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  1. The putting interface is really the only thing I 'less than like'. I still frequently forget to collect the pin location. It's not always accurate even when I do. There was a comment earlier in the thread about losing a sensor, I had to trim down the screw on the putter sensor so it would fit into the counter weighted grip on the putter I was using when I first purchased. I haven't had any issues with sensors dropping out though.
  2. Especially if you pull multiple clubs from the bag, like wedge and putter to go to the green. It tends to read the club closest to the band sensor.
  3. It's something with the motion of the sensors in the watch. I've found in using mine, even though it wants you to take a practice swing or two before each shot, if I catch a little too much turf, or while waiting, a few too many practice swings, and extra shot will show up in the round review.
  4. Thanks for the shout out Tony! I haven't been on any of the courses in the immediate area around Punta Gorda. The closest I can get are a few in the Lakewood Ranch area. Both the Lakewood National courses are very good, and Esplanade at Azario in that area is good too. Also can't go wrong with the Ritz Carlton Club of Sarasota. A little further south near Fort Myers is the Old Corkscrew Golf Club. It was a great course, but we had a bad experience with the people there so I don't recommend it.
  5. I've neglected to keep this up to date, so my apologies. Since winning at the 2-day, there have been 3 league events, including the end of season Invitational Championship. We had a venue change for one event, that was originally scheduled for the TPC Tampa Bay course. The course was in such poor shape leading up to our play week, the committee decided to relocate the event to Southern Dunes. Another league favorite, that is usually in really good condition. In that round, I played GREAT off the tees, finding 12/14 fairways. My irons weren't quite as solid, and I only hit 5 GIR. Then I had a below-average day on the greens and needed 37 putts. It was a frustrating round, posting some high numbers from some really good positions off the tees. That day's 91 net 77 was a lower 1/3 finish in the field, and it knocked me down to 2nd on the Top-6 standings, swapping places with the #2 player. Next up was a new course, Esplanade at Azario. I had another frustrating day in this one. It was VERY windy throughout the round, and I never really got anything going. I carded a bunch of penalties, and had another bad day on the greens to post 94 net 80, on what should have been a pretty easy golf course. It was a good feeling though rolling through these late season events feeling relaxed and not trying to press (or stress) about posting a good score trying to move up the standings. With two POOR putting rounds in a row, I decided to go ahead and do something about it. So, I went to my local club pro and got a putting lesson. I followed that up with some practice. Then, I finally did something that made a difference. I took advantage of the Club Champion September special and went in for a putter fitting. The fitter there was great, and the fitting process was really helpful in seeing what type of stroke I actually have, and in finding a putter that was a (slightly) better fit to my stroke than the one that was in the bag. I came away with 'The Intimidator', an Evnroll ER2 in the murdered out finish. In one partial practice round getting ready for the league finale, I one-putted 5 of the 13 greens that I played, and felt some renewed confidence in my putting The Top-20 Invitational was just last week at Lakewood National's Commander Course. It was a beautiful day for golf, and I managed to get a good, fun group pairing. It wasn't my lowest scoring round, thanks to 4 () penalties. But, I played well again otherwise from tee to green with 10 FIR/8 GIR. I carded 3 birdies () for the first time in a long time, and even with 36 putts on the day I was able to turn in an 84 net 70. Shockingly, good enough for the WIN!! It felt like a weird season for me. I never felt like I had a REALLY good round, but I had 3 wins and 2 seconds for the year. All I really did was shoot close to my number most of the time. Then, by the end of the season, even though I mixed in a couple of poor showings, I was secure enough in the standings that I didn't have to worry about it. In the end, I went from a non-qualifier at the end of last season (23rd), to league champ! Thanks for enjoying the journey with me. Can't wait for next season.
  6. Heath - I've done a few indoor sessions with mine, in both a large hitting bay and a smaller one. It seemed like the more ball flight the unit can capture, the more accurate the data comes out. I also noticed it fails to capture shots more indoors which seems weird with less space and easier alignment. With my outdoor sessions, having the unit positioned 4 paces behind the ball is the sweet spot. At that spacing though, the camera view (iphone) can't quite capture the full swing with long clubs and I lose sight of hands/forearms at the top. Ball flight capture though is spot on.
  7. I have gotten good results with laying down an alignment stick down my intended line and setting the MLM up down that line. It seems one key thing is the monitor being level. If it is pointing up or down a bit it can skew the launch angle numbers. Distance from the ball seems to not matter much as far as capturing the ball flight. Anywhere from 3-5 paces from the unit works okay. The difference depends on how much of the 'swinger' you want to see in the video. When hitting longer clubs, you'll need to place the ball a bit further from the unit to get full video of the golfer. Keeping the unit is a bit of shade helps too. I had one session in full daylight and after about 20 minutes the unit showed signs of overheating with errant reads and missed a couple of shots. Then it shut down the app. I had to let it cool down for about minutes before starting another session. Using the umbrella in the holder on my push cart to shade the unit works like a champ.
  8. Well I guess this means another session or two before prepping the final review
  9. Finished up the league season yesterday with our Top 20 Invitational at Lakewood National Golf Club's Commander Course. Had a solid round tee to green, and wound up putting in 3 birdies for the first time in a long time. My 84 gross, net 70 was enough to win the day and take home the championship prize money. I will say that having a putting lesson, and then a putter fitting made a big difference in this round and over the last couple of practice rounds.
  10. would like to restore the veteran badge please
  11. Hey Hammer, I was going to save a few comments on this until posting the review, but it's good here in the discussion thread as well. Best I can tell from the Rapsodo website, the "Premium Subscription" offers cloud storage for 1,000 recorded shots vs. the free service storing only 100. So you get the ability to review more than your most recent range session or two. The other thing the Premium Subscription provides is the opportunity to spend even more money. Keep in mind, the premium subscription itself is $100/year. With Premium, the Coach Connect service is made available. Now, while there are a number of lesson drill videos available for free there, the actual coaching comes at a price. And the price varies depending on the coach. If you choose one of the PGA Tour level gurus, the lessons available could be $400. With the 'entry level' coaches, you can get a lesson for $25. Of course, the quality of their feedback is going to be limited by the quality of the video recording of your swing that you are able to send them. All that being said, the question to answer is 'Do I even need the premium subscription?' If you feel you NEED access to your last 1000 practice swings to review on your own, then A: = Maybe. Me, I only want to keep track of the last session or two to know if any swing changes are working or if I'm noticing a new miss trend. I live in an area with a year round golf season, so practice and coaching availability is rarely a problem. If you're a golfer living in a 'golf seasonal' region, and need or want access to a coach when you can't practice/play outside.. A= Maybe to Probably. Similarly, if you are just in a remote area and don't have reasonable access to a facility with a quality instructor or coach, then Rapsodo's Coach Connect may be worth the additional cost. Having not used the Coach Connect service yet during the test, I'll offer my early opinion of it. Right now I'm thinking of it as the remote golf coaching version of a gym membership. They expect a lot of users to sign up, then not show up. First you have to pay the annual Premium Subscription, so Rapsodo will get their cut that way. If that is the only way to gain access to a coach you'd otherwise have to go without, then budget will limit the level of the instructor. While I think it would be cool to be able to take a lesson from Mike Malaska, for me, it's not $200 for a single lesson cool. My $60/hour coach and free clinics through the $49/month practice membership at my local course have me happy with the state of my game right now so I'm not as tempted to go the Rapsodo Coach Connect route.
  12. 1. From my sessions so far: on well struck shots accuracy was pretty close to Trackman. Trackman seemed more accurate on shots with curve than what the Rapsodo produced indoors. Outdoors the info looks pretty accurate until there is a shot with a lot of curve. The straighter the shot, the more accurate the data looks. Indoors, shot shape accuracy will depend on how much ball flight it gets to see. In the small bay it wants to call everything "ST" for straight, but did better with L or R in the larger Trackman Bay. 2. I think I've got somewhere between 150 and 200 recorded shots so far, and I can only recall 2 or 3 missed shots. Then call it another 10% or so where I questioned the accuracy.
  13. Got another quick indoor session completed yesterday. I was hitting the ball lousy, so I turned the MLM off after about 10 shots. In the earlier indoor session, the MLM seemed to label everything as a ST shot, this time it was a little more accurate with the L or R. Limited ball flight indoors seems to make L, ST, R the best it can do, not enough ball flight to recognize draw or fade.
  14. I like the larger screen view. I may have to incorporate an iPad into the testing soon.
  15. Took the Rapsodo out with me during a practice round today. As luck would have it, the course was wide open, so playing solo and messing around with the MLM was not an issue. I started up a practice session, and kept the unit powered on. I recorded a total of 9 shots through my first 9 holes. I kept the RMLM app open, while simultaneously running 18 birdies and using my ShotScope watch, and the phone and MLM stayed paired the whole time, and there was no issue with power drain even after I unplugged the USB charging cord (bonus points to the course for carts with USB plugs). Granted, use of the MLM during a competition round is not allowed, but I would also discourage on course use if you're doing anything other than a solo practice round. It definitely added some time and to shot preparation to make sure it was still active, then lined up and ready to record. All the functionality though was just as easy to use as it was on the range. Now for the data: here are a couple of side-by-side comparisons of an iron shot, and driver (best of the day!) to show the numbers. These shots were both struck pretty well. Rapsodo did call that drive an "L" even though it was right down my target line. Still seems like the numbers get a bit off when the shot quality isn't as good. On another par 3 I missed long and left with one ball, then played another that landed on the green. Ball one was about 5 yards longer than ball 2, but Rapsodo claimed ball one was 186 vs ball 2's 171. All-in-all though, nothing to complain about as far as the data provided being wildly inaccurate. Oh, and I shot an 83 with two birdies on the back 9 (yes the pictured drive led to the first one)
  16. Got the first outdoor session in a couple of days ago. Here are the differences I noticed from indoor: (Video intended here - still seems like a proprietary thing that the RMLM videos downloaded to the device don't want to save as a viable file to upload here. They so far want to be a link that won't connect from the forum). Still trying to figure that one out.) 1. The auto club ID works great in the outdoor light. It was a bit of a dim overcast day, and the camera had no issues with club ID. Pretty slick. 2. Depending on your device screen protection, the display may be difficult to read outdoors. Especially if wearing polarized lenses. 3. Having the audio on with headphones (or a cool X-mas gift like Bose sunglasses), gives you distance, launch angle and ball speed without having to look back at the screen. Very cool, and the rest of the range doesn't hear 'Digital Debbie' reading out your shot data. I started out listening to music as well, but there was a moment where the shot recording bogged down and it went kind of haywire. That resolved after turning off music. That will be tested again. 4. The shot shape descriptions were pretty spot on, whereas indoor with the limited ball flight it wanted to call everything ST (straight). (additional photo pending) 5. The distances, at least on well struck shots, seem pretty accurate so far. The blue post in the video was lasered at 137 yards and my 8-iron is my 140-145 club. Next up is a practice round with the Rapsodo to see if I'm right about a few holes playing off their published distances.
  17. Got that done (okay it was a 7-iron) but the MLM didn't pick it up at all.
  18. My guess was going to be pink. The data points were all very consistent with that one.
  19. Looks like a good group of testers! Congrats gents and enjoy!
  20. Okay, sorry, first try at uploading an MLM video was incompatible. Link removed, will try again next time.
  21. Still in the feeling out process with the MLM, but got in a quick indoor session this morning. My Coach at One Stop Golf Shop in Valrico FL was generous enough to allow me to use his small bay to do some initial swings, and then put the Rhapsodo side-by-side with the Trackman in the Lesson Bay Some interesting things so far. The Rapsodo indoors at least seemed to like/be more accurate with solid strikes than mishits. Because of the shorter observed ball flight, it tended to call shots straight, where especially side by side vs. trackman the big machine showed more curve. Could be novice user, but probably short ball flight as well, but no tracer on the indoor replays. Maybe due to the indoor lighting, I was not able to figure out the auto club detect feature utilizing the camera. Not that reaching down to push the little club button is really that much of an issue. We'll see if that resolves with the device outdoors. More pictures and data (what everyone is here for anyway). These are snapshots of the side-by-side session with Trackman. Haven't learned yet if RMLM's distance is total distance or carry, and a bit fuzzy on comparing the side by side. Ball speed numbers seem pretty close between the two, though the numbers were closer together on good strikes. Launch angle numbers were close, but not consistently. Don't draw any conclusions yet, this was literally first hacks right out of the box. I'm sure I'll figure out more of the nuances as we go along.
  22. Okay, slight plan alteration. Thanks to proximity to other morning appointments, it looks like an indoor test will be first up. Here is what Rapsodo claims on their website: For the test I'll compare the Rapsodo data to the capture data of the Foresight studio at my coach's facility, and to my on course data from ShotScope.
  23. Thanks for the compliment! Hope the info is useful and seems accurate.
  24. Now that the device has arrived, here is the initial plan of attack. Getting the initial account set up was very easy. We are still working with Rapsodo to get the Coach Connect premium accounts established. With the test group being coordinated through our moderator, it requires a couple of extra steps. It looks pretty simple to get that set up as an individual through the app. There is some cloud functionality too that isn't quite clear yet, so withholding any input on those functions. Using the device itself seems pretty straight forward. First licks are going to be at the outdoor range to put it through its paces there. I talked with my coach today about using his indoor facilities to work on the test, and got a thumbs up for both options. I'll get to use the small bay with the indoor net, as well as the Foresight LM studio. That will give some side-by-side comparison of data capture between the two systems. After a few sessions, I'll probably have enough data collected to compare club data between the RMLM on the practice tees, and ShotScope data from on course. Looking forward to getting started!
  25. Event #11: 2-Day, Streamsong Resort, Red/Blue Courses, Bowling Green FL Tees Played: Silver Red Course: 6,008 69.5 / 124; Blue Course: 6,193 69.5 / 127 Conditions: Hot, light breeze, thunderstorms nearby Price: $$$$ ($475 included room/2x rounds) Caddie Fees extra. Rating: Definite Recommend https://www.streamsongresort.com/golf/ Streamsong is a resort property currently owned by the Mosaic corporation located in the remote area of Bowling Green Florida, about an hour drive west from the city center areas of Tampa. The three championship golf courses are the resort's drawing card, and there are fishing and shooting options on the resort along with a spa and several dining options. I said the resort was remote, but when you're following your gps guidance getting there, you're going to have to trust blindly there is something there until you make it around that final curve and can see the resort lodge. The Red and Blue courses share a clubhouse facility while the Black course has it's own (temporarily closed). Once you're on the resort, there is ample signage to get you where you're going, and shuttle service for resort guests. Streamsong also utilizes caddies on the golf course, with options from a single fore-caddie for the group, to individual caddies for each player. Given the remote location, and my first experience playing with a caddie, I went into the weekend skeptical I would find it all worth the price. Course Conditions: When you look around the property, it's sometimes difficult to recall you are in central Florida. The courses wander in and around former limestone quarry properties as well as natural flats and wetlands. All of that creates an amazing mixture of terrain features, and vistas uncommon to the area. Across the board the course conditions were very good, and consistent enough there is no point separating the two courses. The fairways were lush and firm and rough was manageable. Stray too far from the line of the hole though, and you'll find waste areas and natural grass areas that will challenge any player's ability and really affect your score. The bunkers were everywhere, but all well maintained (thanks caddie team). The greens were firm to very firm, and rolled very true with consistently fast pace. All in all, a terrific place to play a round of golf. Practice Facilities: The putting green is adjacent to the clubhouse. It matches the on-course greens really well for speed and feel, and is large enough for several players to use at once, but a large group can overwhelm it pretty quickly. The driving range and short game green are on the opposite side of the clubhouse with carts and attendants available to shuttle players to and from the range. As a bonus, there is a practice par three adjacent to the putting green, but you'll want to use range balls for that one. All the practice facilities are the equal of the courses for conditions. The full swing range could use another target or two, but really that's the only mark down. With two large groups playing on our play days though, the full swing range got worn and crowded quickly. Course Employees: The one you'll interact with the most is your caddie. The two I played with were both very knowledgeable about the courses and I never complained about a recommended line or strategy they offered. Most of them will ask if you want them to help read your putts. Your answer should be yes, even if it's just to verify your own read, but their input on speed and grain is the most valuable. As pre-paid resort guests, our initial check-in was easy. The caddies met us at the cart shed next to the range. Starters were friendly and engaging. Same with the rangers, sorry Players' Assistants. That's only half sarcasm, you'll want to take advantage of the water and wet towels from the rangers, the beverage cart doesn't make a lot of laps, but stations at the intersections of the cart paths. There is also a 1/2 way house on each course for mid round stock-up. Just what you want to expect of any resort, the people all went out of their way to make sure we had a quality golf experience. Overall Impression: Again, I was skeptical going into the weekend as to how much bang-for-the-buck Streamsong would offer. It if VERY remote so you are stuck on the resort unless you want to drive 30 minutes to reach any other kind of dining/entertainment option. Even with that, I never choked at seeing the bill for a meal or drinks. The golf courses were in fantastic condition, and were a lot of fun to play. Keeping in mind, caddie fees are not included, and range from $25/player + gratuity to $125 + gratuity, the price of the round can get into the really pricey range. All that considered, the price felt about right. I didn't feel like I got robbed, but at the same time didn't walk away thinking it was a huge bargain. At any rate, the golf was fantastic, so Streamsong is definitely worth the trip (if you can find it ) Rating: Definite Recommend
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