctions. Prestigious clubs will often put a round up in a charity auction. I've bid on several, but never won one, because they've always gone for more than what I set as my maximum. But they're out there.
  9. Welcome to the forum from another RVA Spy. So with you, me, @Tarheelvolvo, @Maltenator and @JimNantzsToast that makes five of us here in the River City. Add in a few in Charlottesville and Hampton Roads and we could get a couple of foursomes together for an I-64 corridor meetup round.
  10. I decided last year that I have a limited amount of daylight in my life, and I don't want to spend it in front of the TV. I used to spend entire Sundays on the couch watching the NFL and PGA Tour. Now everything is off of the DVR and mostly fast-forwarded.
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