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  1. I caddied for nine years (high school and college). I know all about uncontrolled egos. Good luck in your search.
  2. Interesting - I'd want to spend these three months in the British Isles. If you were to come to the US, I'd suggest the Pinehurst, NC area.
  3. Foz - So sorry to hear about this. It's tough to see this happen.
  4. Good luck, my guy! We're all pulling for you. After all, we need to have another Classic Club Challenge soon. Nothing worth it is easy, and nothing easy is worth it. Keep us posted, and we'll keep cheering you on.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply! I've been thinking about a Pixel 4a anyway. I've used an old iPhone and that works just fine, and an old Samsung I had worked great. But two straight Moto G's have been duds. I don't really have a problem with the phone in my pocket (no one wants to see my in tight shorts/pants), so I'd love to bring just one thing with me to the golf course that I'm not going to forget. I forget that old iPhone 50% of the time, and 50% of the time I remember it, it's dead.
  6. Our head swivels away from things as easily as it swivels toward them. If you're in the same room as my daughters and me, I expect you to keep yourself from leering at them. Is it really that hard to look a young woman in the eye and just be polite?
  7. No doubt, but still an interesting question. I have got to wonder what this does to your back. 9 years looping at a club has done me no favors (although I wouldn't have traded it for the world).
  8. Hey there Arccos users - Who are our Android users, and what phones are you using? It's about time to retire the Moto G7, and from an Arccos standpoint, good riddance. It's been awful. I'm a huge Arccos fan, but I've basically stopped using it because of my phone.
  9. That's huge. I have ready access to a TrackMan (actually three TrackMen) no more than 30 minutes from my house, and I use them maybe once a week through the winter. Having something in the house would be nice. And since the only room in my house with high ceilings is the garage, I need something I can set up and tear down quickly.
  10. If you go all the way of cutting the shaft down, consider adjusting the lie angle and the weight to match your six iron.
  11. Lots of good recommendations above. Think about something else to stretch your dollar - how far does your father hit the ball? How fast does he swing? He's carrying a 3i iron and 4 iron right now? They're so hard to hit that they're probably just taking up space in his bag, especially if he's getting slower. Slower swing speed golfers also tend to see multiple clubs at the top of the bag going the same distance. With fitting not being an option, I'm going to make some gross generalizations here based on the info we have and recommend that you look into something like this: Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Driver: 12* Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo 4 or 5 wood Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo irons: 4i - DW Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Sand wedge I haven't checked on pricing, so take that into account. I really like how the new HB Turbo line of irons do a better job of blending the irons so the short irons look like short irons. I've heard so many good things about them for slow swing-speed players. I'd bet that this bag of 11 clubs would be gapped pretty well, and every club would be something that he can get up in the air and have fun hitting. There's no rule that says you have to carry 14 clubs. You're doing a great thing for your dad, and I hope this gets him out on the course and with you more often. All that being said, I have to take issue with a 53 year-old being called "senior"
  12. The grip and shaft band don't give any clues?
  13. @gavinski91 - Amazing unboxing video. Thanks for putting the work into it. And it's interesting to see how things we think will drive us nuts with a club just don't seem to matter; especially if the club performs. I had a lot of doubts going into CCC^2, and I loved the F8's.
  14. This is key for me as well. I feel so much more confident going in with a game plan. I'm inconsistent enough that my plan falls apart and I get to start being creative. I played a round recently at a course I'd only played once. I mapped out the entire course, and even though I played from one tee ahead of where I'd game-planned (I was paired with a group of chill bros who didn't play much, so I suggested we play the 6,100 yard tees to have fun), it was nice to know have the game plan, and I had my round of the year. It just feels good not making stuff up as I go.
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