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  1. HardcoreLooper

    Samoset Resort - Rockport, ME

    Cool, I appreciate you asking around for me. It sounds like it's definitely worth it. I'm incredibly excited about playing it, and I'll be sure to post some thoughts about it once I do.
  2. HardcoreLooper

    Samoset Resort - Rockport, ME

    We are flying up from VA.
  3. HardcoreLooper

    The Walking Golfer

    I'd love to know what the maintenance budgets are for courses that have designed themselves into requiring riding. More expensive? Less expensive? No difference?
  4. HardcoreLooper

    Samoset Resort - Rockport, ME

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I hardly ever play any place really nice, so I'm looking forward to this. If this place is half as nice in person as it is in pictures, I can't wait to get out there. If you have any suggestions on other places to play, I'd love to hear them. Cheap and fun but a little scruffy is fine for a second round.
  5. HardcoreLooper

    Chicagoland muni

    The Fried Egg has a good article on this: https://thefriedegg.com/tiger-woods-jackson-park/
  6. HardcoreLooper

    The Walking Golfer

    There's one course that's practically in my backyard that charges the same price for walking and riding. There's one walk through a neighborhood that's a few hundred yards, and 9 green to 10 tee is probably 300 yards. Other than that, it's perfectly walkable. There's another course not to far away that's routed through a housing development. For all intents and purposes, it's unwalkable. When we have PGA Junior League matches there, parents are enlisted to drive kids from greens to tees in the interest of finishing before dark. @perseveringgolfer - Be glad you do not see this sort of nonsense on your side of the pond. Courses that can't be walked tend to have other issues as well (like houses too close to the edge of the course).
  7. HardcoreLooper

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    Looking forward to it, y'all.
  8. HardcoreLooper

    Bunker Shots

    Yeah, we have a few that are like that as well. There's no shame in my game. I'd rather look stupid by putting and getting on the green than look stupid by blading one 40 yards over the green.
  9. HardcoreLooper

    Samoset Resort - Rockport, ME

    We're planning on a big family trip to Camden, ME this summer, and my daughter and I get to bring our clubs. Has anyone played or heard anything about Samoset Resort? The pics look amazing. It's not cheap, but I don't know when I'll ever be in Maine again, so I'm willing to spend the money if it's going to be memorable. https://www.samosetresort.com/activities/golf/
  10. HardcoreLooper

    Oncore vs vice golf balls

    Someone posted a link to a Today's Golfer review of Pearl balls, and I'm intrigued. I love what all of these brands are doing to the ball market.
  11. HardcoreLooper

    Line on ball violates Rules of Golf?

    OK, I think of the apex differently. I think of all putts as being straight for a certain length (it might only be straight for a few inches), and then they start breaking. That point at which it starts breaking is what I think of as the apex of the putt. There's probably a better term for this. You're absolutely right, you can't aim at the high point on the line unless there's no break before that high point.
  12. HardcoreLooper

    Flat Tires

    Those are nasty b!tches. The course I play on vacation on the Outer Banks of NC each spring has way too much of that stuff. My score is inversely proportional to how many of those I'm pulling out of my legs at the end of the round.
  13. HardcoreLooper

    New 2019 Rules of Golf

    No Laying Up had a good take on this - would Arnie have looked like the alpha dog he was, dropping like this? Hell no. I get why they did it (reducing re-drops), but it's such a bad look. Just another way to make golfers look goofy. I kinda miss the over-the-shoulder drop. When I watch Caddyshack with younger people, they don't understand why Chevy Chase is dropping over his shoulder.
  14. HardcoreLooper

    Mizuno Hybrid Irons

    After playing for a season with a set of game-improvement irons and seeing what they did for me, I'll look at anything. And if Mizuno makes them, I'd look pretty hard.
  15. I have one nine-hole round in the books for 2019 so far, and I left the flag in for all putts. I had 13 putts, and I swear that a leaning flag caused me to miss one that should have lipped in on the low-side. Is there any way for me to know it would have gone in? No. But of course I think that it would have. Did I count it as made? No. It didn't go in. Was I mad? Sure. Did I start pulling the pin? No. The law of big numbers says that I'm going to make more putts than I miss with the flag in.