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  1. So sorry to hear this. I hope you and your mother had lots of good memories in those last six years. We're keeping you in our prayers.
  2. I had my three-year checkup with my urologist yesterday. Cancer free for three years now. Please get your PSA checked annually. It saved my life.
  3. I had a pretty good year with the Srixon XVs last year, but after @chisag posted the TP5X Pix Practice ball deal, I had to give them a try. And wouldn't you know it, I love them. I didn't think I'd like the Pix design, but it's really great for putting. I'll pick up some "real" ones for tournaments.
  4. What led you to pick the JB's over the 286's? Was it the bounce, heel/toe relief, or something else? I'm thinking about new wedges, and I'm loving the looks of the Sub 70 wedges.
  5. Just goes to show that like every other aspect of the game, there's no one right way to do things. How many thoughts does he have when he's getting over the ball? I'd be surprised if it's more than one.
  6. So many good ideas here. How about one where you give us components and instructions, and we assemble a club ourselves. Then we play it. And @Golfspy_CG2 - I picked up your reference. But I was little when AB was on, I swear!
  7. For me, it depends. If I'm swinging reasonably well, my focus is totally external. I'm thinking about the shot I'm going to hit and where I want it to go. I really like the "think box/play box" from Nilsson and Marriott. Their books are really, really good. When I'm hitting it left of left, I'm trying to "recall the feeling" of hitting a slice (thanks Adam Young). I'm probably playing like garbage, and I'm trying to keep from killing people in neighboring fairways. Once every few years, I don't think about anything when I play. Those are pretty special rounds, but they're
  8. 1. Launch monitors are a tool in an instructor's tool box. Just like video, still images, alignment rods, etc. 2. A really good instructor will learn how an individual learns best and tailor their instruction to it. Some people might benefit from knowing their path is 5* out to in, others need to be told to hit the inside of the golf ball, still others need to hit balls with a headcover to the right of the ball. Your best method of learning might be awful for someone else. 3. All this being said, the whole point of instruction is to play better golf on the golf course. You c
  9. My daughter's instructor taught her something similar. He had her lean to the right and touch her right knee. It's an over-exaggeration, but it works.
  10. As a beagle owner, this made me laugh pretty hard! Another plus for the eWheels. The axle unit weighs less than 25 lbs., and it's compact. It's not much trouble to get it in and out of the car. And the wheels are wide; it doesn't mess up the course.
  11. I'm a strong adherent of getting the ball on the ground and rolling as soon as I can around the green. But when you short side yourself behind a bunker, that's not going to work. At some point, you're going to need to hit the high one. Several years ago, my dad and I were defending champs in his member-guest and got to the final hole in the shootout. After halving it, I lost the tournament for us in a chip-off by going right under the ball with a lob wedge out of the rough. One of the better players in the club came up to me in the bar afterward to console me, and he told me that he h
  12. OG - I've pretty much wrecked my back from all the bag-carrying I've done in my life (both caddying and playing). I pushed for ages, and I'd be OK while playing, but I'd be really stiff after driving home from the course. Earlier this year I actually paid attention to the position you get yourself into when pushing a cart up a hill, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I picked up a Rovic RV1S with the original Alphard eWheels, and I love it. @chisag is spot on about the pros getting to walk all 18 holes with a great posture. I feel so much better after the round, especially if I nee
  13. Doesn't TrueGolfFit basically do this? You pay the fee, enter some data, and they compare it against their DB of shots to find you the best driver for your stats. If nothing else, it's a $9 donation to keep MGS up and running.
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