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  1. I need to get some fresh grips on the Grinds. After two months of Power Holes and low-face deflection, I can't wait to put the Arccos away and get analog for a month or so. According to folks on the NLU Refuge, the Bridgestone BXS is also a good pick for classics rounds.
  2. Well, she did it yesterday. She shot 36 and got past the 150 mark. She did it by keeping the 890 in the bag on holes with trouble short of the green and pitched it on to make easy 4s, but took advantage of holes with more of an opening and put it right near the front of the green. Now she moves back to 200 and will get to hit a few more drivers. I appreciate you nosing in here. Thanks for the confirmation!
  3. I listened to a great podcast recently, one from Golf Science Lab and they had a mental coach on. He made a great point about not trying to force positive thinking. Too frequently, we hear that you must have a positive attitude over the ball; that we can't hit a shot if we have a negative thought. And then we wind up worrying about the way we think, in addition to everything else we worry about on the golf course. He suggested that we just accept negative thoughts like everything else, and just let them wash over us. Let it come, let it go. My daughter did a great job of this yeste
  4. @greggarner - Great review! I'm sorry that these weren't a no-brainer to keep them in the bag, but I definitely enjoyed reading all of your observations throughout the testing. It's interesting to see the differing opinions on workability. There's so many different ways to play this great game.
  5. Great review, @revkev! I've really enjoyed reading your insights throughout the testing, and especially in your review. I'm glad to see that they're working for you as well.
  6. My review is up. Thanks again to MGS and all the mods for making this a wonderful experience! I'm honored to be a part of such a great group of testers.
  7. Your back will thank you for it. A looper would know.
  8. It looks like @sirchunksalot is doing wonders with Barkeeper's Friend, steel wool, and elbow grease.
  9. https://www.shopgoodwill.com/Item/105774110 Someone please buy these before I do. It's not that a second set of Hogans will be too many, but my wife might make me stop before I find a set of redlines on the cheap. @sirchunksalot - Do we need to post pics of the bag?
  10. When I'm in the doldrums, I'll try something different. I'll play with a half-set, or classic clubs, or play match play against someone without keeping stroke play score. Just shake things up.
  11. I'm good with everything you have there. And since classic PWs have quite a bit of loft, it's not as bad as trying to get round with nothing shorter than a PW in a modern set. I have the set SW for my Muirfields, and it's barely got a sole at all. If any Richmond, VA spies want to play but don't have clubs, I can make up at least two and maybe three full sets with what I have in the garage (except for SWs - my second classic SW will be here in a week).
  12. In the words of Mike and Eli, "let's go, let's go!" And if you're organizing the event, you earn the right to be the (benevolent) dictator. But since you asked... 1. I'm good with that, but it does permit clubs born in this millennium. So there's that. I'd also let someone play a set of National Custom Works or Miura Baby Blades. But if you bought either of those new/full retail, you have to give all other competitors $100. 2. I'd say laminates are good as well. But you're probably talking about metal woods. You're not at 460CC drivers yet in 2000, but there's a pretty bi
  13. I'm down with that as well. I miss traveling for work and taking my teams out for dinners like that.
  14. I'd be all in for a classic bag challenge. We're running out of season for our friends in the northeast and midwest, but even if those of us in milder climates did one now as a test run, that would be fun. We can steal from what we've done with the Hard Rock Challenge if we're looking for ideas...
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