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  1. Did you get the Riptide CB shaft or the standard Riptide? I got fitted into the Riptide CB in my 0211 and love it so far.
  2. We are heading into event #3 this weekend. I put myself through the math for the standings, and through two events I am sitting tied for 7th place in points. I wasn't sure how much my top 10 in the last event was going to help, but it's got me in a pretty good spot for early in the season, and earning points early will take some pressure off later in the season. I had what felt like a good range session this morning. My stat tracking tells me though that I'm still not hitting enough greens in regulation, so I've been focusing more on the irons while at the range and in the lesson box. The
  3. Probably worth a stop-in with the retailer if they do club repair. I tried a couple of the DIY repair options but didn't get good results trying it myself. If the club is still under warrantee the OEM will probably take care of the repair for you, or even better, send you a new one.
  4. At my in-person fitting, the fitter said the quoted time would be 4-6 weeks, but shipping time is all dependent on head/shaft/grip combinations and what they have on hand for inspection and assembly. My combos were all stock so I had all three clubs in two weeks.
  5. The Evenflo Riptide CB is the shaft I got fitted into with both Driver and 3W. Love the smooth feel.
  6. I recently did a long club fitting with the local PXG rep. I really enjoyed the fitting experience. Like with any fitting, you are at the mercy of how good the fitter is at what they do, and mine was very good. During the fitting we talked about my goals/needs for the clubs. For the driver, he had me hit both the 811X Prototype and the 0211. Since there was not a significant performance difference for me between the two, we chose the 0211. Take a look at how it performed in the Most Wanted testing. We also fitted the fairway wood and hybrid in the 0211. So far I'm very happy with t
  7. Thanks brother! You witnessed as much as anyone my frustration with the parade of double bogeys from the middle of the fairway. I'm just glad that (excepting the 6th green) I didn't let it get to me too much. But I mean, come on, when it takes two chips and a putt from the fringe to finally be on the green, it's gotta be the wedge's fault.
  8. Greg / Tampa Florida Driver Speed: 95mph Current Driver: PXG 211 Driver Shaft: ProjectX EvenflowCB 50, 5.5 flex Modus iron shafts: NS Pro 880 AMC, R flex, current gamer for 4-PW
  9. 2021 Event #2- Southern Hills Plantation Club, Brooksville FL (Previously Reviewed) April 2021 Tees Played: Blue: 6,455 / 71.1 / 135 Conditions: Warm and breezy Price: $$$$ ($189) Tournament Group Rate was discounted https://www.southernhillsplantationclub.com/golf Rating: - Recommend The Southern Hills Plantation Club golf course is a favorite of many of our league players, even though it tends to kick our teeth in when we play it. It is a Pete Dye designed championship course just a little off the beaten path in Brooksville, Florida roughly an hour drive n
  10. 2021 event #2 is in the books with an encouraging outcome. We played at Southern Hills Plantation in Brooksville. A favorite among the league's players, but it's a tough Pete Dye course with a lot of elevation change, and those tricky Pete Dye greens to deal with. It was an interesting round. While I didn't hit my intended line, or my best shots off the tees, I didn't miss a fairway until the 11th hole. So it was poor short game play that kept me from making par until the 8th hole. I rallied a bit but did tally a couple of penalties on the back 9, and made a birdie on the 15th hole.
  11. Results from event 1 have posted as final, and my 98 net 81 was good for a middle of the pack 16th place overall finish, and B-flight 8th. While I was a little disappointed with the performance as a whole, that round isn't going to be a back breaker standings-wise. Starting out solidly in top 20 means I'm not behind the 8-ball early on points. We go to a league favorite course this coming weekend, Southern Hills Plantation in Brooksville. It's a great Pete Dye course where the greens can be really fast. With the pairings posted, I know I'll have a good time with my group even though we ar
  12. Good group selected! Congrats testers, and have fun!
  13. 2021 Event #1- Mission Inn Resort: El Campeon (March 2021) Tees Played: Historic (White) 6,242 / 71.1 / 135 Conditions: Warm to hot; light breeze Price: $$ ($55) https://missioninnresort.com/golf/el-campeon/ Mission Inn is an established golf resort in Howey in the Hills Florida, near Leesburg and Lake Harris northwest of Orlando. Drive time from the Tampa area is about two hours, slightly less from the Orlando resort areas. With two championship courses, the resort has plenty to offer for golfers and non-golfers alike. The El Campeon course is a challenging sho
  14. Well... The season opener didn't go as well as I'd hoped, event though I was confident and comfortable with my swing going into the event. I started off with a playbook par, and then the front nine was a struggle. Even hitting just two 'bad' shots, I didn't get away with any of my misses and finished with 52 on the front. I rallied a bit starting the back 9 with a bogey and three pars but posted another big number hole with two penalties and limped in with bogeys on the rest for a 98 total. Granted we were playing a really hard course, the El Campeon course at Mission Inn Resor
  15. Event number one for the season is this weekend I'm feeling pretty good about where my game is for the moment. I've had a couple of decent practice rounds. Tee to green I'm playing pretty well. The primary weak spot I'm dealing with right now is chipping and pitching. I've been maddeningly inconsistent with my wedge play. In my last practice round I had 5 missed greens where it took me two pitch/chip shots to be on the green. 20-50 yards right now is a nightmare. I'm driving the ball better and reducing penalties so I'm really happy with that. Here's to missing close this weekend!
  16. Bloomingdale just started a MAJOR renovation to the practice area. Building an all new putting green (about 2/3 size of the old one), rebuilding the whole short game green, and expanding the full swing range hitting area. Lots of bulldozers and bare dirt right now Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  17. Just for grins I wore my Adiboost BOAs to the range yesterday. First thought as I cinched them up was ‘these aren’t as comfortable as I remember’. I’ve been wearing nothing but the Sqairz since the test. I can’t say I’m a big fan of the $200 price point so I went and tried on the new FJ Traditions. Feel was very stable but the narrowing toe now feels a bit like it’s pinching. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  18. Things may be starting to come together. Had a Hyde/Jekyll round this afternoon. +11 through 8 holes, then birdied the 9th with a chip in, and managed 6 pars on the back 9 including both par 3s which tend to be nemesis holes for me. Felt like I got a couple of things dialed in from my latest lessons, and the driver was definitely working on the back 9 (5/7 FIRs). Another interesting change for this season. The weekly fields have been expanded from 36-40 up to 40-48 players. My goal for the first few events now is to make the top 15. I feel like if I can do that in the first few events it
  19. Update to the previous review on Bloomingdale. Played again 8 March 2021. General course conditions have improved somewhat. Still some rough/worn tee areas. A couple of the greens either needed or were getting some repair. The greens behaved a little strange. They looked like they had recently been top dressed, but they were cut very short, and had apparently been rolled recently. Green speeds were a bit inconsistent, but leaned toward very fast, and they weren't holding anything that didn't land steep with a LOT of spin (1/2 wedges rolling out 30 feet kind of stuff). Through the lat
  20. You may not be kidding, but we'll see I booked a fitting with one of the PXG reps at TPC. Outdoor fitting with trackman, so got to see both ball flight and the numbers with the depicted trackman ball flight. Got into the 211s for all three clubs. Not much of a difference club head wise, just no self adjustable weights. Also got a better shaft fit for my early onset old guy swing (haha). Evenflow CB 50, 5.5 flex in both D/3W. Saw a smidgen of distance gain and better consistency without having to feel like I was swinging really hard. Delivery was quick, so I've still got a couple of week
  21. Hello again fellow spies! It's time to gear up for the summer league season, and it's tough not to be excited - even for a middle of the pack grinder like me. The summer league I play in uses an individual stroke play format, applying full handicap in two flights (A/B). The flights are split right down the middle of the handicaps of each week's participants so it can vary. Each week's final results award points to each player to apply to the league standings. The league maintains two standings pools. An overall standings applies all of each players rounds for total points, and a Top
  22. Alrighty fellow spies, it's time to gear up for the summer league season. With that in mind, I decided to spin up a new thread for the upcoming season. I play in a casual/competitive league, based in the Tampa area, that branches out to nearby areas for a 14 event season with a Ryder Cup style team event to wrap up the season. What to expect. I approach these reviews as a look at the total golf experience, not just the course and how it plays. For my format, I lead in with the name of the course, where it is, a link to the applicable course website, which tees were played, and how much it
  23. League season will be cranking up again at the end of the month. I've been out on the course for a couple of scrambles and a lot of range time wearing the Sqairz. They will be my go-to gamer heading into this summer season. Things I've noticed since posting my review. 1. They still feel heavy to me, even though that comes with the feeling of stability over and through the ball. 2. The Sta-put laces that we all love are perishable. Even early on, when lacing the shoes tightly I noticed a few of the nubs got rubbed off when cinching the laces down through the eyelets. They finall
  24. I second this recommendation. Tobacco Road is terrific.
  25. I have a Gen1 PXG 9* with Hzrds Smoke Yellow S-flex shaft. Midsize GP Grip. Any takers in this forum?
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